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  • A private conversational tour with a certified Versailles expert
  • Get the royal treatment: skip-the-line tickets plus we escort you to and from the chateau
  • Lose yourself in the luxury and splendor of a palace for the ages
  • Enjoy a promenade fit for a king in the chateau's French gardens
Tour snapshot
  • Length: 05h00
  • Language: English
  • Type of Tour: Private Tour
  • Group Size: 8 max
  • Departure Time: 9am or 1pm
  • Cancellation: 10% fee up to 48 hours
The experience

It’s certainly the best way to see Versailles - THE AUSTRALIAN

Be sure not to miss out on the stunning Musical Fountain Show that takes place every weekend from April 1st to October 29th 2017. This delight will be part of the tour for those lucky enough to be around at that time!

Marie Antoinette's legendary retort "Let them eat cake" summed up the perilous decadence with which the French monarchy ruled for centuries, just before the French Revolution erupted in 1789. Perhaps, like we once did, you want to know if she really uttered those words. Maybe you’re looking for a glimpse of the good life experienced by the crowned heads of a golden era. Or maybe you just want to spend a few hours in the lap of luxury surrounded by centuries’ worth of the best interior decoration money can buy. Why not do so by taking our exclusive private tour of the Palace of Versailles, in a friendly and relaxed setting with an expert in the field?

There’s no better way to learn about France's grand and enigmatic history then by visiting its No. 1 site of royal opulence. Crystal chandeliers, exquisite hand-crafted furniture, and sumptuous bedroom chambers as far as the eye can see are all in store for you here. You’ll dive deep inside both the private and public lives of each sovereign, revealing the pomp and prestige of ceremonial life but also unveiling the more intimate side behind closed doors. You’ll see how the ostentatious follies of the Sun King and his successors became the ultimate symbols of French decadence, and how like fuel to the fire they eventually set ablaze a whole lot of revolutionary zeal.

And we don’t stop there. In addition to the charms of the palace itself, our tour includes the world-famous gardens which form a natural extension of the opulence found within the main residence. Breathtaking in their sheer scale and beauty, the gardens of Versailles, designed by the king’s royal gardener André Le Nôtre, are a magnificent sight to behold. Covering almost 2,000 acres—most of them landscaped in the traditional French style—these vast gardens host a staggering array of fountains, sculptures and manicured lawns. You’ll clearly see that at Versailles, anything that was worth doing was worth doing with style.

A private tour means your group will have the undivided attention of your guide the whole way. We’ll even pick you up in Paris so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once in front of the palace your personal Versailles expert will have the credentials to get you straight inside without the hassle of ticket lines and long waits. Each stop along your itinerary will be packed with tasty details and interesting facts, but never in a dry academic style. At Localers we carefully choose only the most personable and interactive guides to be sure the information is accessible and engaging for your whole group.

Your guide

Jonathan was born in the eastern suburbs of Paris and has been living in the city ever since. He's a history buff, who has specialized in the story of Paris. He’s not just a guide, but a true “titi” (nickname of the Parisian kids); his family has been in Paris for 7 generations at least. He studied history and art history at the university, after which he became a guide. Sharing cultures and meeting people are what decided him on his vocation. It feels natural to pass on the spirit of his city, and all of it's secrets. With him, you will discover the bright side of Paris in a relevant, local and funny way, but you will also learn its great history through the eye of an expert. And always with his smile, his poet soul, and his sense of humor!

Isabelle, born in England, is a graphic designer specialized in books and games for children. She has been living in Paris for 20 years, loves the city, and knows it like the back of her hand. She loves kids and enjoys showing them around Paris and having fun with them. Isabelle feels comfortable playing and talking with young children as well as teenagers. A tour with Isabelle will be an experience your kids won't forget!

Frédéric is a Parisian, born and raised in the close suburbs. After graduating in civil engineering, he realized this wasn't in the end a dreamed job for him, and decided to take a new direction. Enthusiastic about meeting people from all over the world, speaking foreign languages and sharing with them his passion for Paris, he became a guide, and now organizes both thematic tours for Parisians wanting to better know their city, and more classic tours around the must-sees of Paris with French or foreign tourists.

He particularly likes to emphasize on the connections between Paris nowadays and the way it evolved throughout its history. He enjoys linving in a city that offers numerous cultural venues, particularly museums and movie theaters, but also bars and restaurants for all tastes.

Oxana was born in Moscow, Russia and first came to Paris to study art history at the Sorbonne. That was 15 years ago, and since then she has become a real Parisian. “It is very easy to fall in love with this city because it is really the most beautiful one in the world”, - Oxana says, and she knows what she is talking about. She is an experienced traveller and has visited about twenty countries around the globe, though France remains her favorite. “Every city is unique, every culture is extraordinary, but Paris has really something special, this particular charm which makes people want to come back or settle here. It is an amazing job to be a guide here”. Besides the city’s monuments and museums, Oxana is very curious about French history, and is always happy to share her passion.

