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Cupcakes in Paris

Traditionally cupcakes, which also known as fairy cakes, were consumed by kids at parties. Now it seems fashionable to order cupcakes for professional events or take them as gifts at social events.

More and more cupcake businesses are popping up every day in Paris and they are keen to make their cupcakes stand out from the crowd, people have experimented with weird and wonderful fillings, flavours and have even adapted designs made for larger cakes to the smaller cupcake format.

Cupcakes French Style

So why are cupcakes so popular? Is it because they are small and we feel less guilty eating them? Decorating them can be fun and adults are becoming like kids when choosing toppings. More and more people are making them at home. But we are seeing shops popping up who just sell cupcakes. A pure treat to all the senses, love them or hate them cupcakes are the latest fashion must have.

The interesting concept of cupcakes in Paris is that you can find cupcakes, a typical American desert, with French-inspired flavours. You won’t always find the average vanilla or peanut butter & jelly, but you can find salted caramel or pistache.

Where to find the Best Cupcakes in Paris?

Despite being in Paris, you can still enjoy an American cake without feeling guilty. You can be sure that Cat’s cupcakes at Sugar Daze are the only true authentic American cupcakes in Paris. When Cat started her business cupcakes were new to Paris.
So what is the perfect American cupcake? A perfect light and spongy cake mix topped with a creamy and perfectly decorated icing. This is exactly what you will find at Sugar Daze in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

The fun detail in Cat’s work is that she has always been inspired by the music she listens to. Many of the cupcakes are named after hit songs. For example, one of the flavors is called “I Love Rock n Roll.” It’s Cat’s version of the Rocky Road cupcake. The coconut lime cupcake is called “Sweet Thai O’ Mine.”

The Sugar Daze shop is in Pigalle, which with its cabarets, nightclubs, and concert venues could be considered the music capital of Paris, so the theme of the bake shop comes together perfectly. Just up the street the Moulin Rouge works around the clock and there are small smoky bars where you can see caberet shows. It’s a refreshing touch to the usual image we have of cupcakes: girly, pink and frilly.

You can take them to go, or sit down, or order for bigger events.

Sugar Daze
20 rue Henry Monnier, Paris

If you can't make it to Sugar Daze, we have included some of our other favourite cupcake destinations in Paris:

Beauty Cakes

In the very pretty area of les Batignolles, Ruthy has opened her own 60’s-style cupcake shop with a very sweet vibe and delicious cupcakes to boot! It’s right in the heart of the Batignolles and you can find adorable vintage shops and very warm and friendly cafés.

How to get there:
Beauty Cakes
83 Rue Nollet, Paris

Synie's Cupcakes

Near the bon marché in a very picturesque area of town. The service is warm and friendly. The shop/tea room is beautifully decorated with lots of cupcake gifts on sale.
The cakes are delicious. With approximately 16 cupcake flavours to choose from.

How to get there:
Synie's Cupcake
23 rue de l'Abbe-Gregoire, Paris

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