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  • Delve into the history of WWII with a small group tour
  • Learn about life as a Parisian under the German Occupation
  • Explore the dramatic events of the French Resistance
  • Enjoy a relaxing mid-tour cafe break
Tour snapshot
  • Length: 03h00
  • Language: English
  • Type of Tour: Group Tour
  • Group Size: 10 max
  • Departure Time: 2pm
  • Cancellation: Refund up to 48 hours
  • Disabled travelers join us!
The experience

Are you a history buff? Or maybe looking to fill a few gaps in your knowledge of the Second World War? Dive deep into this intriguing and fascinating era as you embark on a historical journey through the key moments of the German Occupation in Paris.

Beginning with the somber days of the Nazi invasion, you’ll revisit the triumphs and tragedies of the past as a knowledgeable guide reveals hidden details and forgotten stories of food rationing, curfews, and other hardships. Explore the city’s Jewish quarter to learn about the difficulties of daily life under German rule, an existence riddled with the fear and uncertainty of constant roundups and deportations. Uncover surprising plot twists of collaboration and anti-Semitism that still today cast a dark shadow over the events of the time.

But this story has good guys in it too, so your guide will also recount the hopeful and courageous stories of those who risked life and limb to protect the persecuted, including the efforts of the underground Resistance movement that would light the spark of insurrection and help liberate Paris from its oppressors. Heroes like De Gaulle, Leclerc, and the famed Monuments Men will all get a mention. Learn shocking details of Hitler’s ultimate plan for Paris and how the city narrowly escaped certain doom thanks to the actions of one man.

This captivating historical tour is sure to please history fans of any caliber, leading you to where the battles for France’s freedom played out and casting a light on the defining moments of Paris’ darkest hour.

Your guide

Ana, both French and Spanish, was born in Madrid and has lived in many different cities such as Barcelona, London and Aix-en-Provence before taking residence in eastern Paris. She studied History, Archaeology and has a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management, all of which led her to work in the UK, Bulgaria, Italy and Tunisia for Museums, Research Centres and the French and Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Apart from her obvious love for history, old stones and art, she loves music and sings in a Blues band in Paris, giving her an insider’s perception of the Parisian music scene whether it is Chanson Française, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Swing or even Salsa. She also enjoys uncovering hidden treasures in the vintage clothes shops in the Marais as well as the second hand bookshops such as Shakespeare & Company in the Latin Quarter. You might also find her strolling along the Seine riverbanks or the Canal Saint-Martin, in the narrow pathways of the Père Lachaise cemetery, taking Polaroids in Montmartre, dinning in a Vietnamese restaurant or having a Moroccan Pastilla at the Enfants Rouges Market. She loves sharing the things and places that made her fall in love with this magical city!

Marie was born in the Loire region; home to some of the most beautiful medieval châteaux in the whole of France. Since moving to Paris in her early years to the neighborhood only a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, Paris has become her beloved hometown. A passionate guide for over 4 years, Marie is a cheese addict who loves to share her love of French gastronomy, wine and history with our visitors. She now lives in Le Marais, to her the most lively place in Paris, where you'll probably see her diving into the vintage accessories or taking pictures along the River Seine.

Corey studied art and music in New York before moving to Paris five years ago. He is married to a frenchy and can now perfectly speak French! He also fell in love with the city from day one--from the curves of its gargoyles to the flakes of its pastries--and considers it a sort of lifelong quest to unlock as many of its secrets as he can. He thinks the deeper you dive into Paris the more beautiful it gets, which is why he’s always eager to share his knowledge and bring the city into brighter focus for its visitors. When he isn’t strolling in search of inspiration or historical tidbits (or the pâtisseries mentioned above), he can be found drinking copious amounts of tea and writing.