Marjorie was born in the north of France and discovered Paris early with her family.
She fell in love with Paris from the start: architecture, monuments, shops, atmosphere, history…everything fascinated her.
After being an activity leader and guide in the south of France, she left everything to settle in Paris.
More than just history and heritage, she discovered the way of life in the capital. Like a fish to water, she became a city guide. This job is a way for her to convey and share her passion for Paris. It was also a way to unite other passions: history of art, theatre and meeting people.
Now she’s been a guide for 3 years. She feels lucky to be able to do something that really interests her and have the opportunity to meet so many different people!

Solène was born in Paris and loves her city so much that she is very enthusiastic to communicate her knowledge about it. From a young age she already knew that working in an office was not for her; she needs to be outside, she likes to walk, meet people and feel the energy, and the animation of the city around her.
Since she started to travel abroad, she realized that Paris was unique and that she was lucky to live there. She is passionate about travelling, and she wants to bring that feeling of novelty to how she explores her own city. It is always a pleasure for her to share moments of life and dreams…

Murielle was born in the suburbs of Paris. She has been fascinated by Art History and the History of Paris since she was little. Her father was a installer of works of art, a unique profession which allowed him to travel to many countries and see many museums. This explains her interests in art, architecture, travel -- passions that were instilled in her from a young age. She first studied foreign languages (English and Spanish) at university and then history. She loves her city and above all, she loves helping people discover the many pleasures of the city's charming squares, beautiful gardens... and of course how a city during the gallo-roman period transformed over the centuries into the magical capital of France.

Being a guide is the best way for her to share these passions.

Sylviane was born in the outskirts of Paris. Discover with her, at a leisurely pace, the districts and museums of Paris with a different, more personalized approach. As she travels to the States every year, she is keenly aware of the differences in culture between France and America - she delights in helping travelers bridge the gap. She is eager to help you discover the history and architecture of Paris which will give you a better understanding of the places visited.

Valerie was born in Bordeaux, but since her childhood she has been traveling all around the world with her family due to her father's job but never forgot her roots and Brittany. After literary and linguistic studies, like many French people elle est montée à Paris, a typical French sentence which means "moved to the capital" 27 years ago. Valerie found everything magic in Paris! Always a new café to discover, a new restaurant to try out, a play or an Opera to see, or a museum to visit with exciting temporary exhibitions. As she travelled a lot, she can understand the expectations of people coming to discover la ville lumière and also help them to dive into the Parisians’ everyday life giving them a taste and a better understanding of their history, culture, habits, gastronomy …

Native of Parisian region, Emilie started to be keen on art and Paris quite early, thanks to her parents. Also passionate about foreign languages, she naturally found her vocation when she was in secondary school. Graduated of tourism and Art History, she started to work as a professional guide at the palace of Versailles in 2008. Emilie has a soft spot for medieval art, the covered passages, Art Nouveau and cafés… that makes Paris so special to her. Her profession as a real passion that she has the pleasure to share with people from the whole world!

Joanna was born in Warsaw, and moved to France with her parents when she was a teenager. Immediately she felt in love with Paris, its history and its sparkling way of life. After the studies of Foreign Languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and History of Art it was obvious to her to turn into a tour guide. Performing also as a painter it’s a real pleasure for her to share with you the secrets of the artistic life of the City of Lights.
Parisienne de coeur Joanna will guide you throught the time and the space: centuries of artworks of the Louvre, greatness of the royal life of Versailles , mysterious spots in the historic heart of Paris …

Hervé is a French National Tour Guide working and living in Paris. He has first studied acting and has played in many small theaters in Paris. However, he has always loved History and decided to study it in the meantime. He then decided to use his acting skills to make History and Art come to life. Also, Hervé has lived a year in the USA (Atlanta GA) where he was an exchange student. Later he has lived and worked in London. That way, he has a keen understanding of the Anglo-Saxon world and is happy to reveal the French vision of the world to foreigners.
Throughout his studies he has developed a taste for all periods of History but he remains fascinated by the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. So Versailles is like home for him ! Of course he is also interested in many other subjects so long as they lead to understanding how this country and its Art have become what they are now. For instance it’s always fun to tell how ill received the impressionist movement was by the very conservative French society and how the Americans liked it right away.
With his outgoing personality and his passionate nature, Hervé is really looking forward to sharing all this with you.

