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Musée d'Orsay Private Tour

Why you'll love this

  • Enjoy a private tour of the Musée D'Orsay with your own Art historian
  • Leave the tourists behind: head straight to the front of the line
  • Immerse yourself in the world's most stunning Impressionist art
  • An expert guide breathes new life into the work of the old masters
Tour snapshot
  • Length 2h00
  • Language English
  • Type of Tour Private
  • Group Size 4 max
  • Departure Time 2pm or 5pm
  • Cancellation Up to 72 hours

You’ve probably heard about the extraordinary collection of art housed in the world famous Louvre museum, but did you know there’s an equally astonishing collection of art to be found on the other side of the river that gives the Louvre a run for it’s money?

The Musée d’Orsay houses one of the world’s foremost collections of impressionist, post-impressionist, and realist artwork. Room after room, in this former train station, are filled with great modern works of art that have changed the history of pictorial representation in original and striking ways.

From Manet to Monet, Van Gogh to Degas, prepared to be dazzled by the French masters. Helping you get to grips with this collection will be our passionate, professional guide who will deliver you effortlessly from one painting to another, helping you differentiate between periods and movements, transforming you into a veritable art connoisseur. Among the star exhibits you will see an ingenious scale model of Opéra Garnier, with a view of its intricate interiors.

We guarantee a thrilling and fascinating visit. Skip-the-line tickets means there will be no waiting around. Our hassle-free visit also means we look after you each step of the way. And should the incredible works on display fail to spark in you awe and admiration, the building itself, the former terminus for the Paris-Orleans railway, is an architectural jewel in the Beaux-arts style.

Highlights include: the newly renovated top floor, bookended on each side by monumental clock towers out of which one has breathtaking views of the city; the enormous ballroom with its fin-de-siècle interior and decorative chandeliers; and the elegant restaurant with its gilt-framed mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and elaborate stucco work. This is a must see for art-lovers the world over!

10am or 2pm Tuesday and Saturday
5pm on Thursday for a special night tour.

Your guide

Solène was born in Paris and loves her city so much that she is very enthusiastic to communicate her knowledge about it. From a young age she already knew that working in an office was not for her; she needs to be outside, she likes to walk, meet people and feel the energy, and the animation of the city around her. Since she started to travel abroad, she realized that Paris was unique and that she was lucky to live there. She is passionate about travelling, and she wants to bring that feeling of novelty to how she explores her own city. It is always a pleasure for her to share moments of life and dreams…

Marjorie was born in the north of France and discovered Paris early with her family. She fell in love with Paris from the start: architecture, monuments, shops, atmosphere, history…everything fascinated her. After being an activity leader and guide in the south of France, she left everything to settle in Paris. More than just history and heritage, she discovered the way of life in the capital. Like a fish to water, she became a city guide. This job is a way for her to convey and share her passion for Paris. It was also a way to unite other passions: history of art, theatre and meeting people. Now she’s been a licensed art historian guide for 5 years. She feels lucky to be able to do something that really interests her and have the opportunity to meet so many different people!

The quest for meaning and truth are part of Vanessa's life - she believes a knowledge of history helps us to better understand our present. Passionate about what she does, she is a certified historian and guide, having trained at France's most prestigious institutions. She is the perfect companion to have on visits to Paris' historic chateaux and museums, giving you thrilling blow-by-blow accounts of key historical moments in French history and in-depth explanation and analysis of the great works of art on display.

Marie is a true Parisian who lives next to Montmartre, one of the most artistic and famous places in Paris. She has been working as a professional guide and tour leader for 8 years, all over France, but her favorite place remains Paris with its amazing architecture. She also likes the many great museums that one can find in this city, especially because she studied art history at the Sorbonne. However, she claims art is not the only feature of Paris – She also likes to point out the Parisian way of life: she is used to telling her travelers that they need "more than one life" to see everything in this city.

Sylvia was born in the south of the France, in Avignon. She lived about ten years in Spain and one year in connecticut, after which she moved back to Paris. She has been working as a tour guide over 20 years. She's in love with Paris. She is a bonafide history buff, thinking about Parisian history is like travelling through the centuries. She is amazed by how they built it and by the power that the Kings wielded. After so many years she still has so much to see and to learn. For example: there are about 100 museums in the city and she hasn't see them all.
She has a passion for sharing with people the beauties of her country and the way in which we live. Her favourite places are Versailles and the Louvre and she loves to walk around the Marais. She particularly loves all the tiny streets, pubs, and art galleries in the Marais. She loves how Paris lights up at night, it's fabulous. And especially when she has a free moment to meet with friends, see a movie, listen to music and drink good wine, Paris is the perfect backdrop! But she never forgets that she is from the south, where there's the sun and the sea. Sometimes she really needs to spend a week there, so she can eat the fabulous food. Come to paris and experience our magical city for yourself!

