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  • Explore the majestic Louvre museum with an art historian
  • Skip the line like a VIP and spend more quality time in front of the artwork
  • A private tour means your expert guide is there for you and you only
  • A relaxed and unpretentious visit that goes far beyond the Mona Lisa
Tour snapshot
  • Length: 02h30
  • Language: English
  • Type of Tour: Private Tour
  • Group Size: 6 max
  • Departure Time: 3pm or 5pm
  • Cancellation: Refund up to 48 hours
  • Disabled travelers join us!
The experience

Our skip-the-line tickets give priority access to the museum, however, please note that due to the Vigipirate Plan (increased security measures), there may be a waiting period at the security checkpoint at the entrance to the museum.

When’s the last time you spent two and a half hours in a museum without checking your watch—not even once? For most of us it rarely happens. Even the brain of a true art lover can threaten to explode with all those dates, names and tedious facts that museum guides tend to spew out at the speed of light. Ugh.

We’re pretty sure brain explosion would be painful, which is why we make sure our own art history experts—handpicked and always local—understand the pitfalls of cramming boring facts and figures into every waking moment. During your Localers private tour of the Louvre it’s all about sharing wisdom by sparking your imagination with intriguing anecdotes and engaging conversations. Who said art history had to be a snore fest?

This is a guaranteed hassle-free tour that includes tickets bought in advance so your group can be whisked past the long lines in true VIP style. Your guide will look after you every step of the way as you discover the greatest collection of artworks and treasures to ever exist under one roof. You’ll start with the palace exteriors, which are works of art in their own right: vast courtyards lined with architecture from the Renaissance and beyond. A modern glass pyramid that once shocked a nation and that still today evokes animated conversation. The grand perspectives through the Arc du Carrousel along the Tuileries Gardens and out toward the Arc de Triomphe. This is royal vanity at its finest!

Inside you’ll be treated to all the heavyweights: Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Delacroix, David, the ancient Greeks and Romans...this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the Old Masters with an expert who can teach you how to appreciate what you’re looking at. Instead of glossing over superficial dates and names, your guide will expertly decipher each piece and reveal all the fun secrets embedded within. Along with the well-known artists you’ll also be introduced to lesser-known masterpieces lurking just off the beaten tourist path, waiting to be discovered.

Rest assured, spending a few hours with our guides in the Louvre is like shooting the breeze with a buddy on your couch…except that you’re surrounded by timeless works of art and oh yeah—you might actually learn a thing or two!

Traveling with children? Our Louvre Family Tour is a specially adapted experience for children of all ages, run by our expert guides. Please get in touch for more information!

Your guide

Jonathan was born in the eastern suburbs of Paris and has been living in the city ever since. He's a history buff, who has specialized in the story of Paris. He’s not just a guide, but a true “titi” (nickname of the Parisian kids); his family has been in Paris for 7 generations at least. He studied history and art history at the university, after which he became a guide. Sharing cultures and meeting people are what decided him on his vocation. It feels natural to pass on the spirit of his city, and all of it's secrets. With him, you will discover the bright side of Paris in a relevant, local and funny way, but you will also learn its great history through the eye of an expert. And always with his smile, his poet soul, and his sense of humor!

Isabelle, born in England, is a graphic designer specialized in books and games for children. She has been living in Paris for 20 years, loves the city, and knows it like the back of her hand. She loves kids and enjoys showing them around Paris and having fun with them. Isabelle feels comfortable playing and talking with young children as well as teenagers. A tour with Isabelle will be an experience your kids won't forget!

Ana, both French and Spanish, was born in Madrid and has lived in many different cities such as Barcelona, London and Aix-en-Provence before taking residence in eastern Paris. She studied History, Archaeology and has a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management, all of which led her to work in the UK, Bulgaria, Italy and Tunisia for Museums, Research Centres and the French and Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Apart from her obvious love for history, old stones and art, she loves music and sings in a Blues band in Paris, giving her an insider’s perception of the Parisian music scene whether it is Chanson Française, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Swing or even Salsa. She also enjoys uncovering hidden treasures in the vintage clothes shops in the Marais as well as the second hand bookshops such as Shakespeare & Company in the Latin Quarter. You might also find her strolling along the Seine riverbanks or the Canal Saint-Martin, in the narrow pathways of the Père Lachaise cemetery, taking Polaroids in Montmartre, dinning in a Vietnamese restaurant or having a Moroccan Pastilla at the Enfants Rouges Market. She loves sharing the things and places that made her fall in love with this magical city!

Frédéric is a Parisian, born and raised in the close suburbs. After graduating in civil engineering, he realized this wasn't in the end a dreamed job for him, and decided to take a new direction. Enthusiastic about meeting people from all over the world, speaking foreign languages and sharing with them his passion for Paris, he became a guide, and now organizes both thematic tours for Parisians wanting to better know their city, and more classic tours around the must-sees of Paris with French or foreign tourists.