A licensed history guide, Hélène takes great pleasure in sharing her passion for art; both by ancient and modern artists. Hélène loves to take visitors on discovery tours of the Musée du Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay collections, as well as to the magnificent Versailles Palace and other places of artistic value in and outside Paris. Above all, Hélène loves to exchange ideas about the heritage of her own culture and country with those of other countries and cultures!

Jessica was born in Saint-Germain en Laye, the birth place of Louis XIV. From a young age she always wanted to spend time surrounded by art and history. In high school she discovered art history and knew that was what she wanted to do in her life. At 20 years old, she settled in Paris and fell in love with this romantic, beautiful, sparkling, and sometimes scary but always fantastic and poetic city. However, a few years ago she spent a year in New York City which opened her heart to the joy of meeting people from all over the world. Back in her Parisian way of life, it was an obvious choice for her to combine her passions: communication and art history. Guiding people in Paris and helping them to enjoy her beloved city is what she does best.

Born in Paris, Paris is her passion. Elisabeth is always searching for unusual places in the capital: dead ends, private court, havens of peace…Paris has many secrets still unknown to its inhabitants. She is Spanish but moreover she is Andalusian on her mother’s side. She passed on to me this passion for connecting the Spanish culture and civilization with the History of France.
After a Master’s degree of Iberian studies, and keen on transmitting my knowledge, Elisabeth turned herself first of all to teaching but she realized it was the profession of guide that suited her best.
She is now a licensed history guide and she shows the capital and its monuments with humor, interaction and warmth.
Her specialty? She likes transmitting the small anecdotes which make History with a capital H.

Marie-Claire was born and raised in Toulouse (South of France) but fell in love with Paris and its unique charm as soon as she arrived in the city in 2007. Apart from one year abroad in Germany finishing her studies in foreign languages, museology and art history, she stayed since then in Paris. She works as an art historian in a research institute and teaches art history (especially 15th – 19th century-painting) to students since 2009. She loves to be a guide and to share her passion for art and museum with people from around the world discovering Paris’ wonders. She also loves gastronomy, theater and fashion.

Gwennaëlle was born in the South of France. She has been living in Paris for 12 years and working as a licensed guide for 7 years. Ever since she was a child, she was passionate by art and history, and wanted to become a guide. She has studied Art History at the Ecole du Louvre as well as English at the university. She is both working as a guide and as an art history teacher in different universities for French and foreign students. She loves Paris and discovering the treasures of Parisian museums and monuments, as well as sharing her passion through visits.

Born en Paris, Astrid defines herself as a world’s citizen, as she has been travelling all over the world since her childhood. She was able to speak Spanish at three and English at six ! Travelling and meeting the others has always been part of herself and it was very naturally that she graduated in History, English and Communication few years later in Paris.
Eight years ago, when she settled in New Caledonia, a little french island in the Pacific, she worked as a tour guide for children. This was a revelation! Back to Paris again, she decided to become a professional family tour guide. She now looks forward to share with you her love and knowledge about Paris or Versailles for an unforgettable visit.

Arianna is italian and was raised in Rome. Her first steps in a museum were at the age of 5 at the Uffizi’s with her italian art-lover grand mother. That’s how a new adventure started ! After receiving a very international education in French school in Rome and abroad she then settled in Paris in 1999 and graduated in Art History at La Sorbonne. She’s now teaching modern and contemporary art in a parisian Art School and works as a guide in all major and minor museum of Paris. She loves to share her passion with individuals, families and children. Her challenge : give to all an unforgettable museum experience in Paris.

Cristiana is Italian, but she fell in love in Paris at first sight! She graduated from architecture and art history before turning herself to a guide career. She loves to share her love with Paris and its museums with travelers, especially with kids. A museum visit with Cristiana will be an experience your children will never forget!

Françoise has a French and British education and studied at an international college before specialising in Art History and Parisian History. As a qualified guide, she is passionate about History and fine arts, speaks fluent German and has travelled the world, having also spent 10 years in Canada and the USA. As a local expert, Francoise will guide you through the Paris museums and historical sites, sharing her passion and telling stories full of anecdotes. Discover the most beautiful city in the world and walk in the paths of the most famous men and women who impacted Paris as you see it today!

Yaëlle was born in Paris and grew up in the Parisian suburbs. Fluent in English and Hebrew, she is passionate about her home city; its history, architecture, culture and gastronomy along with its exceptional monuments, museums, gardens and fountains. Yaëlle loves to work with young people, making Paris a fun city to explore for all the family. When not guiding or exploring new countries and cultures on holiday, she enjoys a bike ride along the Seine River or a stroll in the Marais.

