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Paris History

History might not exactly be your strong point, we get it. But this is Paris—a place of kings and emperors, where the past comes to life in the form of 17th century mansions, fortified medieval towers and historic walkways. Here history gets tangible: you can walk in the footsteps of Picasso along the hilly lanes of Montmartre. Or sit at the very café where Hemingway sought inspiration for his writing. You can go even more old school to the Roman bath houses that date back to the 2nd century A.D. or take a tour in the catacombs !

Here we give you a solid background on all the major facets of Paris History, beginning with the Parisii tribe that got things started over 2 millennia ago (and gave their name to the city), then travelling through the Renaissance and the Revolution all the way up to modern day and ww2. Ever wonder what life was like at the Palace of Versailles with all those wig-wearing Louis characters? We’ve got a section on that too.

Paris has been the stage for an extraordinary array of events over the ages, so learning a bit about what it’s been through makes the city infinitely more exciting to visit today. Take advantage of this living history and go run your hand along a few of those old stones. You may even tap into your inner history buff you never knew existed!

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