Edward is a Franco-British guide and a proper local - born and bred in Paris - a French soul trapped in the body of an Englishman! After working several years in hospitality and hotel management in Normandy, he decided to embark his clients along with him on an adventure. Totally bicultural, he shares a breadth of information on Paris. Whether outdoors or in a museum, he knows his turf like the back of his hand and still, Paris never ceases to amaze him. Like in magic, there's always something there that you never saw. Promoting Paris in a fun and eclectic way, Edward often goes that extra mile to provide a well-rounded Parisian experience. In his spare time he likes treading the cobblestones, exploring lesser known parts of Paris. And when he isn't in the city, you'll find him hiking in the Pyrenees.

Across London and Paris (but born and raised in the latter), always on the lookout for fresh cultural experiences, Laure's heart beats to the rhythm of art under all its forms. Frequent exhibition-goer and avid reader, she seeks the spark of glee that comes from discovering the lesser known stories of Paris. After an MA in Art History and another in Museum Studies, Laure has specialised in 19th Century art and culture by leading people through her favorite areas of Paris: Montmartre, the Latin Quarter and Belleville. Laure loves sharing her recommendations for an art exhibition, a rock music venue or a quirky district to visit!

Price details
€59 per person

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What's Included

  • Rich details and anecdotes that bring history to life

  • A walk in the footsteps of the brave men & women who saved Paris

  • A complimentary drink at a top notch cafe

What's Not

  • A ride back to your hotel in a French infantry tank

Your tour starts in the heart of the historic Marais district where you’ll parachute right into the action as your guide explains the events leading up to the German invasion of France. Once the stage has been set you’ll make your way past key buildings and hidden details that reveal the story of life in occupied Paris. You’ll discuss food rationing, the black market, curfews, and the harrowing struggle for the simplest of daily provisions.

A walk through the Jewish quarter will be the perfect setting for tales of deportation and the bleak reality of the final destination: Auschwitz. But your guide will also touch upon some of the unsung heroes who played a part in turning the tides of oppression. Grabbing a Yiddish pastry to go isn’t out of the question either!

You’ll stop at Paris’s Holocaust museum before crossing the river toward Ile de la Cité. Next up will be iconic buildings where the war’s key battles were won and lost like Notre Dame Cathedral, the Paris Préfecture, and the Conciergerie. This area is rife with bullet holes and artillery impacts hidden in plain sight, and your guide knows exactly where to find them.

Next you’ll delve into some of the most dramatic scenes of the French Resistance and the everyday heroes that took over the city’s central police station, mounting a narrow victory that defied all odds. Your guide will introduce you to the famed story of the Monuments Men, and a different sort of liberation: this time the stolen artwork across Europe. To conclude you’ll contemplate the harrowing final days of the Occupation, including Hitler’s orders to destroy the city and the arrival of the Allied Forces just in the nick of time…

Meeting Point Saint Paul Metro Station
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Based on 76 reviews
Leslie H Reviewed February 06, 2017

Corey was fabulous! I would highly recommend Corey and this tour.

Rob G Reviewed February 01, 2017

What an awesome tour! I love history and have always been very interested in WWII as well as the Paris occupation. Ana did a very nice job of bringing this piece of history to life. We spent 3 hours tracing our way around some very notable points in the city and learned a great deal about how and why things happened the way they did. I enjoyed both the history on the places we visited as well as conversations with Ana along the way. She is very knowledgeable and did a great job with our group. I highly recommend this tour! Rob

Charissa G Reviewed January 12, 2017

I must commend you on your tour guides and comprehensive range of tours available. In particular, we loved the WWII tour (as did our children)…so interesting and anecdotal stories related with such passion and genuine enthusiasm by Corey. Loved the coffee stop too, as we had been finding it difficult to locate a cafe in Paris that brewed coffee the way we liked.

Cheryl P Reviewed January 05, 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Laure engaged with my two teenagers and added contemporary references that would interest them, as well as sharing a lot of information about aspects of WWII Paris. There were only 5 of us on the tour all together, and it made for a personal connection - we all enjoyed chatting over hot chocolate. I would definitely book a Localers tour again.

Jean-François M Reviewed January 03, 2017

Excellent tour. Very good guide! Would strongly recommend to my friends.

Lynn F Reviewed December 10, 2016

Tour was very well done and Corey was a good guide through this period.

