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Eiffel Tower Food Tour

Why you'll love this

  • Experience the true taste of Paris in one of our most iconic food tours
  • A passionate French chef leads you on a gastronomic adventure
  • Sample your way through the area's finest specialty food shops
Tour snapshot
  • Length 3h00
  • Language English
  • Type of Tour Group Tour
  • Group Size 7 max
  • Departure Time 11am
  • Cancellation Up to 72 hours

An appropriately magical way to spend the morning - USA TODAY

While the convenience of supermarkets has penetrated even the most gourmand of Parisian lifestyles, the French have long cultivated a very intimate relationship with food merchants and artisans. Indeed, in Paris grocery shopping can be (almost) as pleasurable as consuming the finished product.

Just imagine yourself strolling from one teeny-tiny caterer to the next and watching with delight as the delicacies pile up in your shopping basket one by one—a bold camembert from the fromagerie, a lovely Bourgogne from the caviste, a warm baguette from the boulangerie, a divine praliné from the chocolaterie…the list goes on and on.

As many Parisians will tell you, it can take years to find the perfect assemblage of artisans to satisfy a refined French palate. Fortunately, our two expert guides have carefully selected a dream team of artisans and food merchants in the 7th arrondissement to provide you with an authentically delicious grocery shopping and tasting experience unlike any other. Ready to hit this delicious gastronomy trail with one of our experts?

Top Tip: Taking this tour at the beginning of your trip to Paris is the best introduction to shopping, eating, and dining like a local.

Your guide

Anna is a food and travel writer based in Paris. She is the author of the cookbook The Culinary Cyclist and her next book will be out from Ten Speed Press in 2015. She is the founder of Foodie Underground where she writes about anything that relates to her philosophy of "good food, from good places, with good people." While a recent Paris transplant, she has been a francophile for quite some time. Her three loves in life are: food, coffee and bikes.

A native of Paris's Left Bank, Raphaël was born and raised in the Latin Quarter and continues to call it home. He is a true stroller of Parisian streets who knows the city's historical districts as well as its more unexpected, hidden spots. As a musician and lover of music his inexhaustible knowledge of the Paris music scene can lead you to any venue you seek, from a fine jazz club to an underground party locale...not to mention the city's best local bookshops of which he is a passionate connoisseur.

Marie was born in the Loire region; home to some of the most beautiful medieval châteaux in the whole of France. Since moving to Paris in her early years to the neighborhood only a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, Paris has become her beloved hometown. A passionate guide for over 4 years, Marie is a cheese addict who loves to share her love of French gastronomy, wine and history with our visitors. She now lives in Le Marais, to her the most lively place in Paris, where you'll probably see her diving into the vintage accessories or taking pictures along the River Seine.

Geraldine is from the French Riviera, born in a small sea-side town located between Saint Tropez and Cannes. She came to Paris 12 years ago to study Art History at the prestigious university La Sorbonne. When she was just a teenager, her parents took her and her brother on a French gastronomy tour including the best restaurants all around France... Since this amazing experience, she is passionate about food, wine, and culinary research; looking for new flavors and new ways of tasting. Geraldine has also lived in Amsterdam and New York where she was a private chef, art curator, artist, and mother! Back to Paris, she has opened an artists' residency at a restaurant in Paris where every month she invites an artist to cook a meal and to share his/her thoughts with everyone.
Emily Monaco has spend most of her life trying out new cities. At 28 years old, this native New Yorker has lived in San Francisco, San Sebastian, Mallorca, Cannes, Toronto and Boston! Paris was supposed to be just another stop on her journey, but five years later, she still can't get up the courage to leave. Paris won her heart with its quirkiness, its beauty... and its food. Gastronomy is Emily's passion, and it has become her career. As a food writer, Emily has gotten to know some of Paris' best insider foodie spots, and she's constantly on the prowl for more!
What's Included

  • Tasting and behind the scenes peek at a typical French artisanal shops

  • A delectable experience of the French way of life

What's Not

  • Once you’ve nibbled your way to the end, don’t count on having room for more!

Your gastronomic adventure begins at the local boulangerie where you'll sample a selection of exquisite pastries ranging from delicate madeleienes to delicious almond financiers. At the boulangerie and beyond, you'll learn as you go along about how each of these delicacies are made. Then for a little bit of savory as you move on to the truffle specialists where you'll sample pure, French truffle and a mouthwatering truffle infused goats cheese.

For the chocoholics among you, there'll be a chance to sample chocolate from one of the most revered chocolate makers in Paris, if you're lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the man himself! For your second dose of sugar heaven, you'll visit one seriously smart boutique selling only one thing....light meringues coated with flakes of delicious chocolate of all kinds. For those in search of a vitamin hit there'll then be a chance to explore the local market and sample some seasonal fruits of your choice.

Finally, your leisurely bacchanalia culminates at a lovely cheese store where our friendly fromager will close up shop and regale you one last time. Learn about an array of renowned French cheeses, Corsican deli meats, and wines during your very own privé wine and cheese workshop. When the weather is nice, you could even start enjoying your tasty purchases at a pique-nique on the nearby Champs de Mars.

