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Paris Lifestyle

Parisians are known for having that ever-elusive je ne sais quoi: a complicated mix of style and confidence that can make it seem like they’re in on a secret that you’re not privy to. Never fear—this section is designed to teach you everything you need to know about what makes a Parisian tick.

We love the old adage that if at first you don’t know what you’re doing—fake it! That’s why we’ve devoted time to Paris fashion so you can look the part and blend right in with the locals while you practice your skills. Then once you’ve got your duds in order it’s time to find yourself a French apéro, the traditional cocktail hour before dinner time. And with our Parisian Expressions section you’ll have a toolbox of local lingo to insert here and there to really impress your fellow Frenchies. We’ve even gotten right to the heart of the matter with an article called What Parisians Think.

It’s all here, everything you need to know about the workings of a Parisian brain in one sitting. Study this before your trip and you’ll slip effortlessly into the flow of our city and we’re sure you’ll have a fantastically authentic French experience in the process. Grab yourself a glass of pastis and allons-y!

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