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Le Parc de Belleville

Allow us to lure you away from the center of Paris for a stroll in the Parc de Belleville. Historically a working class neighborhood, it wasn’t until 1988 that the Marie de Paris finally constructed this park. Towering on a steep hill, this urban jungle preserves some historically important elements of the quarter, such as vineyards, waterfalls, as well as ancient gypsum pits.

Some Green for a Change

Enter at Rue des Couronnes and climb up to the 30 meter-high summit. Stay clear of the main stairway and instead venture up the little paths where vines and luxurious plants accompany you to the top. Go back in time as you wind up the same alleys where in the 19th century, Parisians drank la piquette, or cheap wine and feasted during the Mardi Gras. You may even spot a lingering ghost or two, as jugglers and actors still line the playground today.

At the entrance you’ll come upon a wooden giant—a cabin built to entertain the little ones. This modern play house encompasses three stories boasting stairways, ping-pong tables, as well as an outdoor theater.

At the foot of the playing area you can descend by the fountain and follow the 100 meters of waterfalls that hurtle down the hill. If you’re in the mood to work your brain, the Maison de l’Air will educate you about the dangers of pollution in the city air. Don’t miss the vestiges hidden among the modern décor, as for example the gate of the Ottow Villa, which served as the home of the symbolists. This former art salon can be found at the exit by Rue Piat.

Oh, and THE Best View in Paris

Before wrapping up your verdurous promenade, enjoy the impressive panorama view from the terrace at the top. From the east to west you should make out the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse tower, the Notre-Dame, and so much more.

As you leave the park, walk along Rue des Envierges and stop at Place Henri-Krazucki for a well-deserved pot of tea at one of the cute cafés.

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