Clémentine comes from Gap, a little town in the French Alps perfect for swimming, skiing and enjoying the mountain landscape. A fan of the outdoors, Clémentine loves to lead tours in the streets of her favorite city, Paris. In her spare time she loves to cycle along the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, taking in the history of the city as she goes. When not guiding, teaching or cycling, Clémentine likes to enjoy a glass of wine with friends on the Canal de l'Ourq, or spend time exploring her favorite museum, the Musée Gustave Moreau.

Raphaelle was born in Paris and quickly fell in love with the city and its history. Passionate about history, she decided to study it in a Parisian university, but soon realized that being a guide would be a better fit with her energetic and outgoing personality. She has a close relationship with America where she lived for several years and spent nearly a full year in Mexico and other Latino countries. Her goal is to put monuments and artworks back into their social and cultural context to help her guests understand them better. She is particularly fond of the French Revolution period and the consequent industrialization and development of art in the 19th Century. According to Raphaelle, the "City of Light" has much to offer provided you are shown the right places and artworks; guiding is a unique opportunity for her to establish that real communication experience.

Pierre was born in Paris and speaks fluently English and Mandarin Chinese. It is alway a great pleasure for Pierre to introduce his guests to the treasures of the French cultural heritage, for example at the Louvre, Versailles or Orsay, which are formidable playgrounds to get familiar with French history and its kings and emperors, Greek and Roman mythology and its heroes, art history and its artists...

Price details
1 person €399 per person
2 people €229 per person
3 people €169 per person
4 people €149 per person
5 people €129 per person
6 people & more €119 per person

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What's Included

  • VIP skip-the-line tickets for entry into the chateau

  • An exclusive private tour of the palace and gardens accompanied by your guide

  • Train tickets for both your trip to Versailles and your return to Paris

What's Not

  • A private audience with the ghost of Marie Antoinette (she’s busy that day)

After a short 20-minute train ride from Paris accompanied by your guide, you’ll be in the town of Versailles. Upon exiting the station you’ll see the Town Hall, a magnificent piece of architecture dating back to the 19th Century. A few steps further you’ll arrive in front of the palace of Versailles and its formidable gates overlaid with gold leaf. Long lines usually snake far around the chateau but that’s for non-VIP’s—your group will get to glide right past the crowds and enter the main residence directly.

You’ll find yourself within the hallowed walls which were once home to the French royal court for many glorious years. Room after room of ostentatious decor will reveal the pomp and grandeur of court life. This tour of Versailles is designed so that you travel through all of the rooms that the king himself would’ve passed through, as he enacted the heavily codified rituals and ceremonies that made the Palace of Versailles such a stultifying place to be.

From the king's chambers used for each day’s wake-up ceremony, to sprawling dinners eaten in silence before the assembled court, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Louis XVI and his young wife Marie Antoinette. Your guide will take you on a stunning journey that will include among others the King’s Apartments and the breathtaking hall of mirrors with views onto the French gardens.

After this intense and dazzling tour, what better way to unwind than with a stroll through the exquisite gardens of Versailles? These beautiful exteriors encase the famous chateau in a seemingly endless display of verdant beauty. Here you’ll bear witness to a wealth of extraordinary fountains with elaborate displays of perpetually spouting water.

There is no end to beauty of these gardens: manicured lawns edged with marble copies of Greek and Roman statues, labyrinths with precision-cut hedges, miles of lakes, forests and canals stretching over a staggering 2,000 acres. You’ll learn about the history of their creation, their daily usage, and their special place at the heart of festivities during the summer months when the court celebrated its most lavish parties with fireworks, music, and the famous musical fountain shows.

At the end of your tour if you wish to keep the good times rolling by exploring the city of Versailles, your guide will have recommendations for restaurants and points of interest in town. For those who wish to return to Paris, your guide will be happy to accompany you back to the train station and point you in the right direction to your hotel or apartment.

Be sure not to miss out on the stunning Musical Fountain Show that takes place every weekend from April 1st to October 29th 2017. This delight will be part of the tour for those lucky enough to be around at that time!

Meeting Point Invalides Metro Station
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Based on 69 reviews
Louise S Reviewed January 12, 2017

The tour was great! It was just as I'd hoped. Jonathan was early to meet us and made it all very easy. From not having to buy train tickets to not queuing to enter Versailles. It was a no-stress visit! Jonathan was excellent: knowledgeable and good company. He tailored it perfectly for us : just enough detail and eager to answer any questions.
Such a good experience that we'll probably do one of your tours in our next stop:Florence. Thanks Jonathan!

Gary A Reviewed December 30, 2016

Jessica is truly outstanding and made our Versailles visit very special.

