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Thomas - Paris Literature Tour Guide

Thomas was born in Ireland and has been living in Paris for the past three years. He has a degree in Art History from Goldsmiths College, London, and a master in French Literature from the Sorbonne. When not working he would describe himself as a full time dilettante (a nice sounding French word for a bum). And when he is not trying hopelessly to write, he spends his time attending poetry and literary events in Paris (to avail of the free wine, of course).
He likes to think of Paris as a series of beautiful moments, unfolding dream-like before his eyes. Understanding Paris is a full time job, and he hopes to help you work it out. His interest is 'Literature as transgression' and if you read any short history on Paris you will discover that it was a city transformed by revolution and transgression. His main points of interest are the places that were the homes and gathering places for romantics, bohemians, flaneûrs and beatniks. These are the lifestyles that have become a template for the life of the writer, one that is continuously evoked by aspiring young artists, writers, and musicians living today.

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Get to know Thomas
Three words that define you as a Parisian?

Flaneûr, procrastinator, crowd watcher.

In the morning, “baguette” or “croissant”?

Baguette with a strong expresso!

Favorite French expression(s)?

Ne pas se prendre la tête (Literally translates as: 'don't take the head', meaning not to get worked up about something.)

Give me a trick to make a Parisian waiter smile?

Parisian waiters don't smile, you gotta give them some attitude, it's all part of the game.

Favorite “Apero” spot?

Chez Jeanette in the 10th arrondissement or Au Chat Noir.

“Disagreeing” is A philosophy in France. Do you agree with that ?

Yes, thats why they invented the guillotine; an efficient way to have the final word.

Burgundy or Bordeaux?

For wine I prefer to drink Burgundy, but for holidays Bordeaux is near the beach so it wins hands down.

What’s your favorite place in France? Outside Paris of course.

Difficult to say. Bordeaux is a classy city and the countryside around it is beautiful.