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  • A great first-day excursion to get familiar with the city
  • All the must-see monuments and neighborhoods unraveled in a day
  • Our unique local perspective taps you into the true magic of Paris
  • Perfect for long layovers or short Paris visits
Tour snapshot
  • Length: 08h00
  • Language: English
  • Type of Tour: Group Tour
  • Group Size: 8 max
  • Departure Time: 10am
  • Cancellation: Refund up to 48 hours
The experience

So, you’ve finally booked your trip to Paris! Now it’s time to plan which sights you’ll see and how to get to each one. That’s the fun part, right? Well…not exactly.

The task of scheduling the itinerary for your visit can be overwhelming to say the least, especially if you’re only in Paris for a short time. You might soon find yourself drowning in questions: Which monuments are must-sees and which aren’t worth the effort? Will we be able to figure out the metro system? Where can we grab lunch? Do we even have enough time to see all this stuff?

Our Best Of Paris Full Day Tour is the answer to all of that. We’ve carefully constructed the perfect 8-hour itinerary that hits every location you need to see in order to really get a feel for the magic and beauty of Paris. Whether it’s the sprawling courtyards of the Louvre, the charming streets of Montmartre, or the gargoyle-covered cathedral of Notre Dame, this tour is like a guide book coming to life before your eyes: the ideal Paris experience for those with a long layover or just a few days in town.

Perfect view of the Eiffel Tower? Check. Medieval streets of the Latin Quarter? Check. Gazing down the Champs Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe? Of course! It’s all here, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Don’t take a mass-market bus tour with the other tourists—see Paris through the eyes of a local!

We’ll not only take you on a relaxed and comprehensive journey to all the major sights, you’ll also have a local expert guide to enhance the experience with colorful stories and interesting facts along the way, keeping it loose and fun. It’ll be like having a good friend showing you around town, using the metro to bounce from one neighborhood to the next like a true Parisian. And of course Paris isn’t just about the major monuments, so your guide will be sure to point out lesser-known nooks and crannies along the way to give you a more in-depth perspective on this complex and fascinating city. After getting a taste for the general layout of Paris, you’ll be much more comfortable getting around and exploring each neighborhood further during the remainder of your trip.

We do all the heavy lifting here so you can toss that map back into your bag and let us show you the best of Paris. We’ve even arranged to stop at a perfect lunch spot where you can take a load off and recharge those batteries. (Please note that lunch is not included in the price of this tour).

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss: a chance to avoid all that wasted time of searching through maps and books to find where things are, the aggravation of figuring out how to get everyone there, the headache of squeezing in all those sights within a short period of time. We’ve been there and done that. Let us take the reins for a day so you can focus on what you came here for—being seduced by the charm of Paris!

*Please note: this tour does not include entry into any monuments or museums.

Your guide

Ana, both French and Spanish, was born in Madrid and has lived in many different cities such as Barcelona, London and Aix-en-Provence before taking residence in eastern Paris. She studied History, Archaeology and has a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management, all of which led her to work in the UK, Bulgaria, Italy and Tunisia for Museums, Research Centres and the French and Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Apart from her obvious love for history, old stones and art, she loves music and sings in a Blues band in Paris, giving her an insider’s perception of the Parisian music scene whether it is Chanson Française, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Swing or even Salsa. She also enjoys uncovering hidden treasures in the vintage clothes shops in the Marais as well as the second hand bookshops such as Shakespeare & Company in the Latin Quarter. You might also find her strolling along the Seine riverbanks or the Canal Saint-Martin, in the narrow pathways of the Père Lachaise cemetery, taking Polaroids in Montmartre, dinning in a Vietnamese restaurant or having a Moroccan Pastilla at the Enfants Rouges Market. She loves sharing the things and places that made her fall in love with this magical city!

Marie was born in the Loire region; home to some of the most beautiful medieval châteaux in the whole of France. Since moving to Paris in her early years to the neighborhood only a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, Paris has become her beloved hometown. A passionate guide for over 4 years, Marie is a cheese addict who loves to share her love of French gastronomy, wine and history with our visitors. She now lives in Le Marais, to her the most lively place in Paris, where you'll probably see her diving into the vintage accessories or taking pictures along the River Seine.

