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Why you'll love this

  • Get the celebrity treatment during your own private VIP photo shoot
  • Take home around 200 high quality digital pictures of you and your loved ones right after the shoot
  • Have a professional photographer capture all your best angles
  • Take our optimized itinerary or tailor the experience to your personal interests
Tour snapshot
  • Length: 03h00
  • Language: English
  • Type of Tour: Private Tour
  • Group Size: 7 max
  • Departure Time: On demand
  • Cancellation: Refund up to 48 hours
  • Disabled travelers join us!
The experience

Consider the photos you took during your last family vacation: the adorable one of the kids in front of that fountain turned out blurry, the romantic shot of you and your partner got invaded by a rogue thumb over the lens, and that memorable family pic the guide took on your iPhone didn’t quite capture the moment. The point is few of us know enough about photography to get photos that live up to the magic of Paris. Not to mention the hassle of carrying around a bulky camera.

Here’s an idea: what if your tour guide also happened to be a professional photographer? We can see it now: an immaculate shot of a kiss in the Tuileries Gardens. Or you and the kids huddling around a table of chocolat chaud at a cute café. We see a disappointing drizzly day transformed into a magical shot of girlfriends twirling umbrellas in front of the Eiffel Tower. Silver lining right there!

This tour is our best seller for a reason. Our Paris Photo Shoot includes not just a private sightseeing excursion with a knowledgeable guide, but you’ll also leave with a memory card packed with hundreds of professional-grade photos to relive your trip time and again. That’s a lot of impressed friends and family.
It’s a 2-for-1: all the great sights and secrets of the city plus stops along the way to capture all those wonderful little moments that make Paris so special.

Your guide

Mabel is at heart, a wandering soul. Born in the UK to a family full of artists, dancers and musicians, she found herself constantly on the move from an early age. It was during a pinhole photography workshop in year 4 at primary school that Mabel realised she wanted to be an artist. The next year Mabel’s family relocated to Australia and what proceeded was a countless number of adventures across the red desert, the rainforest and Australia’s multiple metropolises. Mabel made the move to Paris to be in the birthplace of photography, to explore and to eat croissants. She holds a Masters Degree in Visual Art, Specialising in Photography… nineteenth century photographic processing to be exact, and is also a singer songwriter. If you like live music you might see her bashing out some tunes on her guitar around Odeon and Oberkampf.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Olaf learned very quickly that his country wasn’t big enough. He left home after high school to travel only to come back to study history and journalism. Olaf came to Paris in 2011, following love and also fell in love with the city. As a professional photographer he focuses documentary and reportage photography, but also does fashion photography. He loves photographing new people and sharing his passion for this city, that he now calls home.

After Film Editing studies, Romain decided to focus on photography. He graduated from the French National School of Photography Louis-Lumière in 2012. After graduation he focused on the Iranian society for two years. Today he explores the intricate relations between States and big corporations. The first chapter of this work is about the Samsung Empire in South Korea. He also works on more intimate and closer topics. Far or close, the Human aspect is at the heart of his photographic approach. His photographs are published in national and international publications (Le Monde, La Croix, Medipart, Grazia, Courrier Japon) and his work has been exhibited in festivals such as Prix Bayeux-Calvados, Festival des Nuits Photographiques and Fetart School Factory.

Prisca is Franco-German and her passion for photography has never declined since she was 16, when she was taking pictures of her friends walking along the streets of Paris with her first film camera. After the wall came down, she studied at the Fine Art University in Berlin before leaving to Lisbon to fulfill her second dream: to understand saudades and fado. Curious about cultural diversity and fanatic of European history, her reports lead her now to the Balkans. Back in Paris since 2007, she is working as a portrait and documentary photographer for magazines and institutions, exhibits her art projects and hands over her experience by giving photography courses at the university. With enthusiasm, she will accompany you for a Parisian walk by putting you in the best light to offer you an unforgettable Souvenir de Paris.

Nora is a Franco-Hungarian photographer who graduated from the French National School of Photography Louis-Lumière. Fond of multicultural experiences, she backpacked Eastern Europe and lived in Montréal. Interested in urban exploration, she’s also passionate about modern history and particularly history of places.
As a photographer she shows deep interest in social issues, especially in issues concerning women's status. She practices staged photography and interaction between photography and video. Having an extensive experience in portraying people she also has a good knowledge of intriguing second-hand clothes shops and flea markets where she seeks for props for her shootings.

Ming is born in China but has been living in Paris for 3 years. She graduated from a Parisian photography school and is now specializing in portrait photography.

Nyima is born in Crete, from an Italian father and a French mother. He starts some Physics studies in Milano before realizing photography is his passion. He graduated from a prestigious photography school in Paris and won several awards. Now working as an independent photographer in the City of Lights, Nyima is particularly interested in the different forms of story-telling possible with a camera, whether they are web documentaries, independent editorial or fashion projects.

Caroline is from Shanghai but has spent a large part of her life living and travelling around the world. Photography and art have always been her obsession from an early age however she took the safe route initially and found herself with two master degrees in law.

After burning out working for international law firms for eight years, she finally decided to quit it all and pursue her passion for photography. Trained with Spéos Paris Photographic Institute, Caroline focuses on wedding, portraiture and theatrical photography. She prefers to be called 'an artist with a camera' rather than a 'photographer' and her favourite subject is always people. Ultimately, her goal is to craft vibrant, energetic, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

Felik is from Malaysia. He graduated from The International Film School of Paris and has been lucky to be a photographer in this beautiful city for the past 6 years.

Born in Italy, Veronica had been living and studying Visual Arts and Photography in several European countries when, during an internship in Paris, she ​was hooked by festivals and lively picnics along the Seine and Canal Saint-Martin.

Since then, Paris has become her home and playground for new encounters and experiences.

Price details
1 person €249 per person
2 people €129 per person
3 people €99 per person
4 people €89 per person
5 people €79 per person
6 people & more €69 per person

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What's Included

  • 200 high-res digital photos to take home right after the shoot

  • A private pro photographer at your disposal for 3 hours

  • A list of tips on how to enjoy your perfect Paris Photo Shoot

  • Unforgettable sightseeing including monuments, bridges, and historic streets

What's Not

  • The horde of paparazzi waiting to catch a glimpse of the star du jour !

We propose the following photo-op optimized itinerary, which we’ve carefully designed to include the most photogenic sights in Paris. However, we’re happy to tailor the itinerary to your personal interests.

Your photo-shoot starts at the Palais Royal where you’ll soak up the beauty of the gardens and discover the rich history of this former royal residence. You’ll also get a chance to frolic among the famous Buren Columns, where many a high profile fashion photo-shoot has taken place.

Next is the pyramid of the Louvre and the Jardin des Tuileries, both great photo ops with intriguing pasts. You’ll then cross Place de la Concorde, where you’ll learn of the infamous guillotine executions before heading down the illustrious Champs-Elysées. Here you’ll pass by the Grand Palais and Petit Palais, two architectural jewels from the 1900 World Expo. Learn about the city’s past, walk in the footsteps of French dignitaries, and shop a little as your personal paparazzo captures all your best angles.

Then you’ll cross the river to the Hôtel des Invalides, a renowned war and weaponry museum, and also the home of Napoleon’s tomb. The gilded dome and vast garden will provide great backdrops for your next set of gorgeous pictures.

The last leg of the tour takes place at the Champ de Mars and Eiffel Tower nearby. What better way to conclude your visit than with a pose in front of this immortal Parisian symbol? Your professionally compiled portfolio is nearly ready—and that’s when our surprise comes in!

What happens if it’s raining on the day of my tour? In the event of rain the tour will continue as scheduled, but we’ve got some tricks to keep you dry. You’ll start at the Palais Royal as usual, and then explore 19th century covered arcades where history and sophistication merge. Don’t worry, Paris in the rain is a romantic thing--your photos will be equally fabulous!

Meeting Point Hotel du Louvre - 157 Rue Saint Honoré
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Based on 212 reviews
Colleen L Reviewed February 02, 2017

We had a fabulous day in Paris. Our tour was on the first day so it was very informative and helped us learn to navigate the city, with RER and the Metro. We have beautiful pictures to show for our time with great views and the whole family in them. I would have liked maybe a bit more history but found we really don't remember it anyway definitely recommend the tour.

VON IRVIN PAULO L Reviewed January 21, 2017

A million thumbs up! It was an extra special experience with the localers, especially with our photographer Mr. Romain. We managed to communicate secretly on how will I execute my surprise proposal to the girl of my dreams, and we made it! The photos were so awesomely taken! Thank you Romain and Localers! We'll definitely recommend you with our friends who will go to Paris soon! Job well done! Merci!