He particularly likes to emphasize on the connections between Paris nowadays and the way it evolved throughout its history. He enjoys linving in a city that offers numerous cultural venues, particularly museums and movie theaters, but also bars and restaurants for all tastes.

Oxana was born in Moscow, Russia and first came to Paris to study art history at the Sorbonne. That was 15 years ago, and since then she has become a real Parisian. “It is very easy to fall in love with this city because it is really the most beautiful one in the world”, - Oxana says, and she knows what she is talking about. She is an experienced traveller and has visited about twenty countries around the globe, though France remains her favorite. “Every city is unique, every culture is extraordinary, but Paris has really something special, this particular charm which makes people want to come back or settle here. It is an amazing job to be a guide here”. Besides the city’s monuments and museums, Oxana is very curious about French history, and is always happy to share her passion.

Marjorie was born in the north of France and discovered Paris early with her family.
She fell in love with Paris from the start: architecture, monuments, shops, atmosphere, history…everything fascinated her.
After being an activity leader and guide in the south of France, she left everything to settle in Paris.
More than just history and heritage, she discovered the way of life in the capital. Like a fish to water, she became a city guide. This job is a way for her to convey and share her passion for Paris. It was also a way to unite other passions: history of art, theatre and meeting people.
Now she’s been a guide for 3 years. She feels lucky to be able to do something that really interests her and have the opportunity to meet so many different people!

Solène was born in Paris and loves her city so much that she is very enthusiastic to communicate her knowledge about it. From a young age she already knew that working in an office was not for her; she needs to be outside, she likes to walk, meet people and feel the energy, and the animation of the city around her.
Since she started to travel abroad, she realized that Paris was unique and that she was lucky to live there. She is passionate about travelling, and she wants to bring that feeling of novelty to how she explores her own city. It is always a pleasure for her to share moments of life and dreams…

Murielle was born in the suburbs of Paris. She has been fascinated by Art History and the History of Paris since she was little. Her father was a installer of works of art, a unique profession which allowed him to travel to many countries and see many museums. This explains her interests in art, architecture, travel -- passions that were instilled in her from a young age. She first studied foreign languages (English and Spanish) at university and then history. She loves her city and above all, she loves helping people discover the many pleasures of the city's charming squares, beautiful gardens... and of course how a city during the gallo-roman period transformed over the centuries into the magical capital of France.

Being a guide is the best way for her to share these passions.

Native of Parisian region, Emilie started to be keen on art and Paris quite early, thanks to her parents. Also passionate about foreign languages, she naturally found her vocation when she was in secondary school. Graduated of tourism and Art History, she started to work as a professional guide at the palace of Versailles in 2008. Emilie has a soft spot for medieval art, the covered passages, Art Nouveau and cafés… that makes Paris so special to her. Her profession as a real passion that she has the pleasure to share with people from the whole world!

Joanna was born in Warsaw, and moved to France with her parents when she was a teenager. Immediately she felt in love with Paris, its history and its sparkling way of life. After the studies of Foreign Languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and History of Art it was obvious to her to turn into a tour guide. Performing also as a painter it’s a real pleasure for her to share with you the secrets of the artistic life of the City of Lights.
Parisienne de coeur Joanna will guide you throught the time and the space: centuries of artworks of the Louvre, greatness of the royal life of Versailles , mysterious spots in the historic heart of Paris …

Hervé is a French National Tour Guide working and living in Paris. He has first studied acting and has played in many small theaters in Paris. However, he has always loved History and decided to study it in the meantime. He then decided to use his acting skills to make History and Art come to life. Also, Hervé has lived a year in the USA (Atlanta GA) where he was an exchange student. Later he has lived and worked in London. That way, he has a keen understanding of the Anglo-Saxon world and is happy to reveal the French vision of the world to foreigners.
Throughout his studies he has developed a taste for all periods of History but he remains fascinated by the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. So Versailles is like home for him ! Of course he is also interested in many other subjects so long as they lead to understanding how this country and its Art have become what they are now. For instance it’s always fun to tell how ill received the impressionist movement was by the very conservative French society and how the Americans liked it right away.
With his outgoing personality and his passionate nature, Hervé is really looking forward to sharing all this with you.

A licensed history guide, Hélène takes great pleasure in sharing her passion for art; both by ancient and modern artists. Hélène loves to take visitors on discovery tours of the Musée du Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay collections, as well as to the magnificent Versailles Palace and other places of artistic value in and outside Paris. Above all, Hélène loves to exchange ideas about the heritage of her own culture and country with those of other countries and cultures!