Corey studied art and music in New York before moving to Paris five years ago. He is married to a frenchy and can now perfectly speak French! He also fell in love with the city from day one--from the curves of its gargoyles to the flakes of its pastries--and considers it a sort of lifelong quest to unlock as many of its secrets as he can. He thinks the deeper you dive into Paris the more beautiful it gets, which is why he’s always eager to share his knowledge and bring the city into brighter focus for its visitors. When he isn’t strolling in search of inspiration or historical tidbits (or the pâtisseries mentioned above), he can be found drinking copious amounts of tea and writing.

Agathe grew up between Houston and London. Naturally, she then went on to stay in England for university and was given the lovely nickname 'Baguette'. This was a call from her mother country she couldn't miss. After seventeen years abroad and many trips around the globe, she moved back to France and lived for the first time in Paris.
And what better way to discover the city than by being a tour guide? She has grown a passion for all of the anecdotes around every corner of every street and loves to rediscover her French roots and the rich history of France.

Marion is native of the South of France, land dear to her heart. Her passion for music, books and writing eventually led her to Paris, eternal muse and never-ending source of inspiration for artists of all kinds. A passionate Paris guide for 3 years, Marion seems to have a flair for finding the most soulful places of the City of Light.
As a songwriter and a singer, she would be pleased to help you discover the best Parisian jazz clubs and cabarets… not mention her knowledge about details of the greatest artists’ life in Paris.

Aloïs has deux amours, La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, where she grew up, and Paris, the city of lights, of history, of art, of fashion, of cinema, of litterature, of parties, of...
Enjoying everything – but the price of her rent – about the thousands years old french capital of France, she likes to share her knowledge on what has become her home with those visiting : show them hidden gems, tells them anecdotes about the present and past and share her favorites adresses for food or shopping.

Across London and Paris (but born and raised in the latter), always on the lookout for fresh cultural experiences, Laure's heart beats to the rhythm of art under all its forms. Frequent exhibition-goer and avid reader, she seeks the spark of glee that comes from discovering the lesser known stories of Paris. After an MA in Art History and another in Museum Studies, Laure has specialised in 19th Century art and culture by leading people through her favorite areas of Paris: Montmartre, the Latin Quarter and Belleville. Laure loves sharing her recommendations for an art exhibition, a rock music venue or a quirky district to visit!

Heidi is a Londoner who loves the adventure of living in Paris. She is passionate about history, art and literature and is inspired every day living in such a culturally rich city. She has travelled to 6 different continents and lived in West Africa (where, she says, the cheese is not as good!) and taught English to some of the poorest children in the world, but now she is happy to call Paris her home. She has been a guide in Paris for over two years and loves to meet people from all over the world and show them the best the city has to offer. In her spare time she likes to cycle, do yoga and hunt for the perfect tarte au citron...

Price details
€169 per person

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What's Included

  • Metro passes to get around town

  • Hassle-free transportation between locations: just follow your guide!

  • A fun and friendly local who’s passionate about sharing Paris with others

What's Not

  • Craning your neck out of a tour bus to snap a shot of the monuments whizzing by

The question is what won’t you see on this tour? This tour includes all the hotspots you’d expect and perhaps some you wouldn’t, starting with Trocadero square where you’ll get straight into the Paris mood with a perfect picture-postcard view of the Eiffel Tower. It’ll be a chance to snag some great photos as well as inside info and historical tidbits regarding this iconic structure.

Next you’ll get up close and personal with the Arc de Triomphe as you cast a gaze down the historic Champs Elysées. This triumphant and symbolic entryway into the city harkens back to a day when the area was an adult playground for the chic and sophisticated set during the Belle Epoque. Bring your top hats people!

Montmartre is also a must, with quaint cobblestone streets, a laidback vibe and an inspiring community of outdoor artists. You’ll explore some of this area’s charms before stopping in front of Sacré Coeur church which sits mightily atop the hill and provides splendid views of Paris below. This “Neighborhood of the Impressionists” will also be your lunch spot, where you’ll have a choice of authentic French bistro fare, crêpes, or even pizza—whatever your group is in the mood for. (Please note that your lunch is not included in the price of this tour).