Antonio L Reviewed December 08, 2016

Our tour with Anna was incredible !She was so knowledgeable and told us so many stories. We really had a true picture of what life was like. I would highly recommended her and this tour company. If we had time , we would do many more tours with them. Thank you for such an amazing experience !

Kenny R Reviewed November 30, 2016

The WWII Tour was a great way to learn something new about parts of Paris that otherwise one just takes for granted during a typical Paris trip. Laure was an enchanting, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and giving guide who was only too happy to answer any questions, be they sublime or ridiculous. Laure also pointed out other (non-WWII) interesting points and sights during the trip. I would recommend the trip to see the Marais and nearby suburbs in a different way. Also, I can say as a formal and informal student of history the tour was honest in it also addressed Vichy and the part played by France (both positive and negative). As a bonus, the theme led me to visit separately the Musee de l'Armee on Sunday and to also seek out the memorial on the Vel' d'Hiv roundup.

Maureen M Reviewed November 14, 2016

Moving tour. We traveled 'back in time' to learn this history of WW2 as it happened from the begining through the Allies taking France back from the Germans. Our guide, Cory was great and knew the history very well. He took us through the Jewish area, down to Notre Dame and showed us the bullet and cannon ball holes in the walls of the police station. This is a walking tour but it is at 'your' pace.

COLIN W Reviewed November 14, 2016

Corey was a great guide on this very interesting and informative tour.

Janet M Reviewed October 31, 2016

This was a great tour. Corey's focus was more on anecdotes and human interest stories than a lot of historical facts about WWII and the Resistance, which you can read easily, if interested. His stories were coordinated with the neighborhoods we were in, which made it much more real. He chose interesting stories and his love and enthusiasm for Paris added to the experience.

David J Reviewed October 28, 2016

Having read so much about the Nazi occupation of Paris in the past it was thrilling and enlightening to walk the streets and squares where history actually took place. The subject matter of the tour was accurate and well presented by our excellent guide, Corey. I would recommend the WWII walking tour to anyone with even a passing interest of the occupation. Great job!

Brad T Reviewed October 15, 2016

This was not my 1st tour w/ Corey. He is the BEST! Very knowledgeable; researches his subject meticulously; makes the narrative human w/ anecdotes about people. Next time I return to Paris I will be wanting to do another tour w/ Corey. Also this is a great topic and glad it is on the list.

Sally M Reviewed October 03, 2016

I really loved it. Laure's personal connection with the subject matter was touching, and was clearly the basis for her clear, intelligent discussion of the history of the places we went to. The small group was very intimate, and the cafe where we had our coffee break was excellent.

A suggestion: a little 1 page map of the walk as a memento, but also to revisit

John H Reviewed September 26, 2016

We're so pleased to have done this walking tour of WW2 France, including the French Resistance, with Cory. It was terrific. Cory's mastery of the subject was evident and his reference to personal narratives was engaging and informative. Thanks so much we highly recommend this tour.

Tom J Reviewed September 24, 2016

Laure handled this tour with great professionalism and energy. She was enthusiastic about the history and was successful in engaging our group in the events leading up to and including the German occupation of Paris and France. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and Laure's presentation!

Tom M Reviewed September 23, 2016

Thank you for everything. Laure was just wonderful. Smart, kind and most of all, patient with all of us. She was a joy to be with. We will recommend your company to our friends. Thank you again...

Anna J Reviewed September 21, 2016

Such a good guide, three hours felt liked one. The perfect mix of facts and feelings. I learnt a lot that i didnt know before and got a good sense of the war-situation in Paris. Big thanks to Corey!

MARICLA U Reviewed September 20, 2016

I want to thank you so much for the great experience, I learned a lot of very interesting things! Laure is a very good guide and a very nice girl!!! Next time I will be in Paris I will join you again and I will tell about you to my friends who come to Paris, suggesting then to book one of your tours! Thank you so much again, and a special thank to Laure!

lisa M Reviewed September 18, 2016

Very informative and good to hear the story behind the sites.

