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You will see below a list of articles that came out about us in newspapers and magazines all over the world (and, yes, we are very proud to please not only our clients but also the journalists!).

For other information such as press release or any type of material, don't hesitate to contact us at

Localers, however, sets out to turn this conception on its head with its fun and informative Eiffel Tower Food Tour.

January 2013 Time out Paris

On your next trip to Paris, sign up for a walking tour with Thomas or one of the other local guides in the Localers family!

January 2013 Lost in Cheeseland

[…]this was so much fun and a morning filled with a lot of laughter

February 2013 Paris in 4 months

What makes Localers stand out is their desire to provide you the best quality.

May 2013 La petite peach

Guided visits of the Marché aux Puces with Localers

May 2013 Forbes Travel Guide

[…]the perfect solution to combat the holiday tendency to whine "I'm bored!"

June 2013 Time out Paris

Whatever your passion - food, wine, fashion - Localers offers the inside track to Paris

July 2013 Aerlingus Mag

[…]there’s definitely something for everyone to learn about!

July 2013

Localers […] tours are unique – for the traveller searching for "a real glimpse into local lifestyles."

August 2013 Rewind Magazine Localers

Learn the Art of Petanque with the Localers

August 2013 AFP (French Press Agency)

How to be a Paris insider

September 2013 The Australian

Localers, was founded in late 2012 by travel industry veteran […] to help visitors immerse themselves in local life with authentic experiences.

September 2013 USA Today

Get help from Localers, a cool, down-to-earth, tour company that's all about helping you to see Paris like a local.

November 2013 Huffington Post

[…]give you a different perspective of the French lifestyle

November 2013 Fox News

Pick between a daytime tour, or experience the magic of Paris during the evening (both will yield stunning photos that you'll cherish always

February 2014 Condé Nast Traveler

It’s certainly the best way to see Versailles; Marjorie has organised our train and VIP entry tickets and knows her way around the state apartments like a 17th-century courtier.

November 2013 The Australian

Play petanque like a local.