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Paris Catacombs Tour with Skip the Line Access

Why you'll love this

  • Discover and explore a secret subterranean world beneath Paris
  • Bypass the 2-hour line to get inside and straight to the action
  • Come face to face with the skeletal remains of the city's past

Tour snapshot

  • Length 2h00
  • Language English
  • Type of Tour Group Tour
  • Group Size 20 max
  • Departure Time 11am or 12pm
  • Cancellation Up to 72 hours


Did you know that there’s another city that exists under Paris ? We could easily be talking about the cavernous metro that criss-crosses Paris, turning the rock porous like a Swiss cheese. Or even its impressive sewer-system. However, it’s the Catacombs that encapsulate all that is mysterious and beguiling about Paris. It is yet another destination on the list to be discovered. So why not visit them with a local guide and history expert ? In addition: you don’t have to join the long interminable queue. We avail of skip-the-line , fast-pass tickets for those on our tour.

The Catacombs is the resting place of many French legends such as the Man in the Iron Mask and the revolutionary, Robespierre.
Discover the remarkable art-works left behind by quarryman Décure, who single handedly sculpted from stone a scale-model of the fortress Port-Mahon in Majorca, where he was interned as a soldier during the Wars of Louis XV. Décure carved numerous reliefs into the rock, it is startling to find these hidden in among the passages.

Discover the labyrinthine passages that date from antiquity and served as quarries for Paris’s extraordinary buildings. Explore chambers that are lined with remains from the Cemetery of the Innocents . In the company of an expert guide you will discover all the secrets that this city of the dead holds!

Your guide

Albert grew up in Italy, where he studied Politics and History in Milan. After living in Rome, Spain, London, San Francisco and New York, he moved to Paris to join the Parisian artistic scene. He hosts a weekly open mic called Spoken Words Paris. He lives very close to Pere Lachaise cemetary, which he considers the best museum in Paris. “Imagine if the Louvre were free, not crowded, and surrounded by 5,300 trees. You’d go there everyday!” He knows Paris Catacombs by heart, having visited them about 200 times! He is inspired and writes about the hidden alleys in and around Paris. Among other awards and literary prizes, he’s one of the writers included in “Strangers in Paris”, Tightrope Books 2011, an anthology of short stories by anglophone writers on Paris. All that makes him the top guide to take you through the best sights of Paris and to teach you its secrets!

Miguel lives on the left bank and can be spotted wondering around the Boulevard Saint Michel, going to see classic movies, or looking for new comic books. There is no bigger pleasure than reading them while catching some sun, seated in a wonderful chair in the Luxembourg Gardens or strolling around the Marais, his favourite area of Paris. If this is the bright side of life, the dark isn’t less fun, especially since he’s been exploring the Paris catacombs, abandoned quarries or Père Lachaise cemetery for quite some time now. He’ll tell you all about it!

Corey studied art and music in New York before moving to Paris fiveyears ago. He is married to a frenchy and can now perfectly speak French! He also fell in love with the city from day one—from the curves of its gargoyles to the flakes of its pastries--and considers it a sort of lifelong quest to unlock as many of its secrets as he can.He thinks the deeper you dive into Paris the more beautiful it gets, which is why he’s always eager to share his knowledge and bring the city into brighter focus for its visitors. When he isn’t strolling in search of inspiration or historical tidbits (or the pâtisseries mentioned above), he can be found drinking copious amounts of tea and writing for his blog, A French Frye in Paris.

What's Included

  • Skip the line access to avoid the 2-hour queue

  • Entrance Tickets to a hidden subterranean world

  • Torches to see the gothic details

What's Not

  • A re-enactment of Michel Jackson’s “Thriller” music video

Meet your guide at the Catacombs and skip the queue with your skip-the-line fast-pass to begin your descent into the depths of Parisian history.

You be equipped you with torches to better see the gothic details. Like a scene from “Interview with the Vampire”, you will encounter great chambers full of skeletons and skulls, a sure interest to those with morbid fascinations. The Catacombs is the supposed resting place of the Man in the Iron Mask, Saint-Just, Robespierre and Racine (among other infamous characters from French history), your guide will evoke these legends that make the fascinating secret history of the Catacombs.

Learn the fascinating story of how Paris had been on the precipice of destruction in the 18th century. Almost a victim of its own success, its beautiful stone buildings were beginning to fall back into the subterranean quarries from where they were once dug. The urgent consolidation works that were undertaken by engineers under the orders of Louis 16th continued right up until the 19th Century. During the 18th Century, the period when the Catacombs took their official name, they were turned into an official ossuary for the remains of the massive Cemetery of the Innocents, which stood in the Les Halles district of central Paris.

We can assure you, missing a tour of the catacombs would be the greatest of Parisian sins!

Please Note: This tour involves a lot of walking, particularly up steps. The Catacombs are 130 steps below ground and 83 steps up to the exit. We advise those with cardiac or respiratory problems not to take this tour. We would also give the same advice to those with young children and those suffering from claustrophobia or any similar nervous condition.

Meeting Point: Catacombs Main Entrance
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