JEFFREY P Reviewed November 24, 2016

We were delighted to have Majorie as our guide! She was very informative and added a tremendous amount of fun to our day. I highly recommend her to anyone with a genuine interest in Versailles and 18th century French history.

Marisa S Reviewed November 17, 2016

This tour was amazing!!! Frederic (our guide) was friendly & incredibly knowledgeable as well as patient and flexible in dealing with our crazy hectic schedule. Versailles itself was spectacular and the gardens were so peaceful and beautiful!

suzi d Reviewed September 28, 2016

We had the most amazing day with thanks to Astrid our wonderful guide. Astrid was ahead of time for meeting us, had our tour planned out to the highest degree and had show and tell for the train trip so when we arrived at Versailles we were already ahead of the game in knowledge! Couldn't recommend this tour enough - if you get Astrid you are absolutely in the best hands. Thank you so much, we loved every single second of our time with you.

Michele G Reviewed September 28, 2016

We were lucky enough to have Marjorie guide us around Versailles. We were only a small group of 2 friends, my husband and I. Marjorie was so knowledgeable and she answered all our questions. She made the tour fun and very personalised. I will definitely recommend Localers to our friends in Australia.

Kimberly V Reviewed September 19, 2016

Murielle was a fantastic guide!

Joe B Reviewed September 05, 2016

This was a wonderful tour and largely due to our guide Yaelle. We had initially done the private Louvre tour with Yaelle and we were so impressed that when she mentioned she also does the Versailles tour with Localers we booked it in with her. Yaelle had the perfect mix of history, antidotes and personally. She was extremely professional from the first point of contact yet had a welcoming nature that made us feel very welcome and confortable to ask questions. Yaelle was extremely knowledgable on both the Louvre and Versailles and I felt that we got great value for money. We took many tours with your company (Corey and Agathat were also excellent and should be praised) but Yaelle was the absolute standout for us. She is an excellent tour guide and I would have no hesitation recommending her to others. Please pass on our gratitude to Yaelle for making our time in Paris extra special.

Rob M Reviewed July 26, 2016

I have hired Localers many times in 2 years. Jonathan is simply the best. In fact, his ability to teach us about the history of Versailles while also being funny and friendly to every member of my family was a tremendous talent and treat. We had many discussions about the French monarchy and how it relates to French culture vs American culture. He joked with my 12-year old son, spoke to my 17-year old daughter and made sure my wife was engaged and entertained the whole day.

I will not hesitate to keep hiring Localers in the future, especially Jonathan.

Thank you for a great experience.

Elisabeth M Reviewed July 18, 2016

Christiana was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable, informative, efficient, and charming. Versailles was insanely crowded -- long lines wrapped through the entire front court yard and the interior rooms were quite jammed. It would have been a miserable experience alone, but with "Madame Guide" it was incredible. We skipped the lines, were able to appreciate the grandeur of the interior spaces, and learned so much. She also lead us on a terrific tour of the gardens. I cannot recommend strongly enough that anybody going to Versailles do it with a guide (and, in particular, Christiana).
Thank you for a marvelous experience!

Scott S Reviewed June 30, 2016

I don't know how anyone would want to visit Versailles without a Localers guide. Guides skip the line at the start. Our lovely guide Astrid knew exactly when to go through a group or hang back. She had so much history and life to each space. She took us to a special Grove in the garden! Astrid was sensitive to our needs because it was hot and sunny. She knew the walk to Hercules was going to wipe us out and had a better suggestion. To be escorted to and from the train and filled in on culture and current events was priceless. Astrid withstood our incessant questions with humor and care. Wish we were friends now!

Tremayne G Reviewed June 03, 2016

Frederic was a great guide, very friendly and informative.

john r Reviewed May 26, 2016

I have to say your representative ‘Joanna’ was terrific.

We would definately use your Company again and particularly Joanna who was so professional, courteous, and a credit to your Business.

Many thanks for arranging this.

Stephen B Reviewed May 14, 2016

Christiana was an absolutely wonderful tour guide! We had several challenges the day of the tour but Christiana did not miss a beat and gave us a wonderful day at Versailles we will never forget. One of the most unique experiences we did not expect was snow on the day of our tour. We had a great time viewing the gardens while it was snowing. We did however have beautiful sunshine by the end of the gardens tour. She was not only able to give us a wealth of information about Versailles but also could answer any of the questions we had about Paris/France. She even made sure we were able to get back to the right place when we returned to Paris. I would highly recommend Christiana and the Versailles tour!

Chris A Reviewed May 13, 2016

We had a very wet day at Versailles, but in spit of that Solene did an excellent job. We were disappointed that we didn't get to see the gardens but she was willing to take us but it was just too wet a day.