Jessica was born in Saint-Germain en Laye, the birth place of Louis XIV. From a young age she always wanted to spend time surrounded by art and history. In high school she discovered art history and knew that was what she wanted to do in her life. At 20 years old, she settled in Paris and fell in love with this romantic, beautiful, sparkling, and sometimes scary but always fantastic and poetic city. However, a few years ago she spent a year in New York City which opened her heart to the joy of meeting people from all over the world. Back in her Parisian way of life, it was an obvious choice for her to combine her passions: communication and art history. Guiding people in Paris and helping them to enjoy her beloved city is what she does best.

Born in Paris, Paris is her passion. Elisabeth is always searching for unusual places in the capital: dead ends, private court, havens of peace…Paris has many secrets still unknown to its inhabitants. She is Spanish but moreover she is Andalusian on her mother’s side. She passed on to me this passion for connecting the Spanish culture and civilization with the History of France.
After a Master’s degree of Iberian studies, and keen on transmitting my knowledge, Elisabeth turned herself first of all to teaching but she realized it was the profession of guide that suited her best.
She is now a licensed history guide and she shows the capital and its monuments with humor, interaction and warmth.
Her specialty? She likes transmitting the small anecdotes which make History with a capital H.

My name is Cécile, I was born and raised in Paris, but currently live in the suburbs where I moved in order to find a bigger and cheaper place to live. I became a tour guide four years ago, and am enjoying every minute of it.
Before becoming a tour guide, I studied History of Art for three years. I was passionate especially by two time spans: the development of gothic architecture in Europe, and the really quick changes in society and painting in the 19th and 20th centuries.
I started guiding tourists in 2010, in a little medieval town called Provins, where I researched a lot about the Middle-Ages, especially military architecture and fortifications. I work much more in Paris now, but also across France, in Normandy for instance, or the Champagne province. But my favorite region became the Loire Valley, I am really fond of the Renaissance and the amazing chateaux that produced the architects and workers of the time.

Marie-Claire was born and raised in Toulouse (South of France) but fell in love with Paris and its unique charm as soon as she arrived in the city in 2007. Apart from one year abroad in Germany finishing her studies in foreign languages, museology and art history, she stayed since then in Paris. She works as an art historian in a research institute and teaches art history (especially 15th – 19th century-painting) to students since 2009. She loves to be a guide and to share her passion for art and museum with people from around the world discovering Paris’ wonders. She also loves gastronomy, theater and fashion.

Gwennaëlle was born in the South of France. She has been living in Paris for 12 years and working as a licensed guide for 7 years. Ever since she was a child, she was passionate by art and history, and wanted to become a guide. She has studied Art History at the Ecole du Louvre as well as English at the university. She is both working as a guide and as an art history teacher in different universities for French and foreign students. She loves Paris and discovering the treasures of Parisian museums and monuments, as well as sharing her passion through visits.

Arianna is italian and was raised in Rome. Her first steps in a museum were at the age of 5 at the Uffizi’s with her italian art-lover grand mother. That’s how a new adventure started ! After receiving a very international education in French school in Rome and abroad she then settled in Paris in 1999 and graduated in Art History at La Sorbonne. She’s now teaching modern and contemporary art in a parisian Art School and works as a guide in all major and minor museum of Paris. She loves to share her passion with individuals, families and children. Her challenge : give to all an unforgettable museum experience in Paris.

Cristiana is Italian, but she fell in love in Paris at first sight! She graduated from architecture and art history before turning herself to a guide career. She loves to share her love with Paris and its museums with travelers, especially with kids. A museum visit with Cristiana will be an experience your children will never forget!

Born en Paris, Astrid defines herself as a world’s citizen, as she has been travelling all over the world since her childhood. She was able to speak Spanish at three and English at six ! Travelling and meeting the others has always been part of herself and it was very naturally that she graduated in History, English and Communication few years later in Paris.
Eight years ago, when she settled in New Caledonia, a little french island in the Pacific, she worked as a tour guide for children. This was a revelation! Back to Paris again, she decided to become a professional family tour guide. She now looks forward to share with you her love and knowledge about Paris or Versailles for an unforgettable visit.

Valerie was born in Bordeaux, but since her childhood she has been traveling all around the world with her family due to her father's job but never forgot her roots and Brittany. After literary and linguistic studies, like many French people elle est montée à Paris, a typical French sentence which means "moved to the capital" 27 years ago. Valerie found everything magic in Paris! Always a new café to discover, a new restaurant to try out, a play or an Opera to see, or a museum to visit with exciting temporary exhibitions. As she travelled a lot, she can understand the expectations of people coming to discover la ville lumière and also help them to dive into the Parisians’ everyday life giving them a taste and a better understanding of their history, culture, habits, gastronomy …

Marouane was born in Paris and has lived in Paris for his whole life; he knows the city like the back of his hand. After visiting Versailles for the first time with his mother he was captivated and decided to become a guide. He studied History and Art History at the Sorbonne University and is also a History lecturer specializing in the French monarchy. It is an honor for Marouane to show you the wonders of French cultural heritage.