Claris R Reviewed January 16, 2017

It's been a while since the shoot but the photos taken by localers are still gathering praises from friends up to now. :) Thank you for such an easy and smooth transaction, for a very comfortable shoot with our very talented professional photographer Olaf. This is the highlight of pur short Paris visit and how I wish this is also offered in other countries.

Shenna L Reviewed December 26, 2016

We are amazed that it Turned out to be this beautiful. We are very happy. Great memories to keep.

Michael O Reviewed December 17, 2016

We had the most amazing time with Mabel this past week! We cannot say enough about her knowledge of the city and fantastic eye for photography. It didn't even feel like a photo shoot, more like a day about with friends. Her sprit, zest for life and love of the city is inspiring. Thank you so very much!
Michael and Angela

Jane E Reviewed December 08, 2016

Our photo shoot with Olaf was excellent. We have downloaded many excellent photos that will provide great memories!

Marco K Reviewed November 09, 2016

Prisca, was an absolute joy to work with. The pictures she took were amazing and everything worked out exactly how we had hoped. She was open to our ideas and helped with her own perspective. We learn to know new places in Paris during the photo shoot and she recommended places for us to visit later in our stay. I would easily recommend Prisca for anyone interested in a photo shoot in Paris. Overall the experience was definitely worth the price of the tour!

Aljerie C Reviewed November 04, 2016

Thank you for our wonderful photoshoot with Olaf!

Chelsea B Reviewed October 24, 2016

My husband and I went to Paris for our honeymoon in August. We decided to schedule a photo shoot with Bruno. This experience was one of our favorite days in Paris! I cannot say enough about the photos that Bruno captured and the wonderful memories that we will have forever! We will treasure these photos forever!

joe l Reviewed October 21, 2016

I loved the experience Localers gave us. Olaf speaks good English was very warm and accommodating. We had a great time and had many good shots!

I liked the fact that our photographer was very experienced and directed us when we didn't find a good pose.

Will give the night shoot a try when i go to Paris again.

Tracy T Reviewed October 17, 2016

We have returned from our amazing trip from Paris! My heart is still in Paris and it will ever be in my memory. I just want to send Localers a huge THANK YOU for sending such an amazing photographer, Mabel, to capture our mother and daughter moments while in Paris. We now have hundreds of beaufiul photos to reminisce while we are back in California.

Atria E Reviewed October 11, 2016

Mabel was very warm and friendly. She made us feel comfortable while doing the tour. Not only did she take great pictures she also gave us some information about the spots that we went to. Overall it was a great experience, we hit two birds with one stone. We saw Paris and got great pictures while doing it!

Amy L Reviewed October 10, 2016

Excellent experience overall with Bruno! He was a very friendly and easy going guy, which helped make both the tour, as well as photo shoot go very well. Our pictures came out great and couldn't have asked for more. Thanks so much!

DAISY C Reviewed October 05, 2016

My husband and I traveled all the way from Hawaii to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in the most romantic city in the world. We wanted to capture it by booking the Paris photo shoot and we are so happy that we did it because as nice selfies are, nothing beats a professional photographer like Olaf to capture the moments while walking throughout Paris with the beautiful historic background. Thank you so much to THE LOCALERS TEAM and to our photographer OLAF for making our celebration very memorable. Merci Beaucoup!
Aloha from Hawaii,
Dr. Ariel & Daisy Catalan

Jamal P Reviewed October 03, 2016

Prisca was amazing! She made our vacation to Paris and marriage engagement so much more. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to do more than just capture their time on camera.

Joseph G Reviewed October 03, 2016

If there was a 10 rating, we would give Bruno a 10+. He was friendly, professional, easy to spend time with. His easy going manner made it comfortable for us. He was also a walking tour guide for all the areas we visited on the photo shoot. We told him we really wanted photos by the Eiffel Tower and he walked with us all the way, finishing up our photo shoot there. When we finished we felt like we were saying goodby to a friend. We also enjoyed the photos many of which are frameable quality.

Carla S Reviewed September 26, 2016

A friend of mine highly recommended doing a Paris Photo Shoot, so when my husband and I were planning to visit Paris for a few days for our honeymoon, we messaged Localers. They quickly responded and were kind enough to open a slot for us on a Sunday since that was our only free time.

Thanks to Nyima too for spending some time with us :) Great guy! It rained, unfortunately, during our photo shoot, but we still got some great shots. Won't mind doing it again!

Lu Z Reviewed September 22, 2016

Caroline was great and make the great photos for us. Thank you for the warm service during the time.Please pass our sincere appriciate to her!

Camilla C Reviewed September 21, 2016

Very interesting way to get to know Paris and have some great pictures at the same time.
Localers is a very professional company and our photographer Olaf was really nice.

ragan k Reviewed September 21, 2016

Olaf was great! We wanted most of the pics to be of our 15 year old son and he took some wonderful ones of him and all of us. Loved what we learned about the city during the tour as well. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking to walk away from Paris with some lifetime momentos.

Vanessa S Reviewed September 14, 2016

My family and I had an amazing experience with Caroline as our photographer! Caroline was able to capture the most beautiful pictures I could've ever dreamed of even with our 20 month old baby girl and believe me that took talent! She was patient, knowledgable of the area, and above all exquisite with her camera. Thank you Caroline and Localers for these memories we will cherish forever!

Shrenik D Reviewed September 03, 2016

Caroline was knowledgeable about the places she took us and was flexible with our plans around changing clothes and managing a baby with frequent breaks. We loved the tour and hope to do it again sometime in the future!

Chris C Reviewed August 15, 2016

We recently undertook the Paris Photo Shoot with Nora as our photographer. We were a family of 4 with 2 children aged 4 and 8 and we were unsure how much the children would enjoy the tour but Nora quickly put them at ease and engaged well with them. We were able to see certain parts of Paris which we may not have seen without Nora's local knowledge and now have some excellent family photos which we can now look back on with fond memories. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is considering it as the photos will definitely be to a higher standard than you would be able to capture yourself.

Zarina A Reviewed August 13, 2016

Nora who did a great job with the photoshoot for me and my husband. When I looked back at the photos, I thought..Nora is a genius! Some of the angles she took of us are quite unique. She has an easygoing manner and we enjoyed her showing us Paris' landmarks too.

Reina N Reviewed August 05, 2016

It was a very enjoyable time with Mabel! It rained and was drizzling but a few minutes into the shoot, it cleared out. Mabel always made sure that we were comfortable and kept us informed and updated about what to expect next! She would also tell us a little bit about angles, how to pose, etc! Our 2-yo was very comfortable with her and cooperated. She was also very peronable and relatable that it was easy to talk to her like we've not only met her. It is surely one of the highlights of our trip, specially after seeing the photos! I will definitely recommend Localers to anyone planning a trip to Paris! It is the best way to immortalize a trip! Thank you so much for everything! You have made us very happy and pleased!

Isabel B Reviewed August 04, 2016

We had a lovely morning with Caroline, who went way above and beyond to make sure we had lots of amazing photos to choose from. We appreciated the fact that she took us to some less obvious "touristy" spots, while also ensuring that we still had some iconic Paris backdrops.
She has a great eye for what makes a good picture and made us feel and look like models!

Eddie N Reviewed August 04, 2016

Our family had a wonderful time with Mabel. They were the best pictures we have ever had taken during our family vacations. Mabel was friendly, and an excellent photographer, and my wife especially is very please with the pictures of our family and especially our grand children.

Gerry M Reviewed July 26, 2016

Our family of four thoroughly enjoyed the 3-hour Localers photo shoot with photographer Olaf. It captured so many interesting memories for life. Highly recommended to everybody.

SHERYL D Reviewed July 25, 2016

Thank you so much for a wonderful time. We really enjoyed our Paris Photo Shoot with Mabel. She was lovely and super awesome! We'll definitely think of you guys when we come back to visit Paris again.

Anna R Reviewed July 18, 2016

Wonderful walking tour that goes by quickly. We had Mabel and she is a very interesting person who set up cool photo spots. The whole family enjoyed this activity and it was great getting photos of all of us and not using a selfie stick which never actuated the landscape!

Hossein G Reviewed July 15, 2016

We had Paris Photo shoot tour with Olaf. He was amazing and the photos came out great. My husband and I both loved the photos are VERY happy that we chose to do this. Olaf was a great person and we enjoyed talking to him and he was pretty open to going places that we liked more.
If you have 3 hours in Paris and would love to do something amazing, go for this! You'll never have a good photo in Louvre (without 20 people in it!), or a beautiful photo with Eiffel tower, without knowing where to take it to avoid other people photobombing you! It's an amazing tour and after doing it, you can just walk around in Paris without feeling the need to carry your camera around, because you already have amazing photos!! Thanks Olaf!!

