Walk on the Dark Side of Paris - Night Tour


Did you know the City of Light has a mysterious shadowy side that’s full of lost legends and spine-tingling secrets? This 2-hour nighttime quest through illuminated Paris uncovers thrilling tales of assassinations, prophecies, apparitions, lost treasure and more.

Your backdrop will be gorgeous must-see monuments like the Conciergerie, Pont Neuf, Le Louvre Museum, Tour Saint-Jacques and Notre Dame. But be prepared for plenty of unexpected discoveries too as you dig up every last skeleton in Paris’ closet. You won’t find these stories in your guidebook! We only ask that if you find the Holy Grail during the tour, you cut us in on the profits…
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    Why you'll love this

  • Descend into the macabre depths of Parisian legend and lore on a night tour
  • Unearth centuries of conspiracy, intrigue, mystery and murder
  • Decipher the secrets of hidden messages, ghost stories and terrible tales
  • Explore the mystique of lamp-lit Paris with an expert history guide

    What's included

  • Chilling tales of murder, mystery and mayhem you’ve got to hear to believe
  • A cinematic landscape of famous Parisian monuments & Seine River by night
  • A professional storyteller who knows how to excite the imagination

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Knowing Paris inside-out comes with years of exploring, but above all a passion for discovering all the magic that a city has to offer. Our city guides are selected for their insatiable love for Paris, and their desire to share it with our visitors. Leaving no stone unturned, our guides are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that those who explore with them get to discover the Paris that truly makes them tick.


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The itinerary

Your unique trek through the darkest hours of French history begins on Ile-de-la-Cité. With its frightening gargoyles, extraordinary bell towers, and concealed messages from the ancient alchemists, Notre Dame Cathedral is where the most intriguing stories arose. At La Conciergerie, an infamous medieval prison, you’ll hear about France’s most infamous prisoners, such as Marie Antoinette, and the gruesome details of their public execution. Next door at Pont Neuf you’ll enter a world of famine, murder, royal mistresses, and the dark legend of the Knights Templar—one filled with curses, lost treasure…and the Holy Grail.

The Seine River banks also hold a fair share of Paris’s murky stories back in the days were death was just part of everyday life. Your guide will then fascinate you with some royal palace’s most sordid anecdotes & classic Parisian ghost stories and the tale of the most ghastly serial killer you’re never heard of.

We’ll take you down the very streets where Kings and Queens of France were murdered or taken down to be guillotined. From there you’ll visit sites linked to public tortures & death-predicting prophecies and the insalubrious medieval cemetery that offered its skeletal remains to the ghoulish Catacombs of Paris.

You’ll conclude your bone-chilling night-time journey in front of the Hotel de Ville where took place - probably very unfair - mass public executions. With any luck you’ll unlock a few of its mystical secrets and continue your own quest through the dark side of Paris!

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