Lully was born in Paris and graduated in Art History from the Ecole du Louvre and the Sorbonne University. Following her Art History and Languages studies, becoming a guide was not only a natural progression but the fulfillment of a dream. Lully's specialities include France's military history including World War battlefields and museums.
An international explorer, Lully has travelled to many countries and lived in both Ireland and Germany. She now resides in Paris and will share with you her passion for the city's cultural heritage and its surroundings - Versailles, Chantilly or Auvers sur Oise - and at last but not the least, French food...

Helena has been working as an independent guide for more than ten years, constantly updating her tours in order to give the best for every guest! Born in Finland, she arrived in Paris more than 20 years ago to study languages and Art History at the Sorbonne University and at Ecole du Louvre.

She loves to offer entertaining and inspiring tours and to add enjoyment and enlightenment to your day telling anecdotes and stories. Paris is a beautiful city with an exciting history and she will show you things that you may not see by yourself. Helena’s interest in military history also drives her regularly to the Normandy Landing Beaches.

Yaëlle was born in Paris and grew up in the Parisian suburbs. Fluent in English and Hebrew, she is passionate about her home city; its history, architecture, culture and gastronomy along with its exceptional monuments, museums, gardens and fountains. Yaëlle loves to work with young people, making Paris a fun city to explore for all the family. When not guiding or exploring new countries and cultures on holiday, she enjoys a bike ride along the Seine River or a stroll in the Marais.

Clémentine comes from Gap, a little town in the French Alps perfect for swimming, skiing and enjoying the mountain landscape. A fan of the outdoors, Clémentine loves to lead tours in the streets of her favorite city, Paris. In her spare time she loves to cycle along the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, taking in the history of the city as she goes. When not guiding, teaching or cycling, Clémentine likes to enjoy a glass of wine with friends on the Canal de l'Ourq, or spend time exploring her favorite museum, the Musée Gustave Moreau.

Raphaelle was born in Paris and quickly fell in love with the city and its history. Passionate about history, she decided to study it in a Parisian university, but soon realized that being a guide would be a better fit with her energetic and outgoing personality. She has a close relationship with America where she lived for several years and spent nearly a full year in Mexico and other Latino countries. Her goal is to put monuments and artworks back into their social and cultural context to help her guests understand them better. She is particularly fond of the French Revolution period and the consequent industrialization and development of art in the 19th Century. According to Raphaelle, the "City of Light" has much to offer provided you are shown the right places and artworks; guiding is a unique opportunity for her to establish that real communication experience.

Pierre was born in Paris and speaks fluently English and Mandarin Chinese. It is alway a great pleasure for Pierre to introduce his guests to the treasures of the French cultural heritage, for example at the Louvre, Versailles or Orsay, which are formidable playgrounds to get familiar with French history and its kings and emperors, Greek and Roman mythology and its heroes, art history and its artists...

Marc worked as an engineer for 7 years, but then he realized something was missing. So, he quit and started his career again as a guide in 2010. He is now a licensed tour guide in Japanese, English, Portuguese and French. He loves history, especially the history of Paris, but also art, monuments, and above all, gastronomy. He was born and raised in Paris. That said, Paris is his city. He will make you (re)discover Paris, its museums, its streets, its inhabitants, its history and its monuments. And don't worry, he won't bore you with dates or a mass of details. Rather, he'll help you understand where a monument comes from, its origin, and how it fits in with today's Paris.

Elisabeth's has worked as a guide in Paris and outskirts for a long time. She especially studied Literature and Art History (Master's degree) in the Sorbonne and Nanterre Universities. She loves her job, the best way for her to share her deep interest for Paris and its region, its great heritage, its monuments, charming quarters and great collections of paintings of its museums such as Le Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Musée de l'Orangerie or Marmottan.

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What's Included

  • Your fast-pass ticket to the Louvre to get straight inside

  • A friendly professional guide fully accredited by the Louvre

  • A customized time machine operating from the 13th to the 19th centuries

What's Not

  • All the yawns, fatigue, and heavy eyelids featured in those other academic art history tours

Your front row seat to the show begins in the Denon wing of the Louvre where you’ll meet the Italian Renaissance maestros including Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and bien sûr our old friend Leonardo Da Vinci. You’ll soon realize that your guides prefer qualité to quantité. You’ll spend ample time discussing—maybe even acting out—the historical context, artistic significance, and composition of each work of art. Oh and don’t worry, you’ll get your dose of trivia to impress your friends at the next cocktail party. Did you know, for instance, that Terminus was the God of boundaries, hence the modern word “terminus”?

