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Paris Catacombs Tour with Skip the Line Access

Why you'll love this

  • Skip the line and enjoy a small group tour of the Catacombs
  • Discover and explore a secret subterranean world beneath Paris
  • Bypass the 2-hour line to get inside and straight to the action
  • Come face to face with the skeletal remains of the city's past
Tour snapshot
  • Length 2h00
  • Language English
  • Type of Tour Group Tour
  • Group Size 20 max
  • Departure Time 4pm
  • Cancellation Up to 72 hours

Did you know that another world exists deep under the heart of Paris? We’re not talking about the bustling metro tunnels crisscrossing below, or the intricate networks of the sewer system. No we’re talking skeletons - 6 million of them to be exact!

The Catacombs encapsulate all that is mysterious and beguiling about Paris, offering a unique subterranean adventure unmatched by any other European city. But our excursion is so much more than bones - in fact some of the city’s deepest darkest secrets lay within these limestone tunnels. Hidden details, unexpected objects and thought-provoking curiosities abound every step of the way. So why not visit them with a local resident and history expert to get the full experience?

A trip through the Catacombs is a journey through time that revisits some of the most turbulent and tumultuous periods in Paris history. Where did the bones come from? Why were they put here? And more importantly—who arranged them in such a bizarre way? You’ll discover the stories and secrets of this network of tunnels that extend some 20km beneath the hustle and bustle of modern Paris. To sweeten the deal we’ve also arranged skip-the-line access so you can avoid what is typically several hours of standing in line.

Don’t wander aimlessly like all the rest, wondering what you’re looking at and why. Venture underground with us and you’ll be privy to an intriguing world of darkness that resides quietly beneath the City of Light. You’ll never look at Paris the same way again!

Your guide

Albert grew up in Italy, where he studied Politics and History in Milan. After living in Rome, Spain, London, San Francisco and New York, he moved to Paris to join the Parisian artistic scene. He hosts a weekly open mic called Spoken Words Paris. He lives very close to Pere Lachaise cemetary, which he considers the best museum in Paris. “Imagine if the Louvre were free, not crowded, and surrounded by 5,300 trees. You’d go there everyday!” He knows Paris Catacombs by heart, having visited them about 200 times! He is inspired and writes about the hidden alleys in and around Paris. Among other awards and literary prizes, he’s one of the writers included in “Strangers in Paris”, Tightrope Books 2011, an anthology of short stories by anglophone writers on Paris. All that makes him the top guide to take you through the best sights of Paris and to teach you its secrets!

Miguel lives on the left bank and can be spotted wondering around the Boulevard Saint Michel, going to see classic movies, or looking for new comic books. There is no bigger pleasure than reading them while catching some sun, seated in a wonderful chair in the Luxembourg Gardens or strolling around the Marais, his favourite area of Paris. If this is the bright side of life, the dark isn’t less fun, especially since he’s been exploring the Paris catacombs, abandoned quarries or Père Lachaise cemetery for quite some time now. He’ll tell you all about it!

Corey studied art and music in New York before moving to Paris five years ago. He is married to a frenchy and can now perfectly speak French! He also fell in love with the city from day one - from the curves of its gargoyles to the flakes of its pastries - and considers it a sort of lifelong quest to unlock as many of its secrets as he can.He thinks the deeper you dive into Paris the more beautiful it gets, which is why he’s always eager to share his knowledge and bring the city into brighter focus for its visitors. When he isn’t strolling in search of inspiration or historical tidbits (or the pâtisseries mentioned above), he can be found drinking copious amounts of tea and writing for his blog, A French Frye in Paris.

What's Included

  • Skip the line access to avoid the 2-hour queue

  • Entrance Tickets to a hidden subterranean world

  • Torches to see the gothic details

What's Not

  • A re-enactment of Michel Jackson’s “Thriller” music video

Meet your guide at the Catacombs and skip the wait with your skip-the-line fast-pass to begin your descent into the depths of Parisian history.

You’ll start by learning the fascinating story of how Paris was on the precipice of destruction in the 18th century. Almost a victim of its own success, its beautiful stone buildings were starting to be sucked back down into the subterranean quarries they originally came from. These urgent consolidation works that were undertaken by the king’s engineers created the labyrinth of tunnels that mark the start of your underground adventure.

Along the way to the skeleton-filled ossuary, your guide will point out many interesting details including carved inscriptions from generations past, underground street signs, remnants of the French Revolution and more. You’ll learn about the 18th century man who literally saved Paris by reinforcing the foundations beneath its hallowed edifices. You’ll also discover shocking sculpted masterpieces by a quarry worker who indulged in a secret artistic quest, one that unfortunately ended in tragedy.

