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Paris With the Kids

A few pointers on how to avoid going crazy on your family trip to Paris.

Feeding the Family

Whatever you do, try not to hustle to the first McDonalds in sight. You’re in Paris for heaven’s sake! Instead of giving into the kids’ begging and pleading why not enjoy a yummy baguette with some deli meats and cheeses (stick to something mild like brie for the little ones!) Stop at the ice-cream truck at the entrance of the Jardin du Luxembourg for a scoop of rose or candy ice-cream. In winter grab a snack of some chestnuts or indulge in one of the delicious pastries showcased in bakery windows.
If you’re in a hurry grab a traditional jambon-beurre, croque monsieur, or crêpe to go (Rue Mouffetard offers some great options). Otherwise, take the time to stop at a brasserie or bistrot that's where you’ll often find simple dishes at a reasonable price (around 15€) that even the youngers will love.

Getting around

Given frequent traffic jams and a scarcity of parking spots, navigating Paris by car can be a rather frustrating option. Alternating between walking, the metro, RATP busses, and even an occasional taxi when the kiddos get fussy is by far the best option. If you’re dealing with a stroller your best option is the bus as not all metro stations have easily accessible elevators.

What to do with your kids

There are plenty of family friendly activities in Paris. Localers proposes a selection of fabulous family tours in Paris which will keep the kids on their toes. Don’t forget that parks are always a great place to let the kids run wild for a bit.
How about a day at the Jardin de Plantes, for example? With its zoo, Gallery of Evolution, greenhouses, and gardens you’ll find something for everyone! Then there’s the Cité des Sciences. This science museum located in the Parc de la Villette even has a space designed especially for children called la Cité des Sciences and offers great picnic opportunities as well.

Why not take the kids for a trip to Versailles? If they aren’t blown away by the pompous palace they’ll surely have a blast frolicking in the immense gardens. If you’d rather stay in Paris, consider one of the bateau-mouches tours. Depending on the attention span of your little ones, you may even want to try a museum visit. Visit the children’s museum in the first arrondissement (Le Musée en Herbe), the Musée des Arts Décoratifs’ toy gallery, or check out a children’s workshop at the Cité de la Musique.

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