Frédéric is a Parisian, born and raised in the close suburbs. After graduating in civil engineering, he realized this wasn't in the end a dreamed job for him, and decided to take a new direction. Enthusiastic about meeting people from all over the world, speaking foreign languages and sharing with them his passion for Paris, he became a guide, and now organizes both thematic tours for Parisians wanting to better know their city, and more classic tours around the must-sees of Paris with French or foreign tourists.
He particularly likes to emphasize on the connections between Paris nowadays and the way it evolved throughout its history. He enjoys linving in a city that offers numerous cultural venues, particularly museums and movie theaters, but also bars and restaurants for all tastes.

Jonathan was born in the eastern suburbs of Paris and has been living in the city ever since. He's a history buff, who has specialized in the story of Paris. He’s not just a guide, but a true “titi” (nickname of the Parisian kids); his family has been in Paris for 7 generations at least. He studied history and art history at the university, after which he became a guide. Sharing cultures and meeting people are what decided him on his vocation. It feels natural to pass on the spirit of his city, and all of it's secrets. With him, you will discover the bright side of Paris in a relevant, local and funny way, but you will also learn its great history through the eye of an expert. And always with his smile, his poet soul, and his sense of humor!

Murielle was born in the suburbs of Paris. She has been fascinated by Art History and the History of Paris since she was little. Her father was a installer of works of art, a unique profession which allowed him to travel to many countries and see many museums. This explains her interests in art, architecture, travel -- passions that were instilled in her from a young age. She first studied foreign languages (English and Spanish) at university and then history. She loves her city and above all, she loves helping people discover the many pleasures of the city's charming squares, beautiful gardens... and of course how a city during the gallo-roman period transformed over the centuries into the magical capital of France.
Being a guide is the best way for her to share these passions.

Oxana was born in Moscow, Russia and first came to Paris to study art history at the Sorbonne. That was 15 years ago, and since then she has become a real Parisian. “It is very easy to fall in love with this city because it is really the most beautiful one in the world”, - Oxana says, and she knows what she is talking about. She is an experienced traveller and has visited about twenty countries around the globe, though France remains her favorite. “Every city is unique, every culture is extraordinary, but Paris has really something special, this particular charm which makes people want to come back or settle here. It is an amazing job to be a guide here”. Besides the city’s monuments and museums, Oxana is very curious about French history, and is always happy to share her passion.

Xavier grew up in France’s Brittany region before studying Tourism and Culture in Nantes, which led him to further adventures in Spain and the U.S. before finishing his degree in central France at the feet of mountains and sleeping volcanoes. He’s spent the last year working among the magnificent palace and gardens of Versailles, as well as the lesser-known residences of Marie Antoinette. As a resident of Paris’ 10th arrondissement he also knows the capital like the back of his hand and often gives guided tours of its major museums and monuments. When not sharing his love of Paris with others, he enjoys nearby local hangouts like the Canal St-Martin and the Jardins de Belleville, and is always on the lookout for new Parisian neighborhoods full of character and culture.

Valerie was born in Bordeaux, but since her childhood she has been traveling all around the world with her family due to her father's job but never forgot her roots and Brittany. After literary and linguistic studies, like many French people elle est montée à Paris, a typical French sentence which means "moved to the capital" 27 years ago. Valerie found everything magic in Paris! Always a new café to discover, a new restaurant to try out, a play or an Opera to see, or a museum to visit with exciting temporary exhibitions. As she travelled a lot, she can understand the expectations of people coming to discover la ville lumière and also help them to dive into the Parisians’ everyday life giving them a taste and a better understanding of their history, culture, habits, gastronomy …

Native of Parisian region, Emilie started to be keen on art and Paris quite early, thanks to her parents. Also passionate about foreign languages, she naturally found her vocation when she was in secondary school. Graduated of tourism and Art History, she started to work as a professional guide at the palace of Versailles in 2008. Emilie has a soft spot for medieval art, the covered passages, Art Nouveau and cafés… that makes Paris so special to her. Her profession as a real passion that she has the pleasure to share with people from the whole world!