Once you’ve entered the ossuary, like a scene from “Interview with the Vampire” you’ll encounter great chambers full of bones and skulls that are sure to intrigue all those with morbid fascinations. Listen as your guide evokes the spirits of some of the notable historical figures who have found their final resting place in the Catacombs.

We can assure you, missing a tour of the Catacombs would be the greatest of Parisian sins!

Please Note: This tour involves a lot of walking, particularly up and down narrow staircases (130 steps down and 83 steps up to the exit). We strongly discourage those with cardiac or respiratory problems from taking this tour. We also do not recommend this tour to those with very young children as well as those suffering from claustrophobia or a similar nervous condition. Due to occasional areas of uneven footing, dampness and stone dust, we encourage you to dress accordingly.

Meeting Point: Catacombs Main Entrance
1 person€49per person
2 people & more€49per person
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M. Frusteri Reviewed April 25, 2015 US

We had a great tour of the Catacombs with Alberto. He was personable and knowledgeable so glad we went on this tour. Highly recommend especially when we saw the line for people who didn't have a tour set up. Worth it just to skip the line but the tour was also great!

K. SCOTT Reviewed March 11, 2015 US

I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT to expect on this tour.... Bones and more bones, right.... I AM HAPPY to say THAT IT WAS MUCH MORE than skulls and fibulas. . COREY was great. He was amusing and informative. He made sink holes

V. Hall Reviewed January 06, 2015 US

My family of four toured the Catacombs with Corey on December 26 and had a great experience! Corey is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and articulate and I highly recommend touring with him. Also, the "skip the line" benefit is invaluable. There can never be more than 200 people in the Catacombs at any given time (don't worry -- it's a pretty long stretch of tunnels and you won't see nearly 200 people -- more like at most 20 at any given time), so entry is carefully controlled and the people waiting in line are there for a long time, especially because they get bumped back every time a "skip the line" group gets to enter ahead of them. When we arrived, there was already a long line waiting for entry and, by the time we exited the Catacombs at the sortie point around the corner and down the street, the line was stretching all the way from the entry point down the street, around the corner, and past the exit point. So, unless you really enjoy standing in line for a very long time, this tour is well worth the minimal investment. It is a very interesting and highly educational glimpse into the history of Paris -- a unique experience which should not be missed! Finally, I need to add that Localers is a very professional, well-run company. I had some questions prior to my trip and each email I sent was answered very thoroughly, completely, and literally within minutes of my sending it. Can't ask for much better than that. I highly recommend them!

H. Manifold Reviewed January 05, 2015 AU

We had a great time in the catacombs, Corey was easy to understand and informative.

A. Hudhud Reviewed December 12, 2014 AE

We had two tours with Corey and both were amazing! He's very knowledgable and we loved the little secrets he knows about the history of Paris and the secret stories that probably Parisians themselves don't even know! No exaggeration, he made our experience in Paris much more interesting!

S. Chia Reviewed November 18, 2014 SG

Great way to visit the catacombs. Brings you straight to the start of the queue which is a 3 hour wait. The tour is a great way to visit the catacombs. Its the stories behind each skull and each bones that bring to life what is lying below the catacombs. Highly recommended.

D. HAND Reviewed November 05, 2014 US

This was a great tour. Alberto was a very personable guide, with lots of interesting knowledge of the catacombs.

P. Bordignon Reviewed July 12, 2014 Canada

Just landed back in Toronto Canada from Paris this evening. Catacombs tour with Alberto was great

C. Defrancis Reviewed July 10, 2014 USA

My husband wanted to see the catacombs with someone who knew the catacombs. Albert certainly knew them ,and shared his knowledge with us. We enjoyed every minute! ( except maybe the 130 steps going back up! But we made it! Thank you, merci.

M. Ellental Reviewed July 01, 2014 USA

Miguel was great for the catacombs tour. wow, greatly exceeding my expectations!

K. Gibson Reviewed June 21, 2014 Australia

The tour was great and Miguel was very insightful. His knowledge of history and art history was great. I'll leave a review on trip advisor.