During act II, the French masters take their place in the limelight. Spend some time savoring the works of big shots such as Théodore Géricault and Eugene Delacroix, to name a couple. Imposing large-format paintings like the Raft of the Medusa and the Coronation of Napoleon will astound you with their impressive dimensions and dramatic depictions. While you’ll certainly take ample time to analyze these masterworks, your guide will also take a moment here and there to introduce some of the lesser-known gems along the way. Let’s broaden those horizons!

Also included in this tour is a look at the Greek and Roman sculpture sections of the museum. Works like the triumphant Winged Victory of Samothrace, the attractively arm-less Venus de Milo, and Psyche Revived by Cupid's kiss are some of the must-see highlights. Others include the 17th and 18th century School of Flanders, the breathtaking Egyptian section (one of the world's largest), the newly opened Islamic art section, the Medieval Louvre, and the ostentatious Napoleon III apartments.

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more customized to your personal interests? Pas de probleme! If there’s a particular section of the museum you’d prefer to focus on, be sure to ask—after all when you take a private tour with Localers, the visitor is always in the driver’s seat. By the time you’re finished you’ll wonder how a museum visit could’ve possibly been this much fun!

Meeting Point Hotel du Louvre - 157 Rue Saint Honoré
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Based on 71 reviews
Anna C Reviewed January 07, 2017

Yaelle was a dream of a tour guide! She was incredibly knowledgable while being totally friendly and easy to talk to. We asked a million questions and she had answers for them all. The Louvre is a brilliant, massive destination. I am certain we would not have enjoyed it the way we did if we had gone alone. We saw so much that we would have overlooked and when we did check out the 'obvious stops', Yaelle imbued the experience with so much history and insight that we wouldn't have gained by merely reading the plaque. This was one of our more expensive tours but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY. We took in the Louvre without stress or anxiety about getting lost or hitting a line and we actually ENJOYED and LEARNED and were inspired because of Yaelle's expertise. A must-do.

Elizabeth K Reviewed January 03, 2017

Our private tour with Cristiana was terrific! She arrived on time and with a big smile! She kept our two kids (age 12 and 15) engaged the whole 2.5 hour tour. She helped us maneuver the Louvre and understand what we were viewing. All four of us left the Louvre knowing much more! We would definitely recommend Localers to friends.

Kate S Reviewed December 24, 2016

Jessica was wonderful.

Amanda E Reviewed December 08, 2016

Learning about the Louvre with Yael was wonderful and informative. It was very cool to see the many items that we might have missed being on our own. I will for sure use this company again for tours in the future.

DAISY C Reviewed October 05, 2016

My husband and I really enjoyed this tour. Our tour guide Joanna was very informative and accommodating to what we wanted to see. It was a very pleasant tour and skipping the long lines is a plus. I will totally recommend doing this tour. Thank you Joanna!

Joseph G Reviewed October 03, 2016

We were excited to see the three ladies of the Louvre. The Dutch painters we wanted to see were unavailable due to room renovations. Solene did her best and we were able to see The Lace Maker. The Louvre was quite busy and without Solene's help we wouldn't have been able to navigate the crowds. All the identifiers were in French - which was confusing to us as we don't know the language that well. You have no control over that! Enjoyed our time!

Suzanne D Reviewed September 28, 2016

Delightful young man who knows his art and the Louvre like the back of his hand! A private tour through Localers no matter which ones you pick is the only way to go. Wished they were all over the world! Highly highly recommended and we are experienced international travellers in our 50's. Thanks team!

lisa M Reviewed September 18, 2016

Couldn't tour the Louvre any other way. It's way to overwhelming without a little help.

mari s Reviewed September 17, 2016

Fanastic tour. Wonderful, informative, engadg-ing tour guide Majorie.. Took the 5PM tour on Friday night, which was ideal- few crowds so we saw everytihng up close- EVEN the Mona Lisa. Ideal time and tour!

Clare B Reviewed August 16, 2016

Frederic was a very informative guide who greatly enhanced our experience of the louvre in a limited time. He was enthusiastic and knowledgable and concentrated on giving us the best experience rather than the time! Highly recommended tour and guide.

Rob M Reviewed July 25, 2016

Excellent tour, as usual. I especially enjoyed hearing about the history of the Louvre.

DANA AND JIM R Reviewed July 19, 2016

We had a delightful experience and tour with Marie-Claire this afternoon. We learned a great deal and it was exactly what I was hoping for.
Thanks to all of you,

Michael B Reviewed July 05, 2016

Thanks Jonathan for a fabulous tour. It was interesting and felt very personalized. Cheers.