It takes more than just your taste buds to understand French gastronomy, that’s why as you nibble on your various delicacies our guides will provide fun facts and historical details about the neighborhood. You’ll also get the scoop on French gastronomy as a whole. For instance, what’s the difference between a bistrot and a brasserie and how did the two evolve? Come and join one of our French food experts and you'll find out....

Approximate walking distance: 2.5 km / 1.5 miles

Meeting Point: La Tour Maubourg Metro Station
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5 people€85per person
6 people€79per person
7 people€75per person
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A. Orchant Reviewed August 04, 2014 Australia

The food tour was amazing! Maël was a great guide. We loved everything that we tasted. The cheese shop was a highlight! We also loved the honey and the macaron shop. We will definitely recommend this tour to our friends and post a review on trip advisor when we return to the US.

M. Brodie Reviewed July 31, 2014 Australia

The food tour was fabulous! Mael was good company and very informative. We learnt a lot and really enjoyed the places we visited on the tour.

J. Isaacson Reviewed July 21, 2014 USA

Our last event with Localers was the food tour and it was superb--tons of great information.

M. Wright Reviewed July 16, 2014 Australia

Thanks for a fabulous tour. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

L. Rowley Reviewed June 03, 2014 USA

Things went very well on our tour with Mael. He was very generous with his knowledge and showed us a great time. We really enjoyed meeting him and have him take us around. We did several food tours and felt like that one was the most diverse with the offerings.Thanks again for the great tour. As you can imagine, we are already looking forward to our next visit.

J. Heagle Reviewed May 28, 2014 USA

We had the best day. Mael was sweet, kind and knowledgeable and the perfect guide for 2 Canadian foodies. We had an amazing time which passed too quickly but the highlights were the two tasting - duck and cheese - where we met the most generous hosts (Pascal and the lovely woman at the duck shop). My fear is that the highlight of our trip was on our first day (today) but my hope is that today is the beginning of many amazing days that are equally memorable. Thank you, and tell Mael that if he would like to accompany us to the south of France we would be happy to have him as our guide for the rest of the trip.

E. Young Reviewed May 08, 2014 Canada

Thank you for the great food tour. Very informative and fun. We would not have discovered all the wonderful shops on our own. We are enjoying the foie gras, cheese, and I used the truffle salt on the pasta I cooked today. We are hoping to try one of the restaurants you recommended.

R. Hanerfeld Reviewed May 05, 2014 USA

We loved our tour with Mael. He was informative, easy going, and just plain fun. It was a delicious experience.

J. burrows Reviewed April 28, 2014 USA

we enjoyed our tour with you very much, as you can see from my blog. We also went back to dinner at the restaurant and also to Bellota-Bellota!

L. mccay Reviewed April 09, 2014 USA

my mother and I really enjoyed our tour with Mael. Pascal's shop was lovely and it was such a pleasure to meet and speak with him. And all of the other stops on the tour were enjoyable. My mom's favorite was Bellota-Bellota and Canard & Co. My favorite was the patisserie (I don't seem to have the name written down!) and the cheese shop. We went back for lunch at Truffes Foiles a couple days later, and that was almost a divine experience. Actually, we went back to Michel Chaudun, Aux Merveilleux, and the patisserie as well. My mom and I agreed that the first stop, at a restaurant that wasn't open, was a little unnecessary. But other than that, the route was great and we couldn't have asked for a prettier day (though I realize you don't arrange that part!). If and when we come back to Paris again, we will likely look into another Localers tour.

J. Haegle Reviewed March 18, 2014 Canada

We had the best day. Mael was sweet, kind and knowledgeable and the perfect guide for 2 Canadian foodies. We had an amazing time which passed too quickly but the highlights were the two tasting - duck and cheese - where we met the most generous hosts (Pascal and the lovely woman at the duck shop). My fear is that the highlight of our trip was on our first day (today) but my hope is that today is the beginning of many amazing days that are equally memorable.

L. forman Reviewed March 17, 2014 USA

possibly the best tour i have been on in paris we might have to get two hotel rooms we ate so much!

B. Boyd Reviewed March 04, 2014 USA

Maria did not rush us, we strolled at a lovely place through the streets. She had wonderful tid-bits of information for us the entire time. She was wonderful with my daughter. Little things like, she bent down to talk to my daughter and used examples that were easily understood by a 7 year old, and told stories that were funny to a kid.

G. Ebling Reviewed February 14, 2014 USA

Maria was great and we had a wonderful time on our tour.

J. Balding Reviewed January 23, 2014 Singapore

We loved it !

D. Alfuth Reviewed January 07, 2014 USA

Greetings had a great time and am now ten extra pounds to take off when I get home. The guide Marcio was great just like meeting an old friend to takes us around and show us the sights.We had a great time and will tell everyone we know how great your service was.

4.0 / 5 based on 16 reviews

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