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Hidden Versailles: a VIP visit of the Palace

If you’re planning a day trip outside Paris, the historic Chateau de Versailles is probably at the top of your list, and rightfully so. Nowhere else can you experience the splendor and opulence of the French monarchy at the height of its power, represented in a breathtaking symphony of gold, crystal and sculpted marble. This is why Versailles is an absolute must-see; no trip to Paris is complete without it.

But did you know that beyond the standard visitor itinerary lies a secret Versailles? Deep in the heart of the old palace, behind the public rooms mobbed by the tourist crowds, a hidden and vast network of private salons, narrow passageways and secret staircases is just waiting to be discovered.
Yet it’s not possible to simply show up and request a ticket. Nor is the average tour group allowed to enter. Access is reserved for the select few who are in the know, which is why we’ve listed three ways that Localers can get you inside these restricted areas and help take your Versailles experience to a whole new level.

The Localers VIP Treatment

Among our qualified team of historians a select group has been specially trained to navigate the clandestine backstage of Versailles, specialists who know the juicy intrigues and scandals of what went on behind closed doors. With us your exclusive VIP entourage will consist only of your private group, one of our historical experts, and a chateau official with a ring-full of royal keys to open each secret compartment. No pushy crowds, no rush. This is time travel adventuring at its best! We’ll even meet you in Paris and accompany you to and from the palace. In addition to Versailles’ classic period rooms, you’ll be whisked away from the tourist crowds into a series of private apartments—the intimate and cozy chambers which provided respite from the pomp and spectacle of royal public life. When the King’s chambers were emptied of the noisy mass of courtiers and nobles, a hidden doorway led the sovereign to smaller and more personal areas like the Private Council Room, the Lock Making Room and more. As you make your way through each of them via hidden passages and stairwells you’ll discover a plethora of historical treasures: period furniture, personal objects, and rugs worn by the high heels of Louis XV and Louis XVI themselves. Other restricted sites that will open their doors to you are the lofty interiors of the Royal Chapel and the regal luxury of the Royal Opera House. These offer a further glimpse into the daily routines of the King and Queen.

Versailles VIP Tour

We can also arrange a private tour for you via Versailles’ own tour. This will include a guide appointed by the chateau who will greet you personally outside the palace property and provide access to the Court of Honor in a vehicle. This historical and insightful tour will include all of the sights and private areas we’ve listed above AND Marie-Antoinette small apartments. At the end of the tour you’ll be free to explore the remainder of the chateau at your leisure, armed with the knowledge and secrets necessary to fully appreciate the magnificence of Versailles. No need to go through the hassle of contacting the chateau yourself—this exclusive tour can be reserved simply and easily through Localers by contacting our booking team.

Versailles all to yourself? It can be done!

In the mood for a splurge? For the ultimate show-stopping event—and an evening that your group will never forget—the rooms of Versailles can be exclusively yours after visiting hours. Yes you heard us right: the chateau completely to yourself! Once the rest of the world has shuffled its way through the exits, we can arrange ultra-private access to the building’s most stunning rooms like the Hall of Mirrors, the various apartments and chambers of the kings, the Royal Chapel and more. It doesn’t get more VIP than this! Again, all it takes is a few minutes with the Localers team and we’ll arrange everything, right down to the last detail. There are no excuses left to not enjoy a remarkable and memorable private experience at Versailles!

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