Marlee C Reviewed May 13, 2016

Outstanding! Hervé is an excellent guide. And tell him thanks for two excellent restaurant recommendations. We went to one for lunch and the other for dinner. Would refer your group to friends

Anthony C Reviewed May 07, 2016

Dear Folks are Localers;
We enjoyed a delightful day with Solene! She was punctual and friendly.
She efficiently got us to and around all areas of Versailles, sharing her vast knowledge of your multi-layer French history of Rois,Emperors, and Republics, along with wives and significant children, family members, alliances, connections, and interesting tidbits of information. I soaked it all in as she struggled with the press of the crowds to be sure we could hear every bit of information she had to share. We enjoyed a delightful lunch, followed by a rousing romp through every delightful venue in the royal gardens and grand and petit Trianons. I felt like we did it ALL; And returned replete!
One recommendation, that we did request, as well at time of booking, was to arrive just before opening. There were great pressing crowds; it would have helped to avoid that had we gained earlier access.
Overflowing with wonderful memories,
Carol and Carroll

Tracy C Reviewed May 07, 2016

This is the only way to tour with your kids. Astrid was an angel. She knew all the ins and outs of cutting through the crowds. She focised on my 10 year old daughter and talked about things in a way that was engaging and informative. I even asked her if she'd been a teacher pror to her gig as a tour guide. Everything was a breeze. I highly recommend this tour!

Matthew M Reviewed May 07, 2016

Jessica was amazing as a host and was incredibly passionate and knowledgable about the history of Versailles . Not to mention she guided our family swiftly through the nightmare lines and logistics that literally a thousand other people had to struggle with! Highly recommended!

Cristina R Reviewed May 07, 2016

Our trip to Versailles was exceptional. Marie Claire is a brilliant tour guide.
I must say your company made our trip to Paris a positive and memorable experience.

Gregory L Reviewed May 07, 2016

Astrid was great, we would request her again on our next visit.

David G Reviewed May 07, 2016

Oxana did a wonderful job with the tour. I'd recommend her to others. David

David L Reviewed May 07, 2016

Great experience, Herve was outstanding he was excited to share his knowledge,

Thank you

Ivan C Reviewed May 07, 2016

We had a wonderful tour. Joanna spoke perfect English and was both very knowledgeable about Versaille and we loved her interactivity. It was great to share our understanding of history from our different perspectives. Joanna was also very cogniscent of our time frame and our capacities as older visitors. Overall she was very friendly and ... though we partially booked her to avoid the queues - which we did ... she gave us a completely new understanding and perspective of Versaille and a part of French history. Great to have known her.

Christina O Reviewed May 07, 2016

I'm so glad we booked a tour with Gwennaelle. She was very knowledgeable and it was nice to be able to go at our pace. She was able to provide us with a lot of history about Versailles. I will book again with your company.

Tom M Reviewed May 07, 2016

Christiana was a wonderful tour - able to engage both parents and our teenage kids throughout the day with a great mix of facts, humor and context that made our trip to Versailles incredibly special. Well worth the investment and would look forward to using the team for other tours.

janet s Reviewed April 26, 2016

The tour was great and Jessica was informed, gracious and delightful. Thanks so much for going forward with the tour although there were just the two of us.

Harry P Reviewed April 18, 2016

Astrid was great, we would request her again on our next visit.

Victoria R Reviewed October 22, 2015

Had a wonderful day today with Frederick at Versailles today, absolutely fantastic!

Judith R Reviewed October 07, 2015

Jonathan was an excellent guide and showed us so much that previous tours had not. We have 2 young children and he made sure they were included and the information was relevant and interesting to them so that they didn't get boring. Great company to deal with and made seeing Versailles a wonderful experience.

Patrick B Reviewed September 30, 2015

We had two private tours with Oxanna. We saw the Louvre and Versailles. She was extremely knowledgeable and interesting! We had a wonderful time and learned a lot as well. Thank you!
Pat and Linda

danny g Reviewed September 01, 2015

Herve was a tremendous guide to Versailles! I've used Localers on prior trips to Paris and, once again, I was very pleased with the high quality of the experience. At this point, I would not consider visiting Paris without including at least one of their tours!

Lee C Reviewed August 19, 2015

Marie Claire is an excellent guide!
She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and cleat loves
what she does. She made our visit to Versailles
very enjoyable. We also really enjoyed her tour at the Louvre.

Kirby B Reviewed August 08, 2015

Jonathan provided us with a lot of good information, and we were grateful that he spent extra time in the gardens when he realized that we were more interested in enjoying the gardens than spending time in the overcrowded palace.