Joanna was born in Warsaw, and moved to France with her parents when she was a teenager. Immediately she felt in love with Paris, its history and its sparkling way of life. After the studies of Foreign Languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and History of Art it was obvious to her to turn into a tour guide. Performing also as a painter it’s a real pleasure for her to share with you the secrets of the artistic life of the City of Lights. Parisienne de coeur Joanna will guide you throught the time and the space: centuries of artworks of the Louvre, greatness of the royal life of Versailles , mysterious spots in the historic heart of Paris …

Hervé is a French National Tour Guide working and living in Paris. He has first studied acting and has played in many small theaters in Paris. However, he has always loved History and decided to study it in the meantime. He then decided to use his acting skills to make History and Art come to life. Also, Hervé has lived a year in the USA (Atlanta GA) where he was an exchange student. Later he has lived and worked in London. That way, he has a keen understanding of the Anglo-Saxon world and is happy to reveal the French vision of the world to foreigners. Throughout his studies he has developed a taste for all periods of History but he remains fascinated by the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. So Versailles is like home for him ! Of course he is also interested in many other subjects so long as they lead to understanding how this country and its Art have become what they are now. For instance it’s always fun to tell how ill received the impressionist movement was by the very conservative French society and how the Americans liked it right away. With his outgoing personality and his passionate nature, Hervé is really looking forward to sharing all this with you.

A licensed history guide, Hélène takes great pleasure in sharing her passion for art; both by ancient and modern artists. Hélène loves to take visitors on discovery tours of the Musée du Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay collections, as well as to the magnificent Versailles Palace and other places of artistic value in and outside Paris. Above all, Hélène loves to exchange ideas about the heritage of her own culture and country with those of other countries and cultures!

Jessica was born in Saint-Germain en Laye, the birth place of Louis XIV. From a young age she always wanted to spend time surrounded by art and history. In high school she discovered art history and knew that was what she wanted to do in her life. At 20 years old, she settled in Paris and fell in love with this romantic, beautiful, sparkling, and sometimes scary but always fantastic and poetic city. However, a few years ago she spent a year in New York City which opened her heart to the joy of meeting people from all over the world. Back in her Parisian way of life, it was an obvious choice for her to combine her passions: communication and art history. Guiding people in Paris and helping them to enjoy her beloved city is what she does best.
Marie-Claire was born and raised in Toulouse (South of France) but fell in love with Paris and its unique charm as soon as she arrived in the city in 2007. Apart from one year abroad in Germany finishing her studies in foreign languages, museology and art history, she stayed since then in Paris. She works as an art historian in a research institute and teaches art history (especially 15th – 19th century-painting) to students since 2009. She loves to be a guide and to share her passion for art and museum with people from around the world discovering Paris’ wonders. She also loves gastronomy, theater and fashion.
After three years in Tokyo, Caroline came back to France to work in international trade. After a while, she realized her place was not behind a computer and she decided to turn herself into a tourist guide, to meet people, and communicate her love for Paris with others. Above all, she thinks it’s important to be curious and keep learning while having fun!
What's Included

  • Skip the line tickets to Musée d’Orsay

  • A professional, passionate guide accredited by the Musée d’Orsay

  • In-depth art history lesson that leaves the boring details at the door

What's Not

  • Your ear cut off by Vincent Van Gogh !

Meet your guide in fornt of the museum. You will be whisked past the long queues with your skip-the-line tickets. Located on the Left Bank, the Musée d’Orsay houses a vast collection of art dating from 1848 till 1942. There is also a significant collection of architectural drawings, photography, and furniture. Your guide will explain how the museum was transformed from its former use as a train station and hotel into a museum of art. Built in 1900 in the Beaux Arts Style, it was the first train station to be entirely electrified. A perfect setting in which to see art-works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this architectural jewel perfectly reflects the fine balance between, beauty, innovation and tradition, standards by which French society had come to define itself at the dawn of a new age.

The main draw, however, is the museum’s vast collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, the largest of its kind found anywhere in the world. Star pieces, such as Dejeuner sur l’Herbe by Edouard Manet, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Rouen Cathedral by Monet, or the Moulin de la Galette by Renoir are sure to beguile and awe. Your expert guide will be ready to explain in detail these paintings’ significance, and will introduce you to the lesser-known gems by artists like Gustave Courbet and Auguste Rodin.

The final part of the visit will be through the recently renovated top floor. Breathtaking views of the city will be visible through the giant clock towers that sit on either end of the building. After your walk through room after room of Degas, Monets, Gauguins, and Van Goghs, there will be time to admire the ballroom, decorated in fin de siècle style and the gorgeous restaurant with its gilt mirrors and crystal chandeliers.