Next up will be Place de la Concorde to see the location of the infamous royal guillotine beheadings as well as great examples of classic French architecture. This will also act as your entry point into the regal Tuileries Gardens, a public park where you can see Parisians chilling out in their natural habitat. Your guide will then take you into the courtyard of the Louvre for fascinating stories of the palace’s past, a past full of kings and queens and priceless masterpieces.

Now it’s time for one of our favorite secret spots: the Palais Royal, where 17th century architecture blends with flower-filled gardens and tree-lined alleys to create a hidden universe that many never find. You’ll learn about the palace’s spicy and scandalous history and see a modern art installation by Daniel Buren. You’ll then pop over to the exciting and vibrant Marais district, bursting with historic buildings and the city’s first public square, Place des Vosges. From the Marais you’ll cross the bridge onto Ile-Saint-Louis, a tranquil and charming residential island with a plethora of quaint eateries, 17th century town houses, and some seriously good ice cream!

This will lead you straight to the wonders of Notre Dame Cathedral. You’ll be taken in front of this jewel of Gothic architecture as your guide helps you decipher its intricate stone carvings. To wrap up the day you’ll stroll through the historic Latin Quarter, dating back to medieval times and beyond, when universities and bookshops peppered its winding maze of streets. We’ll take you inside Shakespeare and Company, an all English-language bookseller that may just end up being your all-time favorite bookshop!

It’s all here: everything you need to get a great taste of Paris, and all in just one day.

*Please be aware that this tour requires a substantial amount of walking throughout the day, including certain steep inclines and long staircases in the Montmartre district. Clients with limited mobility or very small children may want to consider this. Also, depending on the pace of your group and other time constraints your guide may need to slightly alter the above itinerary.

Meeting Point Café du Trocadéro
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Based on 24 reviews
Elizabeth A Reviewed February 01, 2017

Our Best of Paris Full Day Tour was fine, unfortunately the weather was too cold to enjoy and get the best experience. Heidi was lovely and very informative.

Santiago M Reviewed December 21, 2016

Laure is a lovely, kind, capable and educated woman. We REALY enjoyed our days with her. Congratulations for such nice staff.

Tamer D Reviewed November 16, 2016

Marion was wonderful, I learned some much history and culture and she gave me such useful information to guide my visit. Please extend my great thanks

Michelle S Reviewed October 26, 2016

I just want to pass on that Laure was wonderful! We were blown away by her intelligence, wit, and warm personality. Next time we are in Paris, we will definitely book with Localers! Thanks for a great day in Paris.

Brian B Reviewed August 10, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful tour of Paris! We only had three days in Paris, so the tour was a great way to learn about the city and see the highlights! Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly! She made the tour fun and exciting for the entire group - age 9 through adult. She also offered advice and information for the rest of our time in Paris! Thank you! Highly recommend The Localers!

Katherine T Reviewed June 21, 2016

Fantastic presentation. Well thought out visuals with informative and concise information. Groups are small which encourages interaction. Can highly recommend this tour.

yvonne w Reviewed June 01, 2016

I really enjoyed this full day tour of Paris with Marion. We had a small group of 6 which made it much nicer and more intimate. It was a long day, but we covered a lot of ground with our wonderful guide, Marion. We ran behind schedule a bit - we had to slow the walking pace a bit to accommodate everyone in our group - but Marion was committed to making sure that we saw everything even though it was past 6pm. I liked that we were able to take the metro all around the city and that we had time for lunch and a coffee break. I also appreciated the information provided - it was the right level for me for me to retain the highlights for each stop we made. It also provided a good balance between history, art and architecture. Marion was also able to modify the tour when it started raining. I would highly recommend this tour.

Orlee E Reviewed June 01, 2016

Agathe was wonderful! We absolutely loved every minute of this tour with her. She was easy to get along with, allowed us to determine what we wanted to allocate our time to and was able to present information in an informative, relatable and concise way.

Tyler P Reviewed May 26, 2016

Sensational guide and great tour.

Isla H Reviewed May 18, 2016

Going around Paris with Corey felt more like visiting an old friend who was excited to show us his favourite spots. It was refreshing to not have to trail behind a tour guide who would just go through the motions. We did things the local way--we took the metro and walked around without looking too much like tourists :p Corey kept us engaged not just with the usual information about Paris, but also small discoveries he's made since he's moved there.

