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The Louvre with children

Don’t mention the word museum! I can hear you whisper surreptitiously to the tour guide just before you enter the Louvre. We get it. Even the adults don’t want to hear the word mentioned, partly because it’s not the most exciting proposition after you’ve spent hours stuck inside an aluminium tube, flying 39,000 feet above ground. But think again, the Louvre isn’t just a museum in the traditional sense of the word. It’s literally the greatest show on earth. It’s the largest crowd puller of them all and the most mystifying place on earth. One painting alone, the Mona Lisa, is never without a crowd clamouring to get a look, or a private moment with the woman herself. Kids and adults won’t be disappointed by the Louvre’s wow factors if they take our advice.

Plan ahead your family visit to The Louvre

Kids and adults alike will be generally motivated to see things if you plan ahead and set yourself goals. One of these would be to pick up a guide at the information desk. The guides usually give you a list of the must-see masterpieces in the museum. Use this as a reference for both you and the kids and make it a challenge for you both to hunt those hard-to-find masterpieces down. There’s nothing more rewarding for kids to have a mission and if that mission is to track down a statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses, all the better for them.

Break up the day into a series of visits. Don’t try and fit everything in all at once, make sure you give yourself time to sit down and admire your surroundings by taking a coffee or lunch break in the museum. That being said, even better than grabbing a fold-out guide is to visit the Louvre with an expert family guide in the flesh! Our guides know the museum inside-out, so save yourself the hassle of hunting down the masterpieces on your own; let us show the young explorers the way to their treasures of choice....

The Kids Favourites

The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David.
There’s no getting away from the sheer audaciousness and hubris of this enormous work of art situated in the grand format gallery of the Louvre. The kids can’t but not be impressed by the scale of this work and the many others in this room. Try to pick out the different characters in the painting and their positions. Be careful to keep the visit varied, too many paintings like this one and you might have a little napoleon of your own to deal with. After you have seen some of the star attractions in the painting and sculpture sections make your way to the Egyptian section where the kids are certain to be awe-struck by the Louvre’s incredible collection of Egyptian art that was established during the Napoleonic campaigns.

The Seated Scribe (2700-2200 BC)
The kids will be mesmerised by an encounter with a life-like sculpture that’s four and half thousand years old. Very little is known about the seated scribe as the story around his discovery is shrouded in mystery.

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