Meeting Point: Musée d'Orsay
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K. Weadick Reviewed October 28, 2014 US

Joanna was very informative and we very much enjoyed the tour,

C. Neville-Norman Reviewed October 23, 2014 AU

Solene was excellent. She was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and interesting. We were very happy with our tour. thank you

J. albanese Reviewed August 01, 2014 USA

will write more when I am home but Solène was wonderful. I enjoyed myself and will use you on my future visits to Paris. Bonjour and merci

S. adair Reviewed July 23, 2014 Sweden

Thank you so much... Both tours were fantastic. It was a great way to see the city and tackle two of the biggest attractions with out wasting a lot of time. We enjoyed both of our guides and would recommend them to any other travelers. I will be happy to share my experience with others and point them your way. Thanks again providing a great service.

J. Graci Reviewed July 13, 2014 USA

Our tour of the Orsay was great. Oxana was fantastic. Her tour through the museum was well thought out and organized as she built and explained the evolution from Classical style to Barbizon school as the precursors to Impressionism. Her knowledge of seemingly every piece was amazing and you could feel the passion she had for the works as we walked through the museum. Engaging and pleasant she made it a very enjoyable and informative tour, wish we could have spent more time with her.

F. Curie Reviewed July 04, 2014 Canada

The Orsay museum was something I had already visited, but without any explanation I felt like I kind of missed out. This time around with Murielle was ten times better! So glad I did it.

M. Mauldin Reviewed June 29, 2014 USA

I have been talking about our tours with you non stop! So wonderful and impressive.

R. Norris Reviewed June 12, 2014 UK

It was very easy to book our tour and Romain was super helpful in adjusting the scheduling for us. Such a breath of fresh air compared to the other tour company we used. Our guide for Orsay was on time and eager to show us the museum. It was a great afternoon all around.

C. Sullivan Reviewed June 03, 2014 Ireland

Bravo to Solène for a great tour of the museum! Our teenage daughter fell in love with the paintings and it’s certainly thanks to Soléne and her enthusiasm. One of the highlights of our trip.

W. Swain Reviewed May 31, 2014 USA

Where Marjorie gets her energy and enthusiasm is a mystery! She was excited and energetic the entire day!

A. Wittstrom Reviewed May 14, 2014 Malaysia

The day was great! Solene was wonderful. Thank you for your help.

S. woodberry Reviewed April 30, 2014 USA

Look forward to the next visit. Felt like we could have spent a lot more time in Musee D'Orsay, and in Paris as a whole, of course. Marjorie is an outstanding guide.

A. Triebnig Reviewed April 17, 2014 Canada

Pauline was very good. We all liked her and her tour a lot. Also our kids were very happy. Please send her our warm regards.

B. Yundi Reviewed April 02, 2014 India

We took 3 tours with Localers and this one was our favorite. Skipping the long lines was a godsend, and our guided visit with Marjorie was pleasant and relaxed. It was lovely to have an art expert at our disposal to answer all our questions. This museum is definitely a must see!

T. Rosenfield Reviewed March 21, 2014 USA

Solene was very good with both the Musee de Orsay and Versailles. She was very informative and was really fun to talk to.

D. Bartkus Reviewed March 18, 2014 USA

Marie was just outstanding. She managed many different sites very well, helping us see many interesting things but, with our lengthy itinerary in mind, keeping us moving. She was very knowledgeable and a delight to be with. We were amused by her telling us how she handled getting clients through a crowd to the front; she just kept moving into the crowd and smiling. She said nobody ever objects if you just smile at them. It worked! I want to thank you also for working with me to get us Marie's services for two full days. She was exactly what we wanted and I appreciate your giving me so much attention during a time I am sure you are very busy running your business. Thank you again. I'll contact you again next time we come to Paris.

L. Weaver Reviewed March 09, 2014 South Africa

Solene was just delightful and a very informative guide. She adapted well to our rather boisterous style of questioning and was very gracious when one or two of our party, including myself wandered off! It was a great experience for us, and she showed us a dimension in the progression of the paintings (which were well chosen) which we might otherwise have missed on our own. I would highly recommend her. It was also a bonus to skip the queues.

K. Allen Reviewed February 20, 2014 USA

We felt like we got the VIP treatment by skipping the line and getting one-on-one explanations from our guide Pauline.

S. Raman Reviewed February 13, 2014 Canada

We loved it! Jonathan was very, very good and extremely knowledgable. We are likely to get back to you on a further booking in the next days.

R. McLaren Reviewed January 23, 2014 USA

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful, informative guide, Solene to "lead" me through two wonderful times at The Louvre and Musee D'Orsay. Her knowledge, sense of humour but also serious approach to the wonders of the Musee's was excellent. She even listened to my rather stilted French, and I enjoyed conversing with her. Well done and would certainly recommend the ease of having a private guide through the Museums.

N. El Alaily Reviewed January 09, 2014 USA

Thanks for the tour of musee dorsay! It was azing as usual !

4.0 / 5 based on 21 reviews

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