Rhodora P Reviewed July 14, 2016

Hi - we enjoyed the photo shoot so much! Mabel was so nice and she made us really comfortable the entire time!

Mi'esha F Reviewed July 09, 2016

We really enjoyed our photoshoot with Mabel. She was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She gave us our photos immediately and we were floored with how well she captured our time together.

Amish A Reviewed July 06, 2016

Mabel was excellent! Even after reading all of the reviews I was a bit nervous! But she was on time professional and took amazing pictures. She did a great job of making us feel comfortable and asking us what we wanted! We ended up with about 380 pictures of which 30 are frame worthy! I would recommend anyone to do this! We only could do the photo session on a Sunday a quick email to the tour company got it setup at a convenient time! 5 stars!

mitzie l Reviewed July 02, 2016

Mabel was awesome! I felt I was walking thru Paris with a friend And took a ton of amazing shots while we enjoyed the morning!! I love every picture & would do it again if I had the chance. She gave me a little history as we walked and even talked about current events in Paris. The weather couldn't have been more perfect which made it even better! She is very professional & and easy to work with!! I highly recommend her!!

Mandy G Reviewed June 30, 2016

We had Olaf as our photographer. He was on time and very professional. He was really good with the kids. He took amazing pictures of our family. I keep looking at the pictures. He knew perfect location to take the pictures and showed us some hidden spots in Paris. He was so warm and kind and my 3 yr old daughter opened up to him. Localers was very professional and responded to my emails very quickly. From now on I will only book with Localers.


Sara N Reviewed June 29, 2016

Our photographer, Nyima, was amazing! He not only took great photos for us, he was a pleasure to tour the city with. Great guy! Couldn't recommend him enough!!

Seyed Hossein H Reviewed June 15, 2016

The tour was a surprise for my sweetheart in our honeymoon and was a fantastic day with lots of fun and joy together with Nyima, a really creative, talented, good-tempered, courteous and respectful artist.
I have not seen pictures yet because I am looking to find a converter and connect it to my PC. That was totally a great experience and is highly recommended to every one who wants to have a memorable moment recording by a professional photographer!

Robin P Reviewed May 22, 2016

Thank you - Mabel did a great job!

Jeevita R Reviewed May 14, 2016

Our photographer, Mabel made us feel at ease and comfortable. She was very professional and focused on shots we really wanted. During the photography we got to see places we weren't planning to go on. In addition, as we walked she told us the history and of buildings and places. Thank you localers on making this a wonderful experience.

Christina K Reviewed May 12, 2016

We had such a wonderful time on our Photo tour with Mabel. She made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed and was a pleasure to hang out with for the afternoon. Despite the unseasonably cold and rainy weather we were able to capture many wonderful memories and Mabel was able to coax so many smiles out of our 15 month old daughter. She is very talented and we will treasure the hundreds of photos we received at the end of our time together.

Shaun d Reviewed May 09, 2016

The photoshoot with Mabel was incredible. She is absolutely brilliant.

Ashlee H Reviewed April 27, 2016

Olaf was great!! He was very knowledgeable about the city and made our tour really enjoyable. We also LOVED the images he took. We got over 200 high quality pictures and we couldn't be happier. We would book through Localers, and book with Olaf, again in a heartbeat!

Irena B Reviewed April 27, 2016

I enjoyed a lot the photo Shoot! Mabel was an amazing person!

Rachel H Reviewed April 25, 2016

My husband and I did a photo shoot with Mabel and she was great. She really made me less nervous and I felt glamorous despite my self consciousness. The weather was great and we spent about 3 hours together and got over 450 pictures that we took home. We have over 50 that are frame-worthy. This was so important to us because we eloped a few years back and have no wedding photos.

I highly recommend this to anyone on a romantic vacation, it is really a treat to have professional photos instead of a bunch of selfies.

Reena H Reviewed April 18, 2016

Mabel did an amazing job with the shoot. She was very upbeat and was very attentive to our wants and needs. Her knowledge of the area was impeccable and her photography is fantastic! With an experience like this, I will be definitely booking a Localers tour again in the future.

Thanks Mabel!

SHALINI A Reviewed March 09, 2016

Mabel was really nice and took some great shots while we walked around the city. Definitely a great way to see such a beautiful and capture the memories. I would highly recommend this to visitors who want a unique experience. My fiancé and I really enjoyed it!

Dominique A Reviewed February 29, 2016

I had wanted a photo shoot in Paris for some time and I found Localers who offered pretty much the shoot I had imagined.
I am Parisian and I was leaving town so I wanted a shoot to immortalize my favorite spots.

Since it had been on my mind for so long and I know the city so well I was really particular about what I wanted. I was a bit concerned that they would be put off by all my demands.

But on the contrary everyone embraced me and was very interested in my ideas and worked towards fulfilling my expectations.
And even though it was a bit last minute and had a short time window for the shoot, I felt very welcome.

The shoot was great. It was a lot of fun. Mabel, my photographer is a great woman, really interesting and we really got along great which made the shoot so much easier. She was a trooper: we shot in January so it was pretty cold outside but she was really gracious about it.
She's an amazingly talented professional who got an incredible amount of absolutely gorgeous shots in the 3 hours of our tour.
The pictures are beautiful. She captured the essence of what I I wanted and immortalized MY Paris. I am thrilled with the result.
These are pictures of professional quality that I will be using to promote my work.

I would highly recommend that you work with Localers if you want beautiful memories of your Paris visit. You explore the city in a fun and intimate way and you get this incredible set of pictures of yourself.

It's really perfect.
And it's also an incredible value for the result and the experience.

Wear something nice (add layers if you're shooting in winter!), get a good night of sleep, bring your biggest smile and get ready for a good time and some great memories.

Krystina J Reviewed February 13, 2016

Mabel was amazing! My fiance and I were super nervous to do the shoot but we figured since we were in Paris, we might as well do our engagement photos while there! Mable was patient, easy going, kind and very easy to talk to. She was cheerful and upbeat even though we were slightly miserable since it was -5 degrees outside. She definitely kept the positive energy flowing, which we loved!! She made two awkward individuals, me and my fiance, feel comfortable and at ease and it certain shows in our photos! We were blown away by our photos as were all our family and friends. I would highly recommend the Localers and especially Mabel to anyone looking for stunning photos. Thanks Mabel!
-Krystina and Vince

Grace N Reviewed February 01, 2016

It was a good experience..
Mabel is a good photographer & really nice person, i can enjoy the photoshoot and had a conversation with her as a friend..
I like the way she gave directions about poses..
Localers is Very worth it if you want to have best quality holiday photos..
Merci Localers, Merci Beacoup Mabel!

Emily H Reviewed January 13, 2016

Our photo shoot tour with Mabel was fantastic and we were so happy with the photos. I'd like to pass on a huge thank you to Mabel for such a wonderful day and for her excellent art. We are so deeply appreciative and will recommend the tour and particularly Mabel as photographer to any friends coming to Paris. Please pass on our thanks!!

Kira O Reviewed January 05, 2016

There is one thing that comes mind when I think back to the tour...AMAZING! Fernanda Im looking through the photos now and WOW! Thank you for capturing these moments!

Kamini N Reviewed December 31, 2015

My Husband and I had a fantastic time this morning (30th Dec) for our photoshoot with Fernanda. She was amazing, patient and very nice. We felt at ease while she was Snapping and looking at the photographs now, we are definitely very pleased. Definitely no regrets booking with Localers team. Please convey our thanks and wishes to Fernenda.

Lacie R Reviewed December 30, 2015

Mabel was fantastic. We had a wonderful visit talking with her and seeing some beautiful parts of Paris. We were 40 minutes late as we had young children and our parking took longer than expected, but Mabel was still waiting for us in the cold - very cheerful and ready to begin. The pictures are incredible; Mabel captured moments that we will cherish forever. We were really impressed by how quickly she was able to edit the pictures. Thank you for this wonderful service and we look forward to recommending you to our friends.

Joanna M Reviewed December 29, 2015

Mabel was a very talented and down to earth photographer! We are so happy with our photos and will be printing some on canvas to remember our time in Paris. A must for anyone visiting Paris!!! I can't thank you enough:)

Beverly H Reviewed December 15, 2015

We had a great time with Fernanda. She is a great photographer and very personable.

Moises A Reviewed December 04, 2015

Nora was great. Great Pictures!

Neetu S Reviewed November 19, 2015

Our photographer (Olaf) was great. He gave us an insiders tour of Paris and took amazing photos too.

