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Le Jardin des Plantes

By far the most family friendly garden in Paris, the Jardin des Plantes comprises various greenhouses and galleries dedicated to discovering our planet. The garden was built in 1635 and was later linked to the Museum of National History. Among the other attractions you’ll find the Gallery of Evolution as well as one of the oldest zoos in the world where you can see over 1000 different species of animals. Nature-lovers can admire the different greenhouses and mini-gardens designed to reflect the different biospheres of the world. Change of scenery express style!

The Curious Inhabitants of the 5th Arrondissement

Children just adore the 5 acre zoo, with its orangutans, rodents, and reptiles. Don’t miss the microscopic critters displayed in the vivarium. Fashioned in an early 20th century art-déco style, the cages embellish the garden’s unique atmosphere. Check out the African aviary at the end where you can appreciate a collection of very rare birds.

During bad weather, take the Alfred Lacroix-Edmond Perrier Allée, which is delightfully flanked by plane-trees and brings you all the way to the Gallery of Evolution. Step into this grandiosely decorated building and learn all about the evolution of species.

So many Plantes

As the name indicates, the Jardin des Plantes houses a multitude of plant species in its different botanical gardens. You’ll find four large greenhouses displaying Mexican, Australian, and paleobotanical species (the plant equivalent of the Gallery of Evolution).

There are also a rose garden, an alpine garden, and a slightly less glamorous vegetable garden. Be sure to check out the ecological park, which boasts the biological diversity of the Parisian basin in its entirety.

All in all, the Jardin des Plantes represents our ecological richesse in all its splendor. Even if you’re not in the mood to visit all the different galleries, gardens, and the zoo, a stroll through the charming paths is recommended on any sunny day. Do pass by the wallabies on the west end! They are an ever so cute (and free) treat you don’t want to omit.

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