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Best Picnic Spots in Paris

The Arènes de Lutèce

Lunch with the Gladiators, anyone? In ancient times a Roman theater and arena, soccer playing schoolchildren and bands of bocce lovers have since invaded the grounds. The Parc is a true relic of Lutèce, as the first Roman settlers called Paris. Come spread out on the grass and witness the ancient and modern melt together before your eyes.

Along the Seine

Whether on the Pont des Arts among the tourists, amid the romantic décor of the Square du Vert Galant a little further down, or on the animated Ile de la Cité, the banks of the Seine render even the tiniest bite into a colorful spectacle. Petit plus: nocturnal pique-niques are also a possibility!

On the Canal Saint Martin

The Canal Saint-Martin and Canal de l’Ourcq are also options for a waterfront picnic. Shadowy banks worthy of a Hollywood set lure flocks of Parisian bobos from all over the city who line the banks in jovial huddles.

Le Bassin de l’Arsenal

The ever so cute Port de Plaisance might be one of Paris’ best kept secrets. Picnic directly on the water of retreat to the idyllic gardens lining the banks. An ideal spot for a romantic tête-à-tête!

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

Oh so bobo! Inconspicuously wedged between the façades lining Rue de Bretagne, you’ll find plenty of goodies to stuff your picnic baskets at Paris’ oldest market. The myriad of stands and caterers will please even the pickiest palates. Moroccan, Japanese, Italian, Caribbean, traditional French—you name it they’ve got it. When you’re done just boogie over across the street and pop a squat on the grass in the charming Square du Temple.

Le Parc George Brassens

Tucked away in the heart 15th arrondissement, this park just begs for a picnic. Not to be neglected are the vibrant lawns, play grounds, and the cute pond. Great place to spend some alone time—especially on weekends when you can check out the vintage book market and enjoy your purchase under the shade of a tree.

The Cité Internationale Universitaire

Hidden behind the student dorms known as the “Cité U”, slumbers a beautiful park concealed from travelers and outsiders alike. What the park lacks in foreign visitors, it makes up in foreign students who render it particularly refreshing and agreeable. The 40 surrounding dorms, built in the style of the nationality they house, add to the international atmosphere.

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