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Paris in Springtime

The beautiful weather has returned, the temperatures begin to climb, the birds chirp joyously, the days are getting longer, and the gardens are in full bloom… Beautiful, sunny days have returned, but be careful: so have the tourists!

To steer clear of them in their hordes, do you have to deprive yourself of a trip to Paris in springtime, and miss out on this idyllic season that awakens romance and passion in even the most stoic of souls? Certainly not! To avoid getting caught up in a tidal wave of tourists, follow our lead…

What to Do in Paris in Spring?

Firstly, avoid visiting museums and other monuments. You’ll end up spending more time waiting in line than actually visiting, and you’ll have much more time for these indoor activities in winter, when the city is filled only with locals. However if you have come to see the museums avail of skip-the-line entry on Localers' private tours of the Louvre and the Musée D'Orsay. If you decide to avoid the museums, take advantage of the fresh air in Paris’s many green parks and outdoor spaces; bring a picnic and spend the afternoon in the sun. Enjoy the breeze and the springtime sun; the green grass is the perfect spot from which to people watch. Why not join in with the locals?

There are many venues to choose from: the Buttes-Chaumont to Montsouris to the Tuileries. Paris’s selection of green retreats are many and diverse… and the locals have the same idea! As soon as the nice weather has returned, you’ll see that Parisians stake out every nearby green space they can find for their lunch break, but don’t worry, there’s more than enough space for everyone!

Picnics are also a great idea in the evenings: on the banks of the Seine and around the canal Saint-Martin, young Parisians find a spot to enjoy a few well-chosen snacks and a bottle of wine (or several!), for casual get-togethers lasting well into the evening.

Other places that are invaded as soon as the first rays of sun warm the cobblestones: café terraces. They won’t empty out until the end of summer, and finding a place in the sun can be a challenge, though the reward is well worth it!

If your trip brings you to Paris in the springtime, you’ll have more than enough outdoor activities to choose from. If you’re feeling daring, you could participate in the Paris Marathon, which takes place the second weekend of April. You’re not here to pass out, though; watching and cheering people on is great fun as well! Less popular than the New York Marathon (for the moment), Paris’s race is still one of the five most important in the world, and the ambiance is fantastic. It’s first and foremost an occasion to traverse the entirety of Paris, from the Champs-Elysées to avenue Foch, passing through the Vincennes and Boulogne forests. The entire length of the marathon is accompanied by musical performances, to entertain and encourage.

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Parisian Events in the Springtime

La Nuit des Musées, or night of the museums, takes place on the second Saturday of May. It’s the ideal occasion to discover Parisian museums and patrimonial institutions from another angle. A nighttime visit to the Georges Pompidou museum with a choice of activities is a pretty nice gig, don’t you think? Especially because you can discover certain parts of the museum that are usually not open to the public, like the restoration workshops, which open their doors to curious visitors.

La Foire du Trône is the biggest fair in Paris. It takes place in the 12th arrondissement, from the end of March until the end of May. It’s a veritable institution, with its origins dating back to the 10th century. Aside from its numerous attractions, it’s also the host of a museum devoted to fairs and carnivals.

And if any event merits a trip to Paris in the springtime, this one certainly does: the French Open at Roland-Garros! The biggest names in international tennis will match up on these clay courts in the 16th arrondissement in June.

And lastly, the event that launches the beginning of summer: the fête de la musique. Whether you’re a lover of rock or classical music, fans of huge concerts or more intimate, private shows, all will be pleased as punch in Paris on this evening celebration of music mid-June. In fact, the entire month is abuzz with the sounds of music: the Paris Jazz Festival in the beautiful, blossoming Vincennes woods ensures that your weekends are filled with music all month long!

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