Olivia B Reviewed August 02, 2015

Astrid was a lovely guide! We were a group of four with a nine year old and a 16 year old--she managed to appeal to all of us! She tailored the tour to our pace and style, and was extremely knowledgable. Five stars!

Sumit S Reviewed July 07, 2015

We just finished our tour and Marjorie was really an amazing guide and we thoroughly enjoyed her company, guidance and insights.
We enjoyed all of our tours - thanks to you for planning everything so well with us and for such amazing responsiveness.
We have already told friends about you for their future plans to Paris. You have a lovely city here and we look forward to our next visit here.

daniel r Reviewed July 07, 2015

We enjoyed our tour with Gwen. She is a great ambassador for Paris and was a delight to be with ; She was informative, friendly, humorous and fun to be with. My daughter, wife and I had a terrific time during our Versailles tour. It was one of the highlights of our trip and she is to be complimented.

David M Reviewed July 07, 2015

Just wanted to say how much Sue and I enjoyed our tours of the Louvre and Versailles. Jonathan was a delight to be with and so knowledgeable and interesting with a clear passion for what he does.

Jill C Reviewed June 30, 2015

We had a spectacular afternoon with the lovely Astrid as our guide ! Versailles is such a magnificent place, full of history and magical discoveries, and we couldn't have been in more capable and knowledgeable hands. We bypassed both the queue to the entrance and the gardens with Astrid as our host. Additionally, we didn't have to think about our train tickets to and from Versailles, as Astrid had them in hand ready to go. It was truly an unforgettable day, we all felt lucky to experience a true taste of history and opulence with such a perfect companion to show us around.

Timothy S Reviewed June 22, 2015

Jonathan is a knowledgeable guide, who is also sensitive to the needs of his guests. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with him, and would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking a personalized tour experience.

Cathy H Reviewed June 22, 2015

Astrid was a fantastic guide. We enjoyed the tour and it was so enriching to learn the history. Even though this was our second time to Versaille, we saw so many things that we missed the first time as a result of our guide. It was the highlight of our Paris trip for my two nieces.

The tour is worth it not only for the history but to be able to skip the unbelievably long queue that would have taken 2 hrs!

Amy S Reviewed June 21, 2015

Frederic was wonderful. He was friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour.

Robert E W Reviewed June 09, 2015

Frederic was an exceptional guide yesterday at the Palace Versailles.

Deborah M Reviewed June 09, 2015

We had a wonderful time in Paris! Isabelle was very nice and so knowledgeable.

Janet C Reviewed June 09, 2015

We really enjoyed our Versailles guided tour. Thank you.
I would recommend you to our friends.

Heather S Reviewed May 27, 2015

We had an amazing day! Herve is so knowledgeable & did a great job. Seeing the major fountains running was a special treat. We appreciated skipping all the lines, & starting with the Petit Trianon & gardens allowed us to miss most of the crowds.

Mariee J Reviewed May 05, 2015 AU

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Versailles. Frederic was an excellent guide with a great personality. We were certainly glad we had a private tour.

Richard C Reviewed April 12, 2015 US

Astrid was great. She has a great personality for both adults and kids and taught us so much. She started to give us a history lesson right when we got on the train and did a great job the whole day. She knew how to get around Versailles great and we were very efficient in our ability to see a lot that day. Astrid did a Fantastic job!

AMBER S Reviewed April 11, 2015 GB

Marjorie was amazing. I had my 75 old mom and my 15 year old nephew she was great for everyone. Versailles would not have been as interesting without the history of a local.
Thanks Marjorie

Terence W Reviewed March 19, 2015 CA

Jonathan was a fantastic guide. He is VERY knowledgeable with regards to French history and gave us many interesting tidbits and info about the palace that I never even read about in high school and university. His calm demeanor was exactly what we needed since it can get extremely busy there, especially in the hall of mirrors. He was more than happy to take photos for us and made sure we were okay and knew how to get back to the hotel before we went our separate ways.

Jeffrey R Reviewed December 30, 2014 US

Wonderful tour today with Joanna! We had a great day.

Rita N Reviewed December 23, 2014 AU

Frederic was a wonderful guide on our tour of Versailles Palace and Gardens. Very informative, organised, prompt and a lovely man. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. Great job Fred. :)

Janet H Reviewed October 28, 2014 US

Solene was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend her for any guided tours.

Barton W Reviewed August 16, 2014 AU

I would just like to thank to your organisation for giving us the opportunity to undertake the tours with your representative Solene. Solene was an absolute delight .Passionate and very knowledgeable. Solene was also very patient with us even though we are not historians. Please pass on our thanks.

