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Paris Fashion Week

“Fashion passes, style remains” Coco Chanel

Paris, Centre du Monde for One Week

Six times a year, Paris becomes the Fashion capital of the world. Fashion Week gives the opportunity for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent, Céline, Valentino, Christian Dior and many others besides to present their new exclusive collections, with outstanding fashion shows. From Luxury fashion houses to edgy French labels compete with each other, showing off their ingeniousness and creativity, in order to reinvent themselves every year. Trends, themes fashions and movements are born and die during these events. It’s the occasion for the international press and anyone who’s anyone to take advantage of this annual mass devoted to fashion.

Paris remains perhaps the most creative and international of the fashion world’s capitals, thanks to its history, its cultural heritage and its legendary designers. Buyers and fashion editors from all around the world will agree: Paris is the one Fashion Week that you just can’t miss.

Parisian streets become a runway of their own as the most stylish of the industry attends the top fashion shows. And since everyone knows that the real fashion show takes place outside the tents, take advantage of it as you wander Paris’s avenues and boulevards.

You’re sure to uncover eccentricity, uniqueness and beauty everywhere you look around. In front of nearly every show, stylish women and men wait, without so much as an invitation, to be photographed by famous bloggers and fashion editors. Having your photo published on a street style blog is this generation’s version of being spotted in a shopping mall for your style! The spectacle becomes almost comical.

Fashion Week’s hot spot?

With your perfect Parisienne look, feel like your walking on a runway while you go out for a walk. Certain areas of the capital are certainly unmissable during Fashion Week: the carrousel du Louvre, for the runway exits, or the Grand Palais, where Karl Lagerfeld presents the newest collections from Chanel.

To see and be seen, have a cocktail at the Avenue (41 avenue Montaigne), where the sidewalk café is the perfect place to pose. Fashionistas, editors, models, bloggers and other trendsetters wouldn’t miss it. The show is guaranteed!

For the braver amongst you, strut your stuff on the dance floor of one of Paris’s most popular nightclubs, like Silencio, the Baron or the Montana.

Attend a show?

If you haven’t received any invitation and you’re not a fashion editor, blogger, faithful client of the house, or world-renowned actress, try to understand that it’s going to be nearly impossible to find yourself a seat at any fashion show. But that doesn't mean you can't still try! You could always go to the show and wait in line for a standing spot. If the room hasn’t completely filled up, a nice organizer might be overwhelmed by your charm or pity you enough to let you sneak in.

An original and eccentric look will distinguish you from others and might be the key to getting past that velvet rope!


  • Women’s Spring-Summer: October

  • Women’s Fall-Winter: March

  • Haute Couture Spring-Summer: January

  • Haute Couture Fall-Winter: July

  • Men’s Spring-Summer: June

  • Men’s Fall-Winter: January

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