Lyn D Reviewed July 01, 2016

Merci, Astrid! You gave a wonderful tour that was engaging to art history buffs and teenagers alike! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and learned a lot!

Melinda W Reviewed June 25, 2016

A quick note to say that our Louvre tour with Christiana today was an absolute highlight of our trip! We found Christiana to be a very knowledgeable guide and she was excellent with our two children ( aged 7 and 10). She kept them enthralled for three hours and it went very quickly - they didn't notice how much they'd walked and seen! Both my husband and I had been to the Louvre before but we learnt new things through Chriatiana and her interesting and knowledgeable facts and information. The tour was the right length of time and well pitched.
We would definitely do another tour with Localers and Christiana! We will be recommending your tours to our friends. Our children said "Christiana was the best tour guide ever!" Please could you pass on our thanks to Christiana.

Eileen E Reviewed June 03, 2016

The tour was fabulous! We loved every minute of the tour and were so impressed with Marouane's in depth knowledge of everything in the museum. No one can see the Louvre in a few hours, even in a few days and it was so wonderful having someone so knowledgeable to present the highlights to us so we could maximize the time we had to spend. There is no doubt that we would have missed so much of what we were able to see without Marouane's excellent guidance. And the commentary he provided was invaluable in our understanding of what we were seeing. Excellent tour, excellent experience. I would recommend the guide and the tour company highly. I will also provide an excellent review on Trip Advisor later in the the week. Thanks so much!

s john C Reviewed May 29, 2016

Our guide Isabel was knowledgeable, fun and accommodating. This was a great way to go for first time.

Tremayne G Reviewed May 29, 2016

Arianna was awesome! We were a little late and got lost trying to find here at the meeting point, but a quick phone call sorted that out and she promptly came to find us not far from where we were supposed to go. Once inside, she displayed a masterful command of the layout of this enormous museum, swiftly shuttling us from one great masterwork to the next, ensuring in our limited time we checked every box of things we wanted to see. Moving from the museum's best collections in ancient Greek statues, to paintings from the Italian and French Renaissance, we made our way over to the Egyptian collection and ancient civilizations building all right before the museum closed. Arianna proved to be very smart and friendly, and made the whole experience very enjoyable and interesting for us, people not especially knowledgeable or interested in art history. That is the mark of a true master. Thanks so much, when I return to Paris to explore some more of the Louvre I hope to be able to hire her again!

Chandra A Reviewed May 22, 2016

Absolutely amazing experience. The small group allowed for intimacy, questions, and answers by our guide, Yaelle. She was passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and sweet. We visited the Louvre for the Mona Lisa but thanks to Yaelle, we learned so much about some of the other, less popular, yet more fascinating works of art. You won't get that on your own trolling the halls of this beautiful building. There is NO BETTER WAY to take a tour than to use The Localers. Once you try this, you'll understand why.

Deborah H Reviewed May 07, 2016

We really enjoyed our family tour of the Louvre with Astrid on Monday. She is an excellent guide and a very nice person and she kept our three girls very interested during the entire tour. It was one of the highlights of our trip so far.

Stephanie S Reviewed May 07, 2016

Nous avons adoré notre visite du Louvre avec Marie-Claire.

Frances M Reviewed May 07, 2016

Astrid was fabulous! We loved her !!

Theresa M Reviewed May 07, 2016

Astrid was a delight! We certainly got our money's worth. She was very knowledgable but more importantly, gave us insights and connections we wouldn't have gotten otherwise. We just finished reading a Louvre guide that we purchased after our tour and found it seriously lacking in comparison. Additionally, she displayed a great sense of humor. I hope she enjoyed being with post rather than pre-schoolers. Theresa & John

ann c Reviewed May 07, 2016

Christiana was a great guide, she was happy and enthusiastic, we loved it.
Thank you!

Brad H Reviewed May 07, 2016

Thank you. Julien was fantastic. Particularly with the children.

John C Reviewed May 06, 2016

Fred was very, very good - really made the Louvre accessible and helped all of us get a sense of historical and artistic progression. The pace of the tour was excellent. Our sons were genuinely interested and engaged the whole time, as we were. Not easy on a visit of that length. Please reinforce our thanks.

Debra S Reviewed May 06, 2016

Vanessa was wonderful! Our tour was one of the highlights of our trip!!! We enjoyed our time immensely and she was friendly, knowledgeable, and really targeted what we asked for and added a few extra items we knew nothing about - but after having spent some time with us she could tell we would be interested in. Just a lovely few hours!