M. Heaney Reviewed June 15, 2014 USA

Your replacements for Albert were exceptional people- Tours were terrific- I will definitely recommend your organization in the future and on Trip Advisor. Your company did wonderful tours- Thank You- made Paris a fantastic experience for me and my husband.. You can use us as a reference at any time...Bonjour

K. hemsley Reviewed June 06, 2014 USA

Miguel was excellent. He really knows his history. I think you should really look after him as he is an asset I don't think you would want to lose him. The tour was great and we know more about French history now than we ever did. Miguel cleared up a few thing for people who only knew bits and pieces of history. He filled in the gaps. Thank you again and we will certainly recommend your company and certainly Miguel.

H. Miliatis Reviewed May 28, 2014 Australia

We have just returned from our European vacation and we would like to share with you our experiences of the Catacombs. We booked the tickets for a group of 7 people from Australia and we weren't sure what to expect. The experience was excellent, which was enhanced by Miguel. He was an excellent guide, with a pleasant friendly and approachable manner. His knowledge was fantastic, he shared with us lots of interesting information/stories which we all found extremely interesting. Please pass our appreciation onto Miguel and we would definitely recommend this tour and your organisatioon to our friends touring Paris in the future.

A. mitchell Reviewed May 14, 2014 UK

The tour was awesome and Miguel was terrific. The tour was well worth every penny. Thank you!

D. Morgan Reviewed May 10, 2014 UK

Absolutely superb!!Miguel was a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable.

G. Puchert Reviewed May 05, 2014 Australia

It was BRILLIANT, thank you. Alberto was the best!!

J. robbers Reviewed May 04, 2014 USA

We had a fantastic tour with Miguel - thank you! We would definitely recommend this tour to friends.

R. sarafov Reviewed April 17, 2014 Australia

Miguel was very good and his passion for history enhanced the experience. All I would say is that I think there were probably four people too many on the tour. Sometimes it was difficult to hear what was being said if you were at the back of the tour group. Also others not in the tour but in the catacombs made noise which also made this an issue. My wife and I certainly enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to others.

D. toole Reviewed April 14, 2014 Canada

Alberto was excellent guide for the catacombs – one of our best sites of our Paris trip – thank you for an excellent time – would highly recommend you to anyone going to Paris

J. Thierry Reviewed April 05, 2014 Switzerland

It was exceptional, he really explained anything and everything and was very respectful.

D. trescott Reviewed April 02, 2014 Australia

Both the guides were very pleasant, helpful and well informed. Alberto was extremely informative regarding the Paris catacombs, the history of their development, the significance of various individuals over time and their use as catacombs.

S. twopeny Reviewed March 26, 2014 Australia

miguel was fantastique! I don't know what other people think, but my husband and I usually hate guided tours, but this was exceptional. He truely made the experience 'live' (if you excuse the pun), and it was the little philosophical asides, the awareness of the significance in france history which made it special. If I had had him as my history professor I would have finished with distinctions! I am happy to put this as testimonial.

D. Zurinski Reviewed March 19, 2014 US

Our tour with Alberto was just great - he made for an enjoyable and informative tour. Highly recommed.

R. Lynn Reviewed March 07, 2014 USA

Alberto was also excellent - our group was a bit larger, but he managed to convey both the creepiness and the mystery of the Catacombes well, as well as the poignancy of the all those bones below ground and the poems which commemorate them.

F. Hagelberg Reviewed March 01, 2014 USA

Excellent. Alberto handled everything with knowledge and good humor!

J. Isaacson Reviewed February 19, 2014 USA

Alberto fun personality and esoteric knowledge were a great match for the Catacombs.

R. Strack Reviewed February 01, 2014 Australia

We had a wonderful time in the catacombs! Alberto was a great guide. He was very informative and explained the history behind them and it was easy enough to understand even for our 12 and 14 year old children, which we appreciated. He was also entertaining in his presentation making it enjoyable for all. He was very aware of our safety telling us when to be careful of slippery floors etc. Alberto also told us what to look out for in regards to street names and dates. He read some of the poems to us and was able to answer all our questions when asked. We would highly recommend to our friends this tour and congratulations to Alberto!

G. Arran Reviewed January 15, 2014 USA

Me and my girlfriend loved the catacombs tour. It was a highlight of our trip. Miguel obviously knew alot about the catacombs and was a perfect guide. We will definitely recommend this tour to people visiting paris in the future.

P. Nicks Reviewed January 10, 2014 Canada

Our tour of the catacombs was a highlight of our european vacation! We enjoyed Michel's knowledge and humor and insight into the history of the catacombs. In fact, it would have been great to have experienced this tour before we saw the rest of Paris! I would recommend this highly to anyone wanting a fresh perspective of the site.

5.0 / 5 based on 30 reviews

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