Inna G Reviewed November 05, 2015

It was such a great experience doing photo shoot with Olaf. He was nice and friendly, and funny, and trying to make me feel more relaxed. He also knows the city well, so ask him bunch of questions and you will not only have the beautiful photos but also a sightseeing tour. I love the photos I got. An overall great experience. Highly recommended!

Lalaine C Reviewed October 31, 2015

We really enjoyed our photoshoot with Mabel. The entire shoot lasted more than 2 hours but it went by pretty fast. Mabel was able to capture precious memories without forcing us to pose too much or act unnaturally in front of the camera. We are glad we booked this photoshoot and we were really lucky we had such a talented and amiable photographer assigned to take our shots. Our friends were totally impressed by the quality of pictures that we had and we only showed very few pictures out of the hundreds of pictures that Mabel took. Highly recommended!

David B Reviewed October 19, 2015

I had a great time with Fernanda. She was friendly, gave insightful information, and took great photos.

fariz k Reviewed October 16, 2015

Fernanda was absolutely charming and patient with our needs! We are so amazed with the end photos and it have since received so many compliments from our family and friends. Please extend our thanks and love to fernanda!

Bryan D Reviewed October 06, 2015

Some of the best photos I have ever had taken. The lady is a true professional and knows the city really well.

Deepak K Reviewed September 24, 2015

We'd booked this shoot for our wedding anniversary and on the day of the shoot the heavens opened and Paris had a deluge of rain. We arrived to meet Olaf in torrential rain and a bit concerned as to what photo's we'd be able to get as there was no sign of the rain stopping. Olaf suggested we meet again the next day due to the weather which turned out to be a great decision. The next day we had dry weather and managed to go through with the shoot as well as explore a different side of Paris. Olaf was very friendly and accomodating and his relaxed manner helped to put us at ease. He also knew some wonderful spots to get some different pictures which is where his local knowledge comes in useful. We're extremely happy with the photo's we received afterwards, Olaf did a wonderful job. Overall I'd highly recommend this tour to create a wonderful memory of your time in Paris and also Olaf for his photography skills and knowledge !

Michelle T Reviewed September 23, 2015

We really loved working with Fernanda! She was easy going, fun, cute, and really got us comfortable with her immediately. Loved all the shots she took. Can't wait to post them all!! We would love to work with your company and Fernanda again.

Melai C Reviewed September 16, 2015

Dear Localers Team,

Thank you so much for yesterday's shoot! We had fun! And we really, really love our photos! I can't believe the photos are readily available right after the shoot! :)

Please send our regards to Mabel. She's really amazing and talented. We've been very quiet but she made effort to keep us engaged. We'd definitely book you again when we go back to Paris. :)

With love,
Melai & Gerald

Wanda S Reviewed September 16, 2015

This was our 6th Localers tour, and like each of them, the experience and professionalism was well above our expectations! What a wonderful experience to see the beautiful sights in Paris and have a professional photographer capture each scene. Fernanda was delightful!! We loved every minute of it! As older tourists (59 and 72) we wondered if the photographer would be able to capture us as "youthful" and "romantic" and now we know! YES!! Our friends have already complimented us on both. Thank you for offering this wonderful experience! Can't wait until our next Localers' tour! Until next time!!

Felix S Reviewed September 16, 2015

We had Mabel during our Paris photo shoot. I must admit that even though I love pictures, the idea of having somebody follow us and do candid shots made me really worried. Mabel was really nice and made us feel comfortable. We were walking around Paris and she took a lot of pictures of us doing our own thing. Our last stop was the Eiffel Tower were my bf proposed. The pictures came out really nice and romantic. I will never forget this experience and thanks to Mabel for helping us preserve the memories of our trip to Paris as well as the proposal. - Phoebe & Felix

Pat M Reviewed September 14, 2015

It was our first evening in Paris after 8 hrs of flight and 6 hrs of time difference from Toronto.
Fernanda was warm and friendly. She was very skilled in directing our 9 year old daughter, whom I must say was very excited to be in Paris and had tremendous energy that evening.
My husband and I both reflected on the event and thought that Fernanda was a very patient photographer who took immense pride in her job. It was a joy talking with her. We would definitely recommend Fernanda to our family and friends and mostly would request her again if we were in Paris in the near future.
The pictures are absolutely stunning!! They truly show how incredibly talented Fernanda is. Thanks for the memories!!

Neha M Reviewed September 09, 2015

Dear Julie, Bruno and team Localers,

Thank you for the awesome pictures and making our first trip to Paris memorable forever :).

Bruno was a pro and has clicked a lot of amazing picture. People haven't stopped praising about the pictures since we uploaded them on social networking sites. Bruno also was a great guide to meet on our first day in Paris as he told us about the 'Must Visit' places in Paris. Thanks again.

We will definitely see you again during our next trip.


Robert R Reviewed September 03, 2015

An excellent way to capture your trip to Paris. Olaf was our photographer and he was excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city with him. He provided a lot of insights into Parisian life. Having professional quality pictures to remember your trip by is priceless.

Samantha P Reviewed August 25, 2015

We enjoyed the most magical, fantastic evening tour in Paris with Bruno! He was so easy to work with. We loved all the photos we received. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to capture their travel memories in Paris!

Sean H Reviewed August 20, 2015

I hired Localers to photograph my girlfriend and me on our trip to Paris where I planned to propose to her. Our tour guide Bruno was awesome. He was on time and easy to spot upon our arrival to our meeting point and gave us options on where we wanted our tour to go. He and I spoke privately in advance of the tour as to the best spot to pop the question and he captured the moment perfectly. He provided us with great commentary as we traveled the sites as well as recommending other places to visit during our trip.Upon finishing the tour Bruno gave us the photo card with over 500 pictures which we were free to then edit and post as we saw fit. We will definitely use Localers again either privately our with a group and I highly recommend having a photographer capture your trip to a city as beautiful as Paris. Selfies are fun but capturing the whole scene to a much better option for a special occasion. Great job Localers, you made a special day even more special.

Diba D Reviewed August 08, 2015

Hello all,
Me and my husband, both are mesmerized by the pictures shot by this amazing lady - Mabel..Her professionalism and down to earth nature impressed us from the start..She arrived exactly on time and helped us with what, where and how to shoot the pictures..the photo shoot started with us being rather stiff but she made each photograph work..Mabel kept us motivated with her words of encouragement and her energy never went down the entire shoot..stunning shots and several locations later we ended up at the Eiffel tower. Her efforts paid off huge and we now have wonderful shots of us in Paris at the many locations selected by her..We are very happy and wish her the best in all her future endeavors..Thank you Mabel and Localers for making this possible..

Nicole M Reviewed August 08, 2015

All the family enjoyed the phoot shoot very much. Mabel showed us many beautiful spots and took gorgeous family shoots

Tammy E Reviewed August 05, 2015

Mabel was absolutely the best! We fell in love with her instantly! She was so professional and yet very personable and the pictures are priceless! We feel blessed that Mabel was our photographer and would recommend her to anyone.

Caroline S Reviewed July 30, 2015

Bonjour Localers.... I loved our photo tour with Bruno... He is a terrific and superbly talented guy... He made us feel comfortable ... Hope to meet u all again... Merci..

Katie R Reviewed July 28, 2015

We loved our photo tour with Fernanda! She was so wonderful to spend a morning with walking around the city. She made my husband and I feel very comfortable throughout the entire secession. We are so thankful we took the time to do a photo tour to capture so many memories in this beautiful city. Thank you Fernanda!

María G Reviewed July 28, 2015

It was a nice experience. Fernanda was very nice and professional, and the pictures she took are beautiful!

Nira S Reviewed July 27, 2015

Prisca was fabulous! Her eye for detail is amazing and we couldn't have asked for more perfect pictures!!! :)

Bianca S Reviewed July 23, 2015

She was wonderful, very nice person. I have a new friend in Paris. My pictures are amazing. I have beautiful souvenir for my family. Thanks a lot for this great experience. I was a model for one day in Paris :) Thank you Mabel.

Douglas G Reviewed July 18, 2015

We loved the entire experience! Bruno was wonderfully patient and expertly guided our family to locations throughout the city which made a perfect backdrop to the photos. He is obviously very talented - the photos turned out beautifully! We are so thankful for his time and talent - we would highly recommend this tour!

Suzanne M Reviewed July 10, 2015

Thank you so much for today. We really enjoyed it!

Dhivya S Reviewed July 07, 2015

We met Romain and had a wonderful photo shoot with him. Thanks a lot for all the help.

Alica K Reviewed July 07, 2015

I have completed my photoshoot with Bruno. I have to share this - he is totally good!

