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Visit the Orangerie Museum

Originally built to house the orange trees of the Tuileries Gardens, the Orangerie was transformed into a museum to house the works from the collection of Jean Walter & Jean Guillaume and Claude Monet’s vast and impressive Water Lilies paintings.

The Ultimate Masterpiece: The Water Lilies by Claude Monet

If the last time you visited the Orangerie Museum was before 2006, then you will be in for a surprise for your return visit. The recent restoration of the Water Lilies has returned this iconic masterpiece of the impressionist movement, to its former glory. Housed in two oval rooms, specially designed under the direction of Monet himself, the Water Lilies are exhibited in a full panoramic display so that the viewer is literally immersed in the artwork. A sublime moment − experiencing nature and art united in this ethereal artwork will be a highlight for any visit to the Orangerie Museum. The Water Lillies was one of Monet’s final works and represents the culmination of a lifetime’s work. The best time to visit this room is at the end of the day, particularly during the summer months when the light, which floods the room from the skylight above, has begun to dim a little. There’s nothing more beautiful than a Monet under the famed light of Paris.

The Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume Collection

If you share the tastes of the collector Paul Guillaume, then like him, you will be delighted to take in this fine collection of Renoir paintings on a visit to the Orangerie Museum. Donated to the museum by his widow, this extraordinary collection belonging to the art collector and art dealer is testament to his extraordinary flair for meeting and buying the works of some of the principal stars that spearheaded the Paris avant-garde of the early 2Oth century. The collection composing of the works of Impressionists, post-Impressionists, includes familiar names from the annals of art history, people like Picasso, Cézanne, Derain and Matisse. After you have sufficiently admired the great works on display take a stroll through the gorgeous Tuileries gardens, which surround it. Take a seat at one of the cafés that can be found in the shade of the elegant lines of trees that fill this stately park. Do some people watching or get stuck into that page-turner you have been dying to finish.

The must-see works at the Orangerie Museum?

Monet’s Les Nymphéas (1895 - 1926)
Cézannes’ Nature morte, poire et pommes vertes (circa 1873)
Derain’s Arlequin et Pierrot (1924)
Laurencin’s Portrait de Coco Chanel (1923)
Matisse’s Odalisque à la culotte grise (1927)
Modigliani’s Paul Guillaume, Novo Pilota (1915)
Picasso’s Grande baigneuse (1921)
Renoir's Jeunes filles au piano ( circa 1892)

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