Localers has a way of personalising the tours so they feel more like you're hanging out and exploring. I think no matter how many times you go back to France, they would have something that would give you a fresh view and renewed appreciation of the place and the culture. I'm already checking which tour to do with them on my next trip!

Chris M Reviewed April 13, 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Agathe. She was very knowledgable, friendly and adapted the day to meet our needs. We received a wonderful introduction to Paris!

Betty R Reviewed March 15, 2016

Ana was awesome! The tour was fantastic and I learned so much about the city and its history. I especially enjoyed the time spent in Montmartre...thanks to Ana for giving us a fantastic day!

Phillips C Reviewed March 08, 2016

Thank you so much for the great tour.Corey was fantastic and I will be recommending your company to my friends and travel agent.

Jack B Reviewed March 08, 2016

Corey was absolutely wonderful. We cannot say enough good things about him. He really made the tour special.

Michael R Reviewed March 08, 2016

Corey was fantastic - just the right mix of information and humour, and we learned a lot without feeling like we were being "lectured". Top class, we'd definitely use Localers again and please use us as referees!

Anne S Reviewed March 08, 2016

We were absolutely impressed with Corey! He is a lovely, intelligent person and you are very fortunate because he is a wonderful teacher/story teller for your company. Corey is passionate about Paris and our tour with him was the best part of our short stay in Paris. Thank you for offering such intimate experiences at a very fair price!

Laurie G Reviewed March 08, 2016

We love Corey!! He was full of wonderful, interesting, and exciting information! He was able to appeal to both the adults and kids in our group! He engaged us all, and really made us love Paris!! I would hire him again in a second and recommend him to all our friends!! Thank you so much for making our short stay in Paris so amazing!!!

Debra A Reviewed February 15, 2016

Marie was amazing. Will recommend you to friends.

catherine m Reviewed December 29, 2015

A fabulous full day tour taken by Corey. He engaged with us and our two sons immediately and proceeded to keep us totally interested and intrigued with the information he imparted. He took us to lovely spots for lunch and afternoon tea and gave us tips on other places to explore later. We have done a few such tours and this was by far the best. Not for one minute were we bored and in fact we were amazed at how much was packed into the day. Many thanks for your passion and enthusiasm Corey!

Miguel R Reviewed December 14, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are very happy with the service provided and that we will be recommending Localers to friends travelling to Paris in the future.

Andres B Reviewed November 30, 2015

Dear Lucy, Thank you for everything, all came out very well. Ana is a very nice guide.

daniel r Reviewed July 06, 2015

Our Best of Paris Full Day Tour was the best way to begin a week in Paris as Olivia took us to all of the major sites and taught us how to use the Metro to get around this beautiful city ; It's a great way to see the sights , learn the City and get an introduction to Paris and what it has to offer ;In addition , the added exercise of walking helps offset the effects of dining ;Olivia was very informative, organized and a terrific host despite some occasional rainy conditions ...

Daisy L Reviewed July 01, 2015

As first time visitors of Paris, we are so glad we looked to the Localers for guidance. The taxi system was on strike that day and getting out of Gare du Nord was a real challenge, but the Localers office staff was so responsive and helpful in helping us navigate to the meeting spot in Trocadero Square. We took the metro and voila--we arrived in one piece and on time! We were lucky enough to have been paired with Olivia to take us around the city with ease and confidence. Olivia was everything we could have hoped for in a tour guide. She was smart and full of information, patient, and especially warm and friendly. Olivia took the time to take us around "hidden areas" not commonly known to other visitors, and that was a real treat. The day felt like we were visiting a family member or a friend who welcomed us with open arms. We were also fortunate enough to have shared the tour with another couple who perfectly fit our energy and enthusiasm for the city. We capped the tour with a refreshing drink along the River Seine. It was the best day in Paris, indeed! Thank you, Olivia and the Localers! We hope to see you again, soon!

Peta M Reviewed June 23, 2015

I really enjoyed my tour with Olivia today even in the rain! She led us at a perfect pace and was able to answer all my questions and given that I am renowned for them she handled them all perfectly. It was a lovely tour all round and nothing seemed too much trouble for Olivia even offering to assist with a small loan until we found an ATM so I had enough cash to purchase a painting of two cats that I loved.

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