Bruno is suggestive in helping us how to pose and provide guidance. With the crazy me, I've gone to various extent of climbing, dancing, spinning, buying ice cream etc. He is great and has the initiative to capture little moments, expressions and our progress to get a pose fix up. Now when I look back, I laugh at my photos and remember how silly I was. (Ha ha!)

When I was getting an ice cream, Bruno caught the happy, excited little girl expression in me (because I love ice cream) though the reflection of the glass ice cream bar. (Oh my, I love this shot!)

I can't stop describing how good my session was. And I really hope localers will have more photographers like him and extend out to more areas in Europe.

Chandra R Reviewed June 29, 2015

Our photo shoot with Fernanda was the best souvenir we could ever bring back from Paris. We had fun, saw new sites and now have the most spectacular professional pictures of our trip. At the very end she was open to one particular shot we envisioned at a typical Parisian cafe and it turned out even better than we expected. We topped off our adventure with a cup of caffe with Fernanda, exchanging personal stories, as she worked her magic on her iPad and then handed us the memory card with all our pictures. It was the best money we spent on any special excursion or event. We highly recommend Localers. So professional and worth every penny.

Courtney P Reviewed June 29, 2015

Prisca was absolutely wonderful! She was kind, personable, and professional. We visited so many locations and received wonderful photos. I would HIGHLY recommend this experience!

Sim H Reviewed June 19, 2015

We had a fun and enjoyable time with Nyima. He took beautiful, nice and natural shots of my family despite my 3 active boys. My children enjoyed themselves thoroughly until they do not want uncle Nyima to leave!!!!

Brent B Reviewed June 17, 2015

The staff at the Localers were super helpful leading up to the selected photo shoot day including suggestions to move the shoot time to accommodate a passing thunderstorm!

My wife, 8 month old son and I had the pleasure of meeting Olaf for a photo shoot in Paris in May 2015. Olaf is very friendly, professional and easygoing. He knows Paris very well and is flexible on shooting locations and style. Doing anything with an eight month old has its challenges but this was definitely not one of them. The pics are awesome and will be great memories for us.

linda n Reviewed June 09, 2015

This was an outstanding tour! Fernanda was excellent - one of the absolute best activities we have had.

Dagny V Reviewed June 09, 2015

We booked a photo shoot for 9 people for a bachelorette party. The girls were really enthusiastic. They really enjoyed the photo shoot.

Michelle S Reviewed June 09, 2015

Photoshoot with Fernanda was the highlight of our trip! We had so much fun with her, the photos are beautiful and she was able to capture so many special moments in this enchanting city. She also helped us pose and look natural. After we uploaded some on FB, many of our friends were amazed and captivated.

Bruno C Reviewed May 10, 2015 CL

This tour was definitely worth it! Bruno was our guide and photographer, and he did a great job at balancing the time spent on posed photos, candid shots and knowledge sharing. We were very pleased with the photos - he captured many happy, natural moments in a picturesque city, and while we will probably adjust the exposure / crop of a few shots, we were pleasantly surprised at how many perfect ones there were. Thanks for a memorable afternoon!

Sheryll N Reviewed April 25, 2015 US

We had so much fun at our walking tour & photo shoot! Olaf was great and was very patient with all of us. I truly believe that my daughter is now Olaf's favorite model! This will always be memorable to all of us - my mother, myself and my daughter. I am so glad we did this while in a Paris!

Rafael M Reviewed April 12, 2015 US

She was really amazing! My girlfriend wasn't too sure about the idea of me getting a photographer because shes really shy. Mabel told us, just be yourself and pretend that it's only me and my gf for some shots. After taking some great shots on all locations, towards the end, next to the Eiffel tower, I proposed to my now fiance, and Mabel went beyond and took very nice shots. Will recommend her!

DWI H Reviewed April 11, 2015 ID

Bruno is kind, my parents liked him so much ..
Thank you for your nice shoot Bruno, hope see you again ..

Willy T Reviewed April 08, 2015 PH

Fernanda was very professional and makes us feel at ease during the photoshoot. Even though it was raining, there was still enough places to do the shoot. Our group age ranges from 76 years old - 11 years old and everyone was very appreciative of Fernanda and her professionalism Thank you for making our vacation a once in a lifetime experience.

Mimi C Reviewed March 26, 2015 HK

Bruno was great! Very chill and easy. If it wasn't so cold that morning, we would have lasted the entire shoot :) Thank you. Would do this again and would definitely recommend it.

Katrina Gay T Reviewed March 12, 2015 PH

We are so happy to find a group like Localers. A photo shoot in
Paris was the keepsake we could have on this 10 year wedding anniversary
trip. Our guide and photographer Ula was warm, friendly and made us feel
comfortable with the shoot. We went to the places as described in the photo
shoot package. Ula was quick & efficient, making sure she got the great spots
on each place we went. Will definitely recommend to friends!

Linda N Reviewed March 11, 2015 US

This was an outstanding tour! Fernanda was excellent - one of the absolute best activities we have had.

Gurjinder B Reviewed March 01, 2015 GB

I booked this experience as a gift for my wife and despite reading all the reviews, I still wasn't sure how it would be. I cannot recommend this service enough. We are absolutely delighted with our pictures, they have out beautifully. They are definitely professional and the imagination behind them, knowledge of where and how the pics have been taken is quality.
Onto our photographer, Mabel.....she was incredible from the minute she greeted us to the minute we left her. At no point did we ever feel under pressure to rush and she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. Mabel clearly loves her job and this showed throughout the entire experience.
All in all, a 10 out of 10 day - cannot recommend this and Mabel highly enough.

Lauren M Reviewed February 19, 2015 US

We loved our tour and our photos! Thank you, Bruno!

Tereza P Reviewed February 03, 2015 SE

We are very happy to have chosen The Localers Team for organizing our wedding photo shoot in Paris. I want to mention that everything was successful despite the fact that the photoshooting took place in winter time. Everything was done to make us feel comfortable. Team members always take into consideration your ideas, wishes and try to be as flexible as possible. Our photographer, Bruno was a real master. He knows Paris well, he guides you through the best sites, tells the history and shoots at the same time, he does not push about time and makes you enjoy the whole photoshooting. Back home i expected to choose few good photos but it turned out all of them were perfect.
I highly recommend the Localers for people who value quality. Paris is the city of wonders, one needs to capture and explore it in safe hands.
With love Tereza and Ara

Milan K Reviewed January 25, 2015 US

This was a phenomenal experience. Mabel was a great photographer as well as a very enjoyable and knowledgeable companion for our walk about Paris. We had a fantastic afternoon and the pictures we ended up with were amazing! Worth every single penny. Thank you!!!

Megan H Reviewed January 07, 2015 US

Olaf was incredible! He made us feel comfortable and spent so much time taking us to the best spots and telling us about Paris. Our photo shoot was hands down the best thing we did in Paris. It was so neat getting to talk to someone that was worldly and so knowledgeable about the city and passionate about photography.

Rebekah K Reviewed January 05, 2015 US

My husband and I had an amazing time shooting with Mabel. We are thrilled with the pics we have and have already recommended Localers to friends and family.

Michael Z Reviewed January 03, 2015 US

We had a wonderful experience with Mabel. She was very friendly and really put us at ease while getting some wonderful photos of us. She shared a lot of interesting information and the photo tour was the perfect way to begin our trip to Paris.

Suzie K Reviewed December 22, 2014 AE

Caroline was great. Very accommodating & willing to try some different shots. We are very pleased with her photos and highly recommend her.

Suzie Kainer

Elene P Reviewed December 13, 2014 SG

Localers' service was exceptional. There was a little hiccup but it was resolved immediately and we were very happy with all the shots! Thank you Bruno and Mabel for sharing information of the different place besides taking our pictures!

Michaela H Reviewed December 11, 2014 AU

Feranda, was fabulous!!! So kind, patience, friendly, easy going and high recommend the tour. Wonderful time talking and photos and a great time. I must do tour.

Michaela H Reviewed December 11, 2014 AU

Feranda, was fabulous!!! So kind, patience, friendly, easy going and high recommend the tour. Wonderful time talking and photos and a great time. A must do tour.

Sian R Reviewed December 09, 2014 Australia

Amazing! Caroline is very talented at what she does and we loved doing the shoot with her! Thank you! I will highly recommend you guys to any of my friends who are traveling to Paris!

Nicole N Reviewed December 08, 2014 US

Bruno was lovely - very kind and interesting, not pushy.

