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What to Taste in Paris?

Paris is the epicenter of French gastronomy, a culinary paradise and home to a host of gustatory marvels that you absolutely must try at least once. Here’s the short list of things that you absolutely must taste in Paris:

  • It might seem cliché, but you really can’t leave Paris without having tried a perfectly golden croissant with a bit of jam and an espresso.

  • French onion soup is absolutely unmissable!

  • AAAAA andouillette. This andouillette is nothing like what you’ll find in Louisiana. The AAAAA is the Association des Authentiques Amateurs de l’Andouillette de l’Aube or the Association of Authentic Lovers of Andouillette from the Aube. If offal doesn’t scare you, try this delicious sausage, accompanied by fries or purée.

  • Hot chocolate at Angelina, particularly in the dead of winter. Don’t be scared off by the line! It moves quickly.

  • Ladurée or Pierre Hermé macarons: a must - perfect for any occasion!

  • A good entrecote or Chateaubriand steak, with sauce au poivre or béarnaise.

  • For classic French home-style cooking, a hachis Parmentier (similar to cottage pie) or pot-au-feu, a French-style stew.

  • On every bistro or brasserie menu in Paris, you’ll find steak tartare, croque-monsieur and quiche Lorraine. These simple dishes are always a good choice!

  • A plate of cheese and charcuterie, with a glass of red wine.

  • Foie gras in any form: pan-seared or served cold with toasts and onion or fig jam.

  • Confit de canard from the southwest of France. You’ll find this dish of duck, which is stewed in its own fat, all over Paris. It may be calorific, but it’s worth it!

  • Escargots are typical Parisian bistro fare, stuffed with butter, parsley, shallots and garlic. Make sure you have lots of baguette to mop up the sauce!.

  • Frog’s legs: this bistro dish was typical throughout Paris several decades ago, but it’s slowly gotten more rare. Frog’s meat loses its flavor when frozen, so be sure to eat fresh frog’s legs. You don’t want them cooked with too much garlic, which hides their delicate taste. Only try them if you know where to go!

  • Finish things off with a fondant au chocolat, a lemon meringue tart, or a crème brulée.

And bring some elastic waistband pants!

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