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Paris by Foot

The most common—and perhaps beautiful—way to discover Paris is by foot. Whether it’s just a quick run to the corner store or a leisurely stroll along the Seine, it’s when wearing flipflops, boots, or a good pair of tennis shoes, gulping in the city air that Paris best reveals its unique personality.

We suggest you off-road it a little and meander through the little alleys and parks a bit. Make sure you take the time to absorb all the little details around and if you listen hard enough, you might even hear them recount the story of Paris.

Beyond the Boulevards

Why not begin your march at the Jardin de Reuilly (metro Montgallet)? From there you can take the Coulée Verte footbridge—usually jiggling with joggers. Above the Viaduc des Arts, you’ll see the 7 mile long , 23 foot high Promenade Plantée, from which you can enjoy an adorable rooftop view.

Continue your sumptuous ballade by heading to the banks of the Seine on Rue Jules César. From here a metallic footbridge and spiral staircase usher you straight to the Porte de l’Arsenal. Treat yourself to a lunch en terrasse on this cute little island or continue on to the two larger islands that divide the Seine. The first, the Ile Saint-Louis, can be discerned from the bank or Boulevard Henry IV on the left. Next up, the mythical Ile de la Cité where the Palais de Justice, Conciergerie, Sainte-Chapelle, and the Notre-Dame-de-Paris are located.

A Walk in Le Marais

Back to solid ground and straight into the heart of Paris for the grande finale : the Marais quarter—an emblem of old Paris. Take Boulevard Sébastopol and make a right on Rue Rambuteau to get there. Coming right up, tradition with a modern twist. Vintage and avant-garde shopping dreams alike come true in the winding streets of this half gay, half jewish neighborhood. Museums, markets, churches, and restaurants beg for your attention at every step in this quarter. If you’ve had enough of all the commotion you can always head to the Centre Pompidou. This cosmopolitan and colorful quarter is also replete with architectural details not to be overlooked. Already been there? Check out the Institut Suédois occupying a charming hôtel particulier across from the Musée Carnavalet. The galleries often exhibit works by cutting-edge Swedish artists and the cobble-stone courtyard café is a wonderful place to rest your tired feet.

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