Alec A Reviewed July 23, 2014 New Zealand

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Versailles with Marjorie and it was worth every cent! I would highly recommend this to any future clients, Marjorie was informative in her tour and gave us additional helpful advice for the rest of our stay in Paris.

kris s Reviewed July 19, 2014 Australia

I am back in Australia now after my wonderful trip through Europe.
I would like you to pass on my thanks to Solene for the valuable input she made to Joshua's and my enjoyment of Versailles and the Louvre.
We found her a fabulous guide - Solene was very well able to read our interests and the pace we wanted to move at. Her sharing of her knowledge was just at the right level for us. We found her company delightful.
Again thanks to Localers and Solene for these great tours.

Sheila C Reviewed July 10, 2014 Canada

I think that Marjorie made Versailles one of our top three favourites of our trip for everyone. She has a fantastic wealth of knowledge and was able to answer all of our questions regardless of whether they were from my kids or us. That is really saying something for her ability to relate, given the breadth of the types of questions that were asked. Thank you so much!

Shirley B Reviewed June 16, 2014 Canada

We had an excellent tour of Versaille with Oxana. From start to finish, our tour was well organized, well informed and very accommodating. We found Oxana to be extremely knowledgable, friendly and we most appreciated that she made the tour very interesting for our children who ranged in ages 9-14. Oxana navigated us through the immense crowd quite seamlessly and she was able to distill centuries of historical facts into several key themes that we were all able to learn and remember from this beautiful and historically rich tourist sight.

Lexie H Reviewed May 22, 2014 UK

For Versailles, I would however recommend that you tell your clients about Marie Antoinette's farm which we heard about while on the Eiffel Tower tour ( I think this may have been preferable to the market but to be fair we did visit the market late after our lunch)- Solene did give us the option to switch but Robyn, our daughter liked the idea of shopping- I think we should have done more research. I gather the farm is usually offered on a longer tour.

Kathy J Reviewed May 19, 2014 USA

Johnathan was very knowledgeable and did a nice job of providing interesting details about Versailles for the adults and children.

Kathleen M Reviewed May 15, 2014 Australia

Our day with Fred went very well. He was waiting for us and we were early at the Air France Building. Fred was very professional, knowledgeable and entertaining. We thoughly enjoyed our time with Fred.
We would definitely recommend your company and Fred in the future.

Peggy R Reviewed May 01, 2014 USA

We had the most fabulous day with Marjorie at Versailles. She was fantastic, so very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to spend the day with. I will highly recommend your services to all.

Lisa S Reviewed April 07, 2014 USA

Frederic was an awesome tour guide at Versailles. He was so knowledgeable and it was apparent that he was personally interested in the history of the place and had done a great deal of background research. He knew so much about each room and pointed out to us his favorite spots in the gardens and things that had happened in each of the rooms that we toured. It was a totally delightful afternoon. He was punctual and well organized and even brought a binder with pictures of Versailles that were repros of painting showing it way back when. We enjoyed our train ride to and from Versailles and I personally will recommend localers to friends traveling to Paris as a great source of tour guides. It was a fantastic day!

Jeremiah I Reviewed April 03, 2014 USA

Marjorie was incredible, she is so knowledgable and a great passion for history.

Liz S Reviewed April 02, 2014 USA

Our trip to Versailles with Frederic was a highlight of our trip--despite the really awful weather . I didn't even miss seeing the gardens (which were closed due to weather) because Frederic's commentary throughout the tour of the palace was so fascinating. He has great depth of knowledge about art, history, and culture and I really appreciated his enthusiasm for discussing the many topics that pertain to Versailles. Frederic too went out of his way to help us plan additional excursions in Paris and even phoned a restaurant for us. We were sorry to say good bye to him at the end of the day.

Diane t Reviewed March 14, 2014 Australia

We felt that we benefitted enormously by having the knowledge of a local guide. Solene particularly was able to give us great insight into the history of your country, the characters of the kings living at Versailles and the events leading to the revolution in the 18th century. We were particularly impressed that your company was willing to run the Versailles tour especially to accommodate our family. We gained enormously for having our own very small group tour.

Rajani L Reviewed March 11, 2014 USA

Frédéric was a fantastic guide as well - he was extremely knowledgeable about Versailles, and we really enjoyed speaking with him about our lives and our travels in France and throughout Europe. He was particularly great with our (teenage) kids.

Juliet O Reviewed February 21, 2014 USA

Without a doubt, the Versailles tour was one of the highlights of our trip. Marjorie provided us with information and unique insights that we would never have had access to. Also, being able to skip the queues was a huge bonus. The next time we are in Paris, we fully intend to book more tours through Localers. Thank you!!

Janice F Reviewed January 15, 2014 Canada

Excellent! Jonathan was great, 5 stars!

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