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Parisian Traditions

There’s a certain art de vivre in Paris, a way of life that’s unlike any other. But perhaps it’s more than that; perhaps it’s the art of being a Parisian.

During the week, the Parisian is always on the go. He lives on the metro, on his way to and from work. Maybe he finds time to grab a drink or dinner with friends, but for the most part, he’s just fades into the rat race… until Friday. As soon as the weekend arrives, the Parisian transforms into a social animal, trying to be everywhere he needs to be seen all at once.

Among weekend traditions in Paris, we have, of course, new exhibits and openings. There’s always an important expo to see; you’ll find them at Beaubourg, the Grand Palais, Jeu de Paume… Seeing these expositions is especially important when you consider that they’ll be heavily discussed with friends over brunch, and no Parisian wants to be the ignorant one!

On Sunday, the Parisian gets his weekly produce at his local market, and then he has a few relaxing moments at a sidewalk café or on the banks of the Seine before getting himself ready for another week of work.

The Parisian loves going to restaurants; even if he does have his local favorite, he also loves exploring new bistros and checking out the newest hot spots. He’s a collector of names and addresses, making him the perfect source for information on where to eat! He’ll know the best place to get any classic dish, and then some. Parisians have a unique relationship with food; they love anything that is simple, local and “real.” Simple little dishes are his prey, and he’s regularly searching for a good, organic market or a specialty shop selling local or homemade food… especially one that is unfamiliar to his friends. His favorite thing is being the person to unveil a new favorite.

You’ll soon notice that the Parisian is very attached to his neighborhood. Every neighborhood in Paris is like a little village, with its own shops, places to go and havens that its locals are absolutely head over heels for. Though the Parisian may move several times in his life, he’ll try not to leave his neighborhood, once he finds the one he loves.

As far as nightlife is concerned, however, the Parisian isn’t nearly as loyal. Once he’s visited all of the hot spots in one neighborhood, he’ll move on to the next chic area without a second thought, ready to explore all of the new, hip places that no one has ever heard of... yet!

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