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La Parisienne

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel

Chic, feminine, smart, romantic, bohemian, timeless, free, Couture… these are the terms used to describe the “Parisienne” But is this true reputation or myth?

One imagines the Parisienne, as thin and long, wearing super high heels, with elegant white gloves, a scarf and a beige trench coat … but is that really her? Is the Parisienne a fashion addict, born with the sixth sense of chic? You want to know about the hows and the whys of that indefinable je ne sais quoi ? Here’s a little guide that will help you recognize the Parisienne and, who knows, maybe you might become one yourself?

Her style?

Her wardrobe is a mix of vintage and latest hottest looks, the “Less is more” is the Parisienne style-philosophy. Her style: Chanel leather goods with Zara jeans, timeless pieces and trendy outfits from an independent fashion designer of le Marais. Bling is out of the question; instead, she’ll prefer an effortless chic style.

Ask a Parisienne to kindly open her closet, and you’ll find her favorite pieces: a man’s blazer, Repetto ballet flats, a little black dress, high heels with a red sole (that are kept carefully in their box), a timeless pair of jeans, a leather jacket, canvas sneakers for Sunday brunch, a hat, a white collared shirt, a cashmere sweater.

Of course, one can’t forget every woman’s indispensable accessory: the “it bag.” Oh, this famous bag, so desired and coveted. The Parisienne never goes out without her bag firmly attached to her wrist. Those who would take it from her should think twice!

With her “just rolled out of bed” hair, the Parisienne is an expert at the no-make-up look: beige foundation with just a hint of blush. Again it’s all about simplicity and elegance. She prefers natural beauty with small dabs of enhancement. At night, she won’t go out without her favorite red lipstick. Et voilà ! Ready to hit the streets

Her philosophy?

Behind her oversized black sunglasses, she may seem laid back, but the Parisienne actually has fun with trends, turning fashion to her advantage while following several basic rules… that she also loves to break. But she’s definitively not a fashion slave. She loves to mix people, periods and styles.

She doesn’t try to be elegant, she just is. The Parisian style is in the end all about simplicity, confidence and independence.

“Parisian chic” is much more than a philosophy; it’s also a signature, a cultural identity written by decades of unique creations, inspired by French history and reflected every day by the Parisienne.

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