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Gourmet Paris

We like to say that if you visit Paris without gaining a bit of weight then you’re doing it wrong! This is a city to be savored (a.k.a. devoured) so leave that pesky diet at home—you’re in Paris baby! And you won’t find too many places in the world offering better culinary opportunities than this.

Let’s start with the bread. Oh, the bread. You may think you know what a French baguette tastes like until you come try the real thing. There’s a reason Paris bakers wake up when most of us go to bed—there’s no substitute for good slow-baked bread and old fashioned know-how. Add the cheeses (up to 400 of them they say) and the dizzying array of wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace. And don’t even get us going on the croissants, chocolate, ice cream…oh boy we’re salivating on our computers just thinking about it.

We’ve dug deep into our local knowledge of all of these treats to give you an impressive working knowledge of French food before you even touch down in Paris. That way you can hit the ground running—straight to a bakery or bistro to get started on that weight gain. Go on, we won’t tell anyone, promise.

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