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What Parisians Think?

Whatever you may have been led to believe, the Parisian is a human being, just like you, with perhaps, admittedly, a certain particularity to his way of thinking…

The Parisian is always elegant, no matter the situation. Perhaps he thinks he has a reputation to uphold. Doesn’t everyone associate being chic with being French? So you’ll never see a Parisian in shapeless sweats, not even to pop out in for bread. Nor will you ever see a Parisian who’s unkempt, even on a lazy Sunday. Stylishness is a fact of life for the Parisian!

The Parisian is naturally curious, bathed as he is in his multicultural environment, a city that’s so diverse and constantly changing. He feels a need to be a pioneer! As an enlightened enlightener, then, he’s always on the lookout for the next big thing. He’s already read the book that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. He discovered that young artist before his big opening. He owned the newest band’s CD before you even knew who they were… and the combination of all of these things is part of what gives the city its fresh vivacity.

Not only is he learned, but his etiquette is pristine; he would never imagine cancelling on dinner… though being late is an eventuality that you’ll learn to get used to! The Parisian’s schedule is always overbooked; after a day of work, he can somehow find the time to go grocery shopping, see the opening of a new art show, get a drink with colleagues, and then finish off the evening with dinner with friends! There’s no room for a free moment in his day; every break must be used. What some see as stress is merely dynamism; the Parisian’s motto is simple: take advantage of the richness of Paris without dropping a morsel of it! Do as he does; you’ll sleep when you’ve gone home!

Parisians believe that there’s always something to do in Paris, and they’re not wrong! Drinks, dinner, concerts, exhibitions, events, pub nights, meetings over coffee, catching up with friends… Hemingway knew what he was talking about when he said that Paris was a movable feast, so pull up a chair!

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