Joan Carmel H Reviewed December 04, 2014 SG

Localers, sorry it has taken me too long to write this review. I have nothing but good words for Localers. I booked the Dark Side of Paris tour with Corey, who is such an amazing guide. I don’t like the traditional tours where you ride a tour bus and stop for photo ops, that’s not my thing. I was so happy when I found out about Localers. They provide walking tours. The night tour with Corey was so much fun and interesting. It was like having a friend touring me around Paris and telling me about the the mysteries that happened centuries ago. The following day, my brother and I was scheduled for the Photo shoot tour with Ula. My brother is not used to smiling for the camera and I am so happy that Ula made him (and me) very comfortable. We didn’t just talk about Paris, but we talked about other things, life and stuff, which made the whole tour fun and very comfy. Ula is so good at what she does, the raw photos don’t need retouching. I’m so happy I booked these tours. It made my trip to Paris even more special. Two most enthusiastic thumbs up! I will definitely book a (or more) tour with them the next time I visit Paris. Merci beacoup

Lauren G Reviewed December 03, 2014 US

Bruno was fantastic!!! I loved our special visit for my daughters sweet 16
I have copied the brochure and have sent it to many friends! Looking at the pictures bring tears. Good tears.

Ryan M Reviewed November 27, 2014 US

This is at least 10-stars! We enjoyed both our day & night photo tours with Mabel very much! She is such a talented photographer with a terrific personality. The pictures turned out phenomenal & we really could not have asked for a better experience. Lucy has also been so helpful from the backend answering questions. :) Thank you for offering these tours-- the photos and memories will be treasured forever!

Elizabeth m Reviewed November 25, 2014 US

Overall a very good experience and would recommend this photo shoot to anyone. However, allowing more "posing" in front of the camera would had give us more nicer photos. Fernanda was very nice and showed us some nice areas of Paris. My recommendation is to give a few minutes to understand what the people wants and then agree to a happy medium. (If the person like to pose, then allow more of this ). Also, 3 hours might be way too much time. We did, Trocadero, Louvre, Palace, and still had some time left. I do recommend the photoshoot to others.

Sonia A Reviewed November 24, 2014 US

My husband and I were in Paris for our honeymoon and thought it would be fun to get some professional shots around the city as a keepsake for the trip. Mabel was our photographer, and not only did she take 350+ fantastic photos, she also gave us bits of history and interesting facts about the places we visited along the way. We were very happy with her shooting style and had a great time with her throughout the session. We would highly recommend Mabel to anyone looking for a one of a kind experience!

GENEBIE S Reviewed November 19, 2014 AE

Thank you so much! Fernanda is more than great. I loved the outcome of the shoots. Totally worth it. When come back i won't hesitate or even having second thoughts to book from you guys. Regards to Fernanda.
Thank you again. I will recommend these to all
My friends and also my clients since I'm a travel consultant in Dubai most of our local clients travel to Paris every summer.

Jacqueline D Reviewed November 08, 2014 US

Mabel is a really sweet woman and took amazing photos. My friends and family loved the pictures. I enjoyed spending time with her.

Kasheena G Reviewed October 24, 2014 US

Bruno was a wonderful guide and photographer. We really enjoyed learning about some of the historical buildings and sites. We would recommend your services to all our friends and family who visit Paris.

Nooreen B Reviewed October 15, 2014 CA

I'm so glad we made the decision to book a photoshoot with Localers. The photos are just incredible - so far beyond what I expected. Bruno was fantastic and so great to work with, he made us feel so comfortable and was an awesome photographer. We were so impressed with the photos and cannot stop looking at them!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Localers and Bruno for making our trip to Paris so memorable.

Daisy C Reviewed October 09, 2014 USA

We had wonderful experience with Mabel. Not only photo shoot but every moment with Mabel was great! On time, patience, passionate, easy going. Good service! Please keep doing it!!

Maria P Reviewed October 08, 2014 CA

Our experience with Mabel was great. We weathered some rain that morning, but the resulting photos were sweet. I always say if you walk away from professional photos with a handful that speak to you, it went well, and we have a few great ones to fondly remember our first anniversary in Paris.

Leen B Reviewed October 03, 2014 UAE

It was such a great experience !! Thanks for Assigning Fernanda for this photo shoot. Besides, Paris is an amazing city to get great photos!

Isabelle I Reviewed September 27, 2014 USA

Mabel was fantastic! Within a few minutes we felt very comfortable doing our photo shoot! She has a great personality, smart, also gave us a great history lesson along the way. I would highly recommend Mabel to anyone!

Himanshu S Reviewed September 27, 2014 UK

It was a lovely experience. Fernanda is a very nice and friendly person. She was very patient and adjusting.The pictures have come out very well. A big thanks to her. We will definitely recommend this to our friends.

Nicole K Reviewed September 27, 2014 Switzerland

The photo shooting with Fernanda was amazing, the weather was nice and the photos are very good.
Fernanda is really a very sympathetic and nice person, my friends and I really enjoyed the tour with her.

Scott C Reviewed September 26, 2014 Canada

Olaf was great and very personable. His knowledge of the area was very informative and the pictures turned out wonderfully (over 300 photos!). I would highly recommend him.

Jodie P Reviewed September 25, 2014 Australia

Mabel was lovely. She asked us many questions, wanting to get to know us which was really nice. Mabel made us really comfortable and this showed in the photos, laughing and talking to each other making them look so natural. The whole afternoon was so much fun and we really enjoyed it.The photos she took were absolutely amazing and we are so happy with them. I would definitely recommend it to anyone coming to Paris and wanting to get some good quality photos and lasting memories.

Bryan M Reviewed September 23, 2014 Canada

Our photo shoot couldn't have gone better. We were thrilled with Mabel.

Terry H Reviewed September 21, 2014 AU

Our Paris photo shoot with Mabel was fantastic beyond our expectations. Mabel was very warm and engaging with the family and explained all the sites with some terrific photos. Thanks again.

Michael N Reviewed August 28, 2014 US

Fernanda was excellent. She was very friendly and knowledgeable - both about the photogenic locations and with her knowledge and skill of photography. We got tons and tons of amazing photos with her guidance. I am a photographer also so I know when someone knows their stuff. Very happy with the service and the value…would definitely use you guys and Fernanda again.

Julia R Reviewed August 28, 2014 UK

The Photo Shoot with Fernanda was absolutely wonderful and so highly professional. We really enjoyed it so much and got the most lovely experience that it could be imagined.

Volodymyr G Reviewed August 23, 2014 UA

Merci beaucoup for the exciting walk and great photos! I really enjoyed everything very much! I am delighted to have had an opportunity to talk to the very nice guy, to take a look at the beautiful (and some secret) streets of the Paris and to bring home cool pictures :)

Yumhee P Reviewed August 21, 2014 US

My friend and I had an unforgettable experience on our photography tour with Ula/Mabel. Firstly, she is incredibly professional, talented with a great and easy going personality that made us very comfortable. We were laughing the entire time and Ula/Mabel was such a pleasure to talk to and get to know. Secondly, the pictures were beautiful. We're so pleased with them. I have to say that this a must-do when you're in Paris and would love to see this service be implemented in other cities. I think what made me really enjoy this service is the fact that it was both professional and well-done while still being very affordable. I'm going to recommend anybody going to Paris with a friend, family, or somebody who just wants to remember their times in Paris this service and especially with Ula/Mabel.

Raquel N Reviewed August 20, 2014 UK

We had a great time with Mabel and are very satisfied with the photos. She was also very good with our five year old, she enjoyed it so much!

Jason A Reviewed August 17, 2014 US

Bruno was great. There was a closure at the train station and he came and found me. In my very limited time in Paris he showed me a lot, took me to great photo locations and taught me a lot about the city's history.

Samar A Reviewed August 16, 2014 AE

Our tours with your team were beyond spectacular ! Ula made our photoshoot so much fun with her free spirit. If we ever come to Paris again, Localers is definitely our go-to guide to the city!

Chung B Reviewed August 10, 2014 CA

It is definitely not an exaggeration to say that having Mabel to do the shooting for us has been the most well-spent money in my life.
I initially was just hoping a professional photographer to take some okay pictures in Paris, our favourite city, for us so I can be included in the photos. In the past, I, the father, was always the one taking the pictures and there would only be my wife and daughter in 99% of the photos, except the rare ones with 3 of in the pictures taken by some kind passers-by: which almost guaranteed to be out of focus or poorly positioned. I was thinking that if we were lucky, there would be one or two good pictures with decent quality which we could make them bigger and hang on the wall.
I did not have okay pictures. I did not have one or two pictures with good quality.
I now have A LOT of beautiful pictures with professional standard and we are having hard time to decide on which great pictures to hang on the wall!
Mabel was super friendly. She made my shy 3 years old relaxed and showed great smile in the pictures. She knows where and how to take great pictures and we cannot be happier. Too bad that the daily rain in Paris almost ruined our trip but just looking at the pictures make the trip worthwhile.
We cannot be happier.