Denise W Reviewed May 06, 2016

Marie Claire was warm and knowledgable thanks

Charlotte M Reviewed May 06, 2016

Having done other tours with other guides in other cities I must say that the tour of the Louvre ranks among my very favorite. My Localers guide Jonathan was friendly, knowledgeable, well organized and skilled in making our every minute count. It is clear he was passionate about Paris and keen to share his enthusiasm. I rank this tour a 5 out of 5 and fully intend to book a Localers team member again on my return to Paris in the future.

Chris B Reviewed January 19, 2016

Astrid was terrific. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Beverly H Reviewed December 21, 2015

Thank you, Jonathan, for a fabulous tour of the Louvre ! We loved our time together and learned a lot ! Sharon, Howard, Beverly & Richard

Patrick B Reviewed September 30, 2015

We had two private tours with Oxanna. We saw the Louvre and Versailles. She was extremely knowledgeable and interesting! We had a wonderful time and learned a lot as well. Thank you!
Pat and Linda

Rebecca P Reviewed September 16, 2015

It would have taken us two days on our own to cover what we saw with Oxana in less than three hours. She steered us easily to the pieces we wanted to see. When she shared her vast knowledge about the artwork, artists, and the building itself, what we were viewing really came alive. When our time with her was over, we spent another few hours looking at the Egyptian antiquities and decorative arts (furniture, jewelry). Our family of four took a private tour and I considered it one of the highlights of our ten days in France. I'm sure all the guides are excellent, but the next time we visit Paris, I will plan my schedule around Oxana's availability- I still have much to learn from her!!

Joanne A Reviewed August 16, 2015

Our guide, Jonathan, helped us get the most out of our day at the Louvre. He kept my children (ages 14 and 11) engaged and was very patient with them. He helped connect what they were seeing with modern ideas and stories familiar to them. He hit all the highlights one would expect to see and also a few of his favourites that we would never have noticed. And frankly those were some of the most special.

I highly recommend Jonathan for tween and teenage children.

James L Reviewed August 06, 2015

Just wanted to inform you that Gwen was phenomenal on our tour today and I could not be more pleased .

Mary M Reviewed August 04, 2015

Our private tour with Oxana was the best. She was a wealth of information about the Louvre and its art works and she was very enthusiastic. We liked listening to her descriptions and we appreciated her patience with all of our questions. We definitely recommend her for the Louvre tour and we will be placing a top review on Tripadvisor. Thanks again Oxana and the Localers!

Mary, Terry, Lisa and Peg

Julia S Reviewed August 02, 2015

Amazing tour guide! Very knowledgeable and great with our kids! We all thoroughbred enjoyed the day!

Michael W Reviewed July 17, 2015

The private tour was a most memorable experience; our guide brought the experience to life.

I would book an extended private tour with you on our net visit.

Our guide had the expected knowledge in addition he provide 'life' to our tour.

kirsten h Reviewed June 29, 2015

Marie Claire was Fantastic and we had a great and informative tour of the Louve….looking forward to going back and will use Localers again.

Laura R Reviewed June 29, 2015

We wanted to thank you for your wonderful service arranging the tour especially on short notice and for giving us such a wonderful guide.

Marie Claire (our guide), thank you for your time today. The boys and I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the tour. We look forward to seeing you again.

Julie F Reviewed June 29, 2015

Thank you. Julien was fantastic. Particularly with the children.

Lucius D Reviewed June 25, 2015

A comprehensive tour with a guide who related extremely well to our granddaughter . A wonderful primer for the Louvre

Janet C Reviewed June 09, 2015

We really enjoyed our Louvre guided tour. Thank you.
I would recommend you to our friends.

Charlotta K Reviewed April 20, 2015 US

The tours were great! Aurore was amazing. Very knowledgeable and made the tour interesting with little stories and details.

Thomas G Reviewed April 13, 2015 US

Jessica did a wonderful job for us, coping with the Louvre crowds and our rambling, easily distracted 12 year old. It is obvious she has a great depth of knowledge and passion for her work.

Michael Y Reviewed December 19, 2014 US

We had a great time with Frederic.

William G Reviewed December 17, 2014 US

Jessica was great. She was knowledgable and friendly. Thank you!

Philip D Reviewed December 10, 2014 US

Knowledgeable and entertaining.

June B Reviewed November 22, 2014 US

Our tour of the Louvre was excellently done. Great attention given to my physical limitations but we still got to see the most amazing items. We enjoyed the time immensely, and would do it again. Our guide was absolutely the best! We only wish we had more time to tour with the Loclers!We highly recommend using the Localers!

Patti L Reviewed September 24, 2014 USA

We absolutely loved our Louvre tour with Marjorie. She was exceptionally knowledgeable and very entertaining!

Samar E Reviewed August 16, 2014 AE

Our tours with your team were beyond spectacular ! Jonathan amazed us with his knowledge at the Louvre and his delivery of the stories behind the pieces.They made our Paris stay so memorable!