Bruce B Reviewed September 08, 2016

Corey has excellent knowledge and personality and keeping all interesting. A plus

Alfred G Reviewed September 07, 2016

We found Edward informative and easy to understand. He waited until we arrived at a stop to begin his lecture, instead of trying to talk while we were walking. It was an enjoyable tour.

Catherine W Reviewed August 31, 2016

We really enjoyed our tour with Edward. It was small and felt very personalized. The pace was good and the stories were relevant to the area. It was a very nice afternoon and I'd be happy to book with you again.

Ewa B Reviewed August 30, 2016

The tour was absolutely fantastic! Both of us are into the Second World War history and it was amazing to be able to see the places in Paris where history was made. The guide was very friendly and informative. We'd recommend this tour to anybody interested in history and we will definitely book more tours with the Locales next time we are in Paris :)

Sandeep B Reviewed August 17, 2016

Corey was great as was the tour.

Bryan H Reviewed July 12, 2016

Ana did a great job. I really liked the tour. I learned a lot about life in occupied Paris. The tour wasn't a "thrill a minute" experience, but if you like history and are interested in some stories of Paris that you have probably never heard before, you'll love this tour.

Paul R Reviewed July 11, 2016

In June we took your Paris 3 hour WW II tour with Corey. He was absolutely wonderful and enjoyed it very much.

Pascale Marie R Reviewed July 11, 2016

Ana was wonderful and informative and I will definately recommended Localers to my family and friends

Louise A Reviewed June 29, 2016

It was an absolute pleasure to have Ed take us on this tour. An extremely knowledgeable individual, that went out of his way to provide as much information to the group as possible and it was very much appreciated.

Happily recommend this tour to anyone.

Elton A Reviewed June 29, 2016

Edward was an informed and charming guide and we very much enjoyed our time with him and the group. He showed us neighborhoods in Paris that we would not have found on our own.Chatting with our group members over a drink was a fun way to share experiences and history. Remember Edward, if you are in Texas you must come visit us!

Leon R Reviewed June 16, 2016

Corey was excellent!

Frances A Reviewed June 16, 2016

Fabulous sense of WW II history in an interesting part of time. Cory is both nice and knowledgeable. We all (a diverse group aged 30 to 75) loved it!

Nat P Reviewed June 13, 2016

Corey gets an A+ for the tour this morning! It was great!

Khatidja A Reviewed June 13, 2016

The ww2 tour with Corey was awesome

Maya H Reviewed June 07, 2016

I am a huge history fan, especially the history of the Second World War. That is why I was so surprised to learn a new dimension; I never knew about. This truly is a great tour and the guide Marie is the perfect person to do it. She is kind and well-informed. I highly recommend this tour that left me with the most admiration of the French people.

Claire B Reviewed May 26, 2016

The tour was terrific thanks to Ana - one of the best guides we've ever had anywhere! She was knowledgeable, prepared and her delivery was relaxed and informal. She welcomed questions and comments from our group. My wife and I feel especially happy to have 'lucked out' with her as our tour guide..

SCOTT B Reviewed May 26, 2016

Marie was great!

Candice D Reviewed May 01, 2016

This was a great tour. The topic was interesting and Cory was an enthusiastic and well-prepared guide.

James M Reviewed April 28, 2016

We really enjoyed our tour, especially picking up on little details like bullet marks on buildings we'd walked past that morning and not even noticed. Edward was friendly, personable and full of enthusiasm for Paris and gave a flavour of what life was like under the German occupation as well as a wealth of information about Paris itself (what to see next, where to eat etc).

John S Reviewed April 28, 2016

Cory was very pleasant, entertaining, knowledgeable, and animated. I will recommend this tour to others.

Kelley K Reviewed April 28, 2016

We really enjoyed this tour. Anna was very friendly and knowledgeable. The 3 hours went very quickly and the coffee break was nice to break it up. We learned so much about the French Resistance, the Vichy government, the deportation of the Jews, and the liberation of Paris. We would have never learned so much on our visit had it not been for this trip. Other than absolutely miserable weather during our tour, it was fantastic. It is well worth the money and I recommend it highly for those who enjoy history and walking.

