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The Basics

If you’re serious about planning a tour in Paris then this page is the starting point you’ve been looking for. Wondering what season is the best time to visit? We’ve laid it all out. How will you get around the city? We’ve broken down the details of the Métro system, walking in Paris, and even bicycling. Bringing the little ones along? Check out our various articles about what do with kids in the city. And because we know the anticipation of your trip is half the fun, we’ve created a section of recommended reading so you can get fully immersed in the magic of Paris before you even arrive.

If you’re only here for a limited time read our Paris in 10 Days section to learn the must-sees and get the most out of your visit. We can also help you plan for a budget trip by offering tricks to see major monuments and museums on the cheap, as well as eating well without breaking the bank. Yes it can be done!

We’ve anticipated all your questions so you don’t have to ask them. These tips and much more make this section an infinitely valuable resource for anyone planning that European vacation of a lifetime. Put our knowledge to use and we guarantee you’ll squeeze every ounce of magic out of this great city of ours.

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