Mike M Reviewed August 07, 2014 USA

The tour was awesome, we're still enjoying / sorting / sending out / posting all of the great shots Ula took for our friends and family! It all went off perfectly and she was VERY surprised. Ula got some awesome action shots ofthe moment as well and we were both VERY pleased with the whole day and experience! After the tour, Ula gave us some great recommendations and spots to go to celebrate, and made sure we had an easy time finding our way back to our apartment. Really - a total 5-star experience. Thanks so much for providing such a stellar day, we'll never forget it!

Sharlene a Reviewed August 05, 2014 USA

We loved Bruno and had a lovely time! We'll be very keen to look at our photos when we get back home.

stan a Reviewed August 02, 2014 NZ

We had a wonderful time on the photo shoot! Ula was so sweet and lots of fun. We can't wait to get home and look through the pictures. I will definitely recommend this tour to friends visiting the city. Thanks for the great memories!

Stacy C Reviewed July 31, 2014 Canada

We had a great time walking, talking and taking photos with Carin. I can't see the photos until we get home and I put the card in my card reader. Carin is absolutely lovely.

Gabrielle D Reviewed July 25, 2014 NZ

Sorry for the late reply, I just got back home yesterday from our Europe tour.We enjoyed the photoshoot very much, we got some very good photo's. Megan was great as well, we enjoyed her a lot.

dilshad D Reviewed July 24, 2014 Australia

Overall the photo shoot was wonderful.
Ludgero was on time and casual. I think when you'll match the photographers with the background of people wanting the shoots...that is a very good idea. As we were all from Australia, it was very easy to converse with him throughout the shoot. It helped my husband feel completely relaxed!

mayur d Reviewed July 23, 2014 India

The shoot was really good and we loved ULA:).
Give her our regards - our marriage date is fixed on 23th Janurary in India ( Mumbai).
Invitation to the Localers Team travelling to Mumbai on those dates is open:).

Ahsley G Reviewed July 19, 2014 USA

I hope you got my email about Carin and how fabulous she was and how happy we were after that day and how AMAZING her photos are! We will definitely send you a few for your facebook page should you still want to use them.

Rupi G Reviewed July 15, 2014 Malaysia

We had an awesome time in Paris, and loved working with Bruno on the photo shoot! He was wonderful :)

megan g Reviewed July 13, 2014 USA

Thank you for the email. I was actually going to write something in your Facebook page. We had a really positive and lovely experience. Ula was amazing, she was really good at making us feel relaxed and made it fun. She was exceptional. I would highly recommend this tour to others. I just can wait to get home so I can look at the photos. :)
Megan and Clyde :)

Anita G Reviewed July 12, 2014 India

There was some confusion finding each other in morning but after we met I was pleased to have made booking with you guys.He is a good guide as well. Pass on my hello to him and my thanks too

maribell g Reviewed July 07, 2014 Mexico

Amazing!! Perfect, kind and great photographer couldn't ask for more. great expierence, saludos!! maribell

kelly h Reviewed July 06, 2014 USA

We absolutely LOVED the photo shoot. My husband enjoyed it, so it is not just for the gals! If any of our friends were to visit Paris, we would highly recommend. My favorite photo was the one of our hands. Many of my friends commented on the cool picture!

Justin H Reviewed July 05, 2014 USA

My parents loved the photo tour and talking with Ula! Our father is still talking about how much he learned about photography from her.

Fatma J Reviewed July 01, 2014 Kuwait

My photoshoot with Ludgero was perfect.He was professional in time and pictures were amazing. Loved it and for sure I will book every time I come to France.

anamarie k Reviewed June 29, 2014 USA

Our photo shoot with Bruno went very well! We were very pleased with our photos. It was a very hot day and he made us look much better than we felt. Bruno was very friendly and professional, and gave us a lot of information about the monuments around Paris. We will definitely recommend Localers to anyone traveling to France!

Thank you for your great service.

Kelvin K Reviewed June 28, 2014 Canada

We absolutely loved our time with Rachael. It was our first time in Paris and Rachael was our first contact to be introduced to your beautiful city. It was the perfect tour to start our vacation in Paris. We really enjoyed the photo's that Rachael took of us, they will be memories that we will cherish for a life time. Rachael gave us many recommendations that were very helpful in our stay in Paris including restaraunts, and how to get around the Metro. Please send her a Big Hello for us and let her know that her pictures turned out fantanstic !!! We have viewed them over and over leaving us feeling warm about Paris.

Lineshree M Reviewed June 27, 2014 UK

The experience I had with Bruno was absolutely fantastic.

Kristy K Reviewed June 26, 2014 Australia

Bruno was great - we really enjoyed getting a French person's perspective of the city. It was also nice to have some photos together. The tour was maybe a tiny bit long, just because of the amount of walking and also it can be tiring being photographed for that long haha. But we really loved it and had a lot of fun with Bruno.

Ray L Reviewed June 22, 2014 USA

The photo shoot was awesome and Fernanda was incredible.

amy l Reviewed June 21, 2014 Singapore

Bruno! we loved the photos!! They came out fantastic and we had a wonderful time exploring Paris. What a great idea to combine a walking tour and photography session. We now have wonderful photos to remind us of our amazing Paris trip. Thank you!

dennis l Reviewed June 20, 2014 Australia

We met Ludgero and from the first moment, we were very comfortable with him. Possibly the fact he has lived in Australia helped a lot, as we had much in common to chat about as we walked from site to site. Ludgero was very professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him, especially Australian visitors would enjoy his company while taking the photos. We will process the photos when we get back to Australia.

karim m Reviewed June 17, 2014 EAU

Our time with Ludgero was excellent and he was an absolute pleasure to spend time with! He was super friendly, and very accommodating. We'll take a look at our pictures when we get back to Vancouver later this week as we are unable to view the at present without the card reader.

Saba M Reviewed June 15, 2014 USA

Absolutely wonderful shoot, Bruno was super nice and we had a very pleasant experience. The pictures turned out gorgeous. Loved it and would highly recommend it to all our friends.

Jennifer M Reviewed June 14, 2014 USA

We appreciate so much everyone working to resolve the unexpected situation that arose. I hope that Rachael turned up and is okay.
Our pictures turned out great and we are so happy we were still able to have our tour!

Amanda M Reviewed June 10, 2014 USA

It was fantastic and Carin was lovely and very helpful. We really enjoyed it!!

mercedes m Reviewed June 09, 2014 USA

Ula is AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable and fun. She also took some beautiful pictures. I had no clue I would get so may awesome pictures – or should I say works of art.
It was indeed worth the monetary and time investment. It made my birthday one of the best ever.
Thank you for helping me to make it work on such short notice. I am ever-grateful.

Karen M Reviewed June 08, 2014 Canada

We had a great tour with Bruno!

Andrea M Reviewed June 08, 2014 Canada

Meg was very nice and great with our girls. It was a very easy excursion. She gave us some good tips and even made our reservation for us for dinner. Very helpful! We had hoped she would also be a little on the "guide" side with more French history but nonetheless found her to be delightful. If clients are hoping for a led tour with facts and history, it is not. Enjoyable, yes!

Tiffany & Van N Reviewed June 07, 2014 USA

We recently got back home to the United States and I have now been able to look through all the pictures that Enguerran took of us (~500 photos). Our experience with Enguerran was Great! I could not have been more pleased with the photos. Enguerran definitely is great at his profession. He also gave us a very thorough tour with explanations behind the history of each site. The pictures & experience are great memories for us. By the way, I am so glad that we reschedule the date b/c the weather ended up being perfect the day of our photo shoot. J'adore Paris!!! Until next time.....

cynthia o Reviewed June 03, 2014 South Africa

Our tour with Ula was fantastic! We were all so impressed by her and it was a lot of fun having our photos taken. Please give her our warm regards and thank her again for being so flexible and patient with us.
We will definitely tell our friends about localers and hope to visit your beautiful city again soon :)

Caroline O Reviewed June 01, 2014 USA

It was fantastic. Even though it decided to pour rain, Ula was still excited to take our pictures and she was such a trooper. Ula really was the sweetest. We loved every minute of it. And we are loving going through all of the pictures now!

amy p Reviewed May 31, 2014 India

We LOVED it! It was so nice to see parts of Paris we would probably would never have seen without Bruno. He had a lot of great tips on places to eat or to go see on our own. We loved the cookies from Laura Todd that he got us and the Sd card in the ring box was just an adorable touch. I will definitely recommend you to my friends in the future! I will post a review to tripadvisor when I get the chance.