Karin M Reviewed April 28, 2016

Our guide, Corey, made history and Paris truly come alive! I wish we had booked additional tours with Localers, as this was one of the highlights of our week in Paris.

Frank W Reviewed April 22, 2016

We found Ana very good in her experience in WW 2 knowledge. We would recommend Ana and localers to any of our friends visiting Paris in the near future and when we return, we will be in contact to arrange further tours.
Thank you again
Frank & Charmain Wilcomes

Lynn T Reviewed April 22, 2016

Our WWII tour was excellent, Anna very informed and knowledgable Spoke English very well, well worth our time and money. Thank you

Marilyn M Reviewed April 12, 2016

The tour was excellent. Corey was full of stories and accounts of the occupation brought to life with named individuals. A throughly enjoyable afternoon. We'd do it again in a flash!

Laura H Reviewed April 11, 2016

All four of our group loved the tour. Corey was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Paris and the topic. I would highly recommend him and the WWII tour.

Lynne C Reviewed February 18, 2016

Corey was a perfect guide! He immediately made us feel at ease (the two of us were the only ones on the tour) and he was extremely engaging. The historical events came alive for us with some great anecdotes. Whilst much of the content was very sobering, Corey achieved to balance this with insights and stories of immense courage and bravery which was very inspiring. To walk the streets and districts where these events occurred with Corey as a guide allowed us to experience the occupation of Paris as if we were virtually there. Thank you so much!

Anna-Marie B Reviewed January 28, 2016

We loved our guided WW2 with Corey our hospitable and informative host. Corey is a wealth of information and obviously passionate about history. He brought the days of WW2 to life as he guided us through the streets of Paris bringing life and imagery to the subject. It would be easy to miss the indentations on ancient walls caused by cannon and bullet fire by the nazis. Walks along the old Jewish quarter and monuments that pay respect to victims and survivors of the holocaust were amazing if somber to see. He also provided some excellent local knowledge of cafes and eateries in the area and we stopped to have some coffee to continue the conversation. This is a must do for lovers of history and Paris.

Kate L Reviewed January 19, 2016

The Localers Paris WWII Tour was the highlight of our trip. Our tour guide, Corey, was more of a storyteller than a guide. He brought us back in time with his intriguing narrative, showing us a different Paris to the one we had seen many times before. Our tour started off in the Jewish quarter, the Marais. Corey brought us on a journey through time, beginning in the early 1940’s when the Germans first invaded the city. He brought history to life by showing us photos from his phone of Paris during the German occupation, as well as introducing us to some characters that played key roles during the war. We visited some Jewish memorials, local bakeries and learned about food rationing and curfews. We were treated to a delicious mid-tour coffee (which was well received on such a chilly day in the the city!). We went on to explore Ile de la Cité, the island of Notre Dame. I have walked around this island many times before and am astonished that I never noticed the large bullet holes in some of the buildings, evidence of the battles that took place during the French resistance. We finished the tour on Pont Neuf, where Corey described the final days of the French resistance. We came away from the tour knowing that we had just been given a unique insight into a major piece of Parisian history. I would definitely recommend the Localers who looked after us so well. Our guide was not only interested in making sure we enjoyed the tour, but wanted us to get the most out of our stay in Paris in general. Corey provided numerous restaurant recommendations and suggested activities for the rest of our trip. Thank you Localers!

Cory K Reviewed January 12, 2016

We had a fabulous time with Corey on the WW II tour. He is really personable and he gave us the perfect balance of general history with anecdotes about individuals. He is very animated and kept us all engaged. We would definitely recommend this tour and hope to do another tour with Corey next time we are in Paris.

Barbara Reviewed November 30, 2015

My husband and I took a WWll Walking Tour with Olivia on November 17th, 2015. We want to tell you that it was the highlight of our otherwise sad and disturbing visit to Paris following the Terrorist attacks. Olivia was absolutely a delight and her knowledge of WWll and French history was amazing. She provided us with a wonderful learning experience. If she is representative of all your Localer Guides then you are indeed very fortunate. We wish that we had had more time to experience other Localer tours. We will recommend your organization to everyone who may be traveling to Paris.
Sincerely, Bob and Barbara

William d Reviewed October 28, 2015

The guide was terrific.

