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Things to Pack for Paris

Take a look at our petite check-list before overstuffing that bag of yours!

  • Photocopies of your official documents, IDs, passport, reservations…You never know!

  • The very essential camera along with a USB stick to save your memories on the go.

  • A map of the city with details of each arrondissement, as well as a metro and maybe even velib’ map. You’ll find plenty at any newsstand or metro station once you arrive.

  • A guide chosen based on your interests (monument visits, quirkier sides of Paris, best restaurants, etc.)

  • A good French Novel to pass your afternoons en terrasse, brushing up your French.

  • Raingear, raingear, raingear! …and some water-tight shoes. Don’t let the vagaries of Parisian weather ruin your sightseeing.

  • A cardigan, scarf, and jacket—even in the friendliest of seasons, the mornings and evenings can get quite nippy. À propos, Parisians do NOT wear teeny-tiny shorts in May.

  • Some comfy clothes as you’ll be walking plenty, avoid gym clothes if you don’t immediately want to stick out as an American.

  • Something chic for dinner.

  • Something ‘fancy’ to go out in. Girls, be careful. French women tend to stick to nice jeans paired with tasteful heels or a fashionable skirt with tights when hitting the clubs and bars. Better leave the bawdy pumps and skin-tight mini dress at home.

  • Something to run or ride a bike in, including the appropriate shoes.

  • Finally, as hard as it sounds, do leave some space in your luggage for souvenirs. You don’t want that extra pair of jeans to be the reason you don’t have enough room for a nice bottle of wine, a cute Parisian dress, or book that you’ve dug up at the hip flea market.

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