Phi P Reviewed May 29, 2014 China

. Bruno was AMAZING! We enjoyed the tour very much and would recommend it to anyone visiting Paris! We can wait to see the pictures as we don't have a laptop with us. We will give you and Bruno an excellent review on Trip Advisor when we return home.Ciao!

Jamie R Reviewed May 28, 2014 Australia

Hello, we had a great time with Ludgero. He was very personable and we are very happy with the variety of photos he took. The photo tour was a great way to get to the highlights of Paris. Thank you for this tour offering. It's a wonderful service!

Vanessa S Reviewed May 27, 2014 USA

Ula did an amazing job and was so very easy to get a long with! We immediately felt comfortable and very relaxed with Ula. The pictures are romatic and exactly what we imagined them to be! Honestly we could not have asked for a more perfect day and exquisite photographer! Thank you so much ULA!!!!

tatiana s Reviewed May 22, 2014 Russia

It was amazing! We had a great time with Ula!

debbie s Reviewed May 20, 2014 Uk

Ula was an excellent guide! We had a wonderful time with her and she really was amazing! She made our experience memorable, comfortable and so very enjoyable!

Mark S Reviewed May 18, 2014 USA

Ludgero was excellent. We are very happy with the photos and had a great time on the tour.

suzanne s Reviewed May 17, 2014 Canada

It went really well. Bruno was delightful, on time, and professional. We really enjoyed our walk. Looks like we got some good photos too--just haven't had time to view them yet. So glad our friend recommended it !

lara s Reviewed May 14, 2014 Australia

Ludgero was wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed our photo tour. I will be sure to recommend Localers via Yelp and Trip Advisor when we return home. Great experience!

Bobbie T Reviewed May 12, 2014

We had a terrific time with Meg. She is a lovely young woman and had lots of patience with us. She had some wonderful ideas for photo shots. We loved how she embraced our ideas and was able to show us non-touristy locations. A beautiful young woman with lots of personality! We loved her!

Sidra T Reviewed May 09, 2014 USA

We loved the tour!! Carin was great. We viewed the photos on my husbands camera today and they turned out really great!!! Thank you!!! Good value for sure. Ill write a more detailed review on tripadvisor when I get back home. Even my husband- who usually hates this stuff and originally thought it was going to be a waste of money enjoyed the photo tour. Only wish the Louvre had less people there so we got to take more photos haha.

Wendy U Reviewed May 08, 2014 Canada

We had an amazing time yesterday with Carin. It was freezing but she made it so much fun that we didn't even mind. Even my kids asked me today if Miss Carin could hang out with us again today :) I downloaded the pictures already and there are so many favorites. I can't thank you (and Carin) enough for offering this service. I really think its going to be one of our favorite memories of our time here in Paris!

tania V Reviewed May 05, 2014 USA

Hi! We loved it, everyhting was very good and he was a very good guide and photographer.

Kate Z Reviewed May 04, 2014 Singapore

It was such a lovely experience that anyone, no matter he/she has walked the path before, will certainly adore and enjoy this accompanied time. If there is something that you know is hard to forget, I believe this will one of them. As for the pictures, I would only say that there were very very few times that I had such delicate photos taken, so please pass along my appreciations to Bruno for his efforts to make this 3-hour tour "a walk to remember". And the surprise? I loved it!

Deep G Reviewed April 30, 2014 Denmark

Our Photo shoot were amazing. Ula was very nice and friendly with us. She made our trip memorable.

John H Reviewed April 29, 2014 USA

I can't tell you how how happy we are about our experience with Ula. Her pictures were amazing! And she was by far the best guide I hired on my trips to Barcelona and Paris this last week. Super friendly, funny, and just a great person. When any of my friends go to Paris I will definitely recommend Localers

Mari R Reviewed April 27, 2014 USA

The photoshoot was a lot of fun and Bruno was really great! He took great photos and we are very happy with them. The brief history of some of the sites were great but as far as the photo shoot itself, we wished he had advised on some poses/be more creative with them as there were a lot of duplicates and same poses. Otherwise, a great day! Many thanks

Irving B Reviewed April 20, 2014 Philippines

We had a great time with Luis. Great photos too! We would like to thank you for this wonderful experience.

Luuk K Reviewed April 15, 2014 USA

The photo tour was great and Ula was fun to hang out with! And most important: her photos are awesome! Nice light, composition, nice spots, we are very happy with the result. So make sure you keep her as one of your photo tour guides/photographers, cause she is great!

Silvija P Reviewed April 14, 2014 USA

We had a very pleasant tour with Ula and we are more then satisfied with the pictures, they are truly amazing :))

Carey L Reviewed April 11, 2014 Singapore

Photo shoot with Ula was awesome!

Sabina Q Reviewed April 10, 2014 Australia

We had a nice and fun walk around Paris which resulted in more then 400 pictures!

George C Reviewed April 06, 2014 Australia

Bruno is a legend and the photos he took are a awesome. We couldn't ask for any better. I am so impressed with his knowledge of Paris and efforts on a cold rainy horrible day.

Heather C Reviewed March 31, 2014 USA

Ula was FANTASTIC!! She had a wonderful personality and was so easy to be around. She made the photo shoot! We are so glad she was our photographer.

Bryanna B Reviewed March 28, 2014 USA

Bruno was a wealth of knowledge, and gave us many interesting fact about the places we saw. The photos are beautiful. Bruno captured wonderful memories for us. I am very pleased.
I would highly recommend this tour!!

Marie N Reviewed March 20, 2014 USA

It is our first visit to Paris and not only did we learn something new, we also have amazing photos to remember this very beautiful city. Ula was great with my son because she was just so positive happy it made him very happy and relaxed and willing to take photos for hours without complaining.

Sudipta B Reviewed March 17, 2014 USA

Ula was personable, professional, and pleasant. She found the perfect balance of engaging with us to make us comfortable and of allowing the tour to be personal and a truly family experience. Ula captured such great moments -- and our personalities! All the photos are beautifully composed by an artist's eye. The next time we are in Paris, this is definitely an experience we will want to repeat!

Kamron S Reviewed March 16, 2014 USA

Our photo shoot with Ula was unforgettable. She was a joy to work with, great personality, made us feel welcome in an unknown city. We have photos of once in a lifetime moments that were captured perfectly. We sincerely thank you!

Lisa Y Reviewed March 05, 2014 USA

It's been a delight to have Ula for our photo shoot. She was warm, friendly and accommodative to our requests. We just reviewed the photos and they were beautiful.

Pamela S Reviewed March 04, 2014 USA

Bruno was EXCELLENT! We loved the tour so much. The little surprise at the end was a very nice touch! We will definitely recommend your tour!

Aaron B Reviewed February 26, 2014 USA

The photoshoot was awesome such as Ula!!!

Alexandra O Reviewed February 16, 2014 USA

I was really satisfied about my photo shoot with ula. She was very friendly, professional and made a lot of awesome pictures. And on top she explained a lot about Paris. Agreat thanks to her for such nice 3 hours in paris!

Alice V Reviewed February 15, 2014 USA

Our photoshoot was great!! Bruno is a very nice and easy-going person, and he shot almost 600 photos of us. We've been through the first few and they're looking great. Also, it was great to see Paris "behind the scenes"- we've been to places that, as a standard tourist, you would never see. Absolutely no negative remarks, and would definitively book with you again!

Gemma M Reviewed February 12, 2014 USA

They're amazing! We are utterly blown away by how many 'good shots' there are of us both but your pictures are just perfect. Bruno, you have such a talent. We really enjoyed our tour with you, and the rest of our weekend in Paris. We can't wait to show our pictures to friends and family.

Angela C Reviewed February 11, 2014 Canada

I enjoyed it very much. Mabel was wonderful - easy to spend 3 hours with and a good guide.

Brigette R Reviewed February 03, 2014 USA

The photo shoot was lovely. Mabel was fantastic. We liked her a lot!

Tracy R Reviewed January 22, 2014 USA

Bruno was awesome !!! Everything went great & the pictures are awesome! Thank you!!

Mark T Reviewed January 18, 2014 USA

Bruno was fantastic. He was personable and had very creative ideas through out the shoot. In addition to the fabulous pictures we learned a lot about the city as he commented along the way. We are overly satisfied with Localers and Bruno's work!!

Brandi B Reviewed January 12, 2014 USA

We made it, and we had a fantastic time. It worked out perfect. Mabel is wonderful and we had a great time. Thank you very much !!

Julie S Reviewed January 11, 2014 Australia

It was delightful. My husband was a little reluctant initially but Mabel was fantastic and gradually coaxed him to get involved and have fun. She was brilliant and her efforts can be seen in the beautiful collection of personal photos. Thank you

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