Jonathan R Reviewed October 26, 2015

Olivia was a wonderful guide and I would recommend her highly to anyone considering a tour in Paris. She was very knowledgeable about the occupation and the history of WWII in the city. I will definitely consult the Localers tour schedule next time I visit Paris to see what other interesting tours they offer.

Chelsey H Reviewed October 26, 2015

This is the BEST EVER tour we have taken. Olivia was delightful and so well informed. We were blown away by all we learned.

Bill F Reviewed October 06, 2015

Olivia is an absolute delight with an impressive in-depth knowledge of the Occupation.
This is a top rated tour with Olivia!

Alison M Reviewed September 14, 2015

I thought Ana was a charming,well informed young lady who drew us all into the conversations and made the tour a pleasure.

Judy I Reviewed September 01, 2015

Great tour. Corey was very informative and covered all we expected. He was a great guide and went out of his way to show us what we wanted.

Joseph C Reviewed August 04, 2015

Olivia was very knowledgeable on the subject and adapted to our knowledge level. She was personally engaging and we would recommend her to others.

Anna S Reviewed July 24, 2015

Bruce and I enjoyed our tours both in Paris and in Lyon. Ana and Stephanie were both very experienced and well informed. We thank you for your kind service and look forward to using Localers when we next come to France

Matthew W Reviewed June 25, 2015

Wonderful and informative tour! Corey was great and we would recommend this tour to any one with an interest in WWII history.

Paul C Reviewed May 28, 2015

The tour with Corey was fantastic!!! Corey was extremely nice and knowledgeable, sharing all kinds of insider's information and anecdotes that only a Paris native would know. Never once did I feel as if I were being herded around in an obvious tourist group...I loved the fact that our group was so small (3 people including me) and that although the Localer's badge was easy to spot when I was looking out for Corey at the meeting point, it was not overly evident when we were walking about. We covered an amazing amount of ground in just a short time, and the pace was completely comfortable. Corey was a natural at putting us at ease, and I immediately felt as if I were walking through the beautiful city with an old friend!

STEVE L Reviewed May 28, 2015

Corey was the perfect tour guide for us and I assume for anyone! His knowledge of Paris and its history, monuments, interesting facts and funny stories made the tour very worthwhile. It was wonderful having such a personal walking tour and discovering so many great things that I had not known about Paris. The walking was comfortable and he paced us to accommodate our needs. We enjoyed Corey so much that we booked another tour with him for the next day! Highly recommend Localers and Corey. Thank you!

Kristin C Reviewed May 28, 2015

The tour was fantastic! Our guide was awesome!

Anne S Reviewed May 28, 2015

Corey was fantastic. I loved everything about the tour!

Tara Nichole M Reviewed May 28, 2015

Corey was excellent. What a great asset to your company!!
He met and exceeded our expectations in every way. He has an easy going enthusiasm for his work that is infectious. His knowledge of the history of Paris was detailed and was delivered in a measured way in the same way as a story teller would have kept his audience enthralled in days gone by.
I would highly recommend your company based on our experiences over three days with Corey.

Laura J Reviewed May 28, 2015

We love Corey!! He was full of wonderful, interesting, and exciting information! He was able to appeal to both the adults and kids in our group! He engaged us all, and really made us love Paris!! I would hire him again in a second and recommend him to all our friends!! Thank you so much for making our short stay in Paris so amazing!!!

Philip H Reviewed April 23, 2015 US

We were a student group of 28 from New York. Corey was absolutely fantastic. He held the attention of all of my students for the entire 3 hours. The stories about the Jews in the Marais neighborhood were so emotional. Corey really transported the students back to occupied Paris. The pace of the tour was perfect and well-organized. Corey took us to the Marais, Louvre, Notre Dame, and Place de la Concorde. I HIGHLY recommend this tour to everyone!