Tania A Reviewed July 17, 2014 Dubai

Yes we met Marjorie, we had a very memorable tour of the louvre. all of us were thrilled by Marjorie's sense of humour and ease at talking about history/ art and the amazing construction of the louvre. we will all recommend Localers to our family and friends.
Regards and all the best

Indranil D Reviewed July 01, 2014 United Arab Emirates

Thank You. It was a lovely tour with Murielle.

Julie F Reviewed June 21, 2014 USA

Jonathan was great! We loved every minute. And we appreciated his knowledge and enthusiasm.

brian h Reviewed June 12, 2014 South Africa

Marjorie was fantastic. She accommodated us in every way ...... Was extremely informative and knowledgable. With our children she made appropriate stops for them to refresh. I can not imagine having done the tour otherwise. Send a special thank you to her for her recommendation on how best to get a ticket at Musee Dorsee.

Francine K Reviewed June 05, 2014 USA

We had a wonderful tour of the Louvre! Marjorie was so entertaining. Thank you.

Ana M Reviewed May 19, 2014 Mexico

You were absoulutly right! Louis is wonderful. He is very very good. I would hace loved to have him for all our tours.
Thank you and please tell him we learned a lot. Even my 2 young kids.

Shannon S Reviewed May 11, 2014 USA

We had a lovely tour with Valerie, and it was a fitting beginning to our first day in Paris, spending 2 1/2 hours learning about the fascinating medieval castle that turned into the richest collection of art in the world! I will be putting my very highest review on Tripadvisor for your Localers tour, and I especially thank you for working with us with our delay in starting the tour. We loved it, and thought Valerie was a great talent at teaching art, architecture, and history! I

David S Reviewed May 01, 2014 UK

The Louvre tour worked out perfectly. Marie was excellent -- full of knowledge and enthusiasm. She did a great job connecting with our young girls. We will definitely consider another Localers tour in the future.

Kim S Reviewed April 30, 2014 USA

delightful, informative, and very engaging. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed their tours. You are to be congratulated on the caliber of guides that you employ --- elles sont magnifique! I will certainly be pleased to share our experiences........

Al W Reviewed April 16, 2014 USA

My tour was brilliant, I really enjoyed it and found lots of inspiration for future reading.My son and I had an absolutely wonderful time with Marjorie. She was very nice, extremely knowledgeable, and was very patient with our questions...

sandra w Reviewed April 08, 2014 USA

would like to say that the tour of the Louvre with Marjorie was on of the highlights of the trip for me. Marjorie's energy, enthusiasm, clear love of the Louvre and her knowledge was so infectious and made the tour an absolute delight.
The hours spent with Marjorie in the Louvre flew by and I was sorry that it had to end. I enjoyed every single minute and came away with a new appreciation of the history and architecture of the Louvre as well as the art on display. Without hesitation I would recommend this tour to anyone.

Steve Y Reviewed April 04, 2014 Dubai

Lori said she was the 'best tour guide ever'. It evidently went great. We will hire through you again, I;m sure. thanks!

Al W Reviewed March 21, 2014 USA

My son and I had an absolutely wonderful time with Marjorie. She was very nice, extremely knowledgeable, and was very patient with our questions... It was a very special tour for us, and something we will never forget.

Emma K Reviewed March 03, 2014 Switzerland

Murielle was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. A big thank you to her, and to you for your help organizing them!

Thomas M Reviewed March 01, 2014 USA

Lastly we met with Vanessa for a tour of the Louvre. She is so sweet and nice and very professional at the same time. Her knowledge is tremendous. I am very interested in French history and have read much on the subject, so I truly enjoyed hearing Vanessa talk about a subject she is very informed on.

Jennifer H Reviewed February 26, 2014 Australia

We had a very pleasing time in Paris, due in part to the delightful tour of the Louvre that you and your team provided to us. Jonathan knows his business and you should be proud of them! If we are lucky enough to travel to Paris again we will be in touch.

Brad W Reviewed February 15, 2014 USA

The tour went well with Murielle, she was very informative, helpful, and provided great insight and understanding of the Louvre. I would recommend her for future tours.

Robert B Reviewed February 04, 2014 USA

Everything went great. The family had a great time and it was definitely the only way to see Paris. Thank you for your help.

Karen J Reviewed January 22, 2014 Australia

We loved the private tour with Murielle – we saw everything we wanted to plus more.
Murielle was very knowledgeable, informative and a pleasant personality.

Ruth C Reviewed January 03, 2014 Canada

Frederic shared with us his passion and extensive knowledge of art. Without Frederic we would not have been able to truly appreciate the Louvre, its art, its grandeur and its history.

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