Kathy S Reviewed March 21, 2015 US

The WW2 tour was so interesting. Corey is the best. We enjoyed his stories and all the little known facts about what life was like in Paris during the occupation. We plan to visit Paris again in 2 years, and will only book localers, and hopefully Corey when we come back. Ana is great as well. She was our guide for the Pere Lachaise tour. Thanks Corey and Ana for making us feel special. We really appreciated the catacombs, opera house and covered passages as well. Kathy and Zack.

Mike L Reviewed February 20, 2015 CA

Corey was engaging, informative, and flexible. Also, the relevant-WWII-pictures-on-the-phone in particular were stellar, and didn't feel low-rent at all- especially those that showed WWII Paris from the specific vantage point we were standing on (more of that, if possible/you guys are willing to comb the archives again, would really cement this tour- especially given the small-group intimate-feel business model I think you're going for). Overall, a great experience, and one I hope you guys are proud of providing.

Finally, and this is something other tour companies do- to locate a guide easier/set nervous tourists like myself at ease, perhaps a picture in the confirmation email with a superimposed arrow showing exactly where the guide is going to meet the clientele? There were no issues with meeting Corey, but another tour company we (regrettably) used this trip had that feature, and I found it helpful. It might dilute the clean presentation of your emails, though...

Paige H Reviewed February 18, 2015 US

We loved this tour! Corey was very pleasant, high energy, and enthusiastic about the subject matter of the tour. We will definitely take another Localers tour and in particular one with Corey when we are in Paris again. Thanks Corey!

Jennifer F Reviewed January 29, 2015 US

I would give Corey a 10 out of 5...what a wonderful tour guide and person!!! He was incredibly knowledgable, kind, and really brought the history to life. I cannot recommend Corey and/or this tour strongly enough and look forward to booking Localers (with hopefully Corey) tours in the future!

Sarah V Reviewed January 07, 2015 US

Corey was great; clearly knows a lot about the Paris occupation. The tour was about 45 minutes too long for us though. We particularly enjoyed walking through the Marais and seeing the bullet holes on some of the buildings on Il de la Cite and would have preferred to have gone into greater depth during those segments of the tour instead of taking the extended walk through the crowds at the Louvre and Tuilleries.

Kylie G Reviewed December 31, 2014 AU

Thank you Corey for making the WWII tour we had such a memorable experience, Lauren is constantly telling her father and sister facts that she learnt will on the tour. When we walk through Maris we look at everything with new eyes. I have already given the details for Localers to friends of ours that will be travelling to Paris during 2015.
Thank you again. We look forward to touring with you again!

Kylie and Lauren Graham

Tara M Reviewed July 29, 2014 UK

The World War II tour was an incredible experience for my family where we felt like we were insiders to a very profound time in the city’s history. Although I had been to Paris once before, this tour put the city into a new light as we explored and learned the significance of buildings, streets and bridges. The tour truly took us back in time and helped us to comprehend a period of uncertainty followed by celebration during the liberation of Paris. The tour guide was flexible with older legs and allowed for rests, during which he would tell more tidbits of information. We recommend this tour to first time visitors to Paris and even current residents who may not know the secrets that are held in their home. Thanks for a wonderful experience, Localers!

Anne S Reviewed June 26, 2014 USA

We enjoyed the WWII tour very much; the guide was very personable, knowledgable and professional. It was quite a walk (over 4 miles), but we enjoy that! We found the description of the French underground’s activities particularly interesting. On the other hand, all three of us felt there was something of an overemphasis on the plight of Paris’ Jewish population. We were also surprised that our guide was not aware that the the Military Museum was closed for extensive renovations, which we all learned when we arrived there to go in. Overall we’d give the tour an 8 out of 10, with 10 being excellent.

Leonard G Reviewed May 23, 2014 USA

Our tour with Corey was precisely what we wanted. Corey did a good job of keeping our 11 year old interested, pointing out bullet holes and providing stories of the battles in and near Notre Dame and La Place de la Concorde.

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