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Where to Stay in Paris?

As the Parisians themselves would say: Cela n’est pas evident! Here are some insider tips on how to find the best accommodation for you.

Avoid Tourist Traps in Paris

Standard hotel room offers are readily available for those who have the budget and don’t mind staying in touristy areas.

Keep in mind that basic hotel room rents start out at around seventy euros a night. In the high season, even one star hotel prices skyrocket. Considering the city is teeming with a selection of cookie cutter hotels, the best criteria to choose is by location. Sure, you could wake up across from Notre Dame, but why not consider staying in the 19th or 20th arrondissements—or even Pigalle. Not only will you save a ton of money, you’ll also be right in the centre of a hopping bar scene where you can easily avail of an authentic night out in Paris without the long taxi rides. Two other lively and more central areas with plenty of metro connections: Bastille and Gare de Lyon. If you book in advance (outside of the high season) you could snag a three star hotel room for around eighty euros instead of the usual 130.

For those on a tighter budget, who still want the hotel experience, we recommend youth hostels, where you can find rooms at a third of the price. Expect to share a room with strangers, but remember this is a great way to get to know other travelers, especially if you’ve set out alone.

Couchsurfing and House Swaps

Step over to the alternative side and you could actually interact with a Parisian! Consider couchsurfing as an option. It’s a free and rather rad network of hosts willing to let travelers crash on their couches, mattresses, or even in spare rooms. Hosts are overwhelmingly friendly, open minded, and passionate about showing you their city. Seriously, check it out!

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If you want a Parisian apartment all to yourself, you could rent one or exchange it for yours back home. Small studios outside of the city center can be found for as low as 300-400 euros a week, which could pay off if you’re traveling in a group. This is a great way to experience neighborhood life in Paris, chat with your building’s gardienne, and check out the neighborhood bistrots to dive into a Parisian lifestyle. Plus, you’ll usually have access to a kitchen, washing machine and so on.

Apartment swaps are another great option. You can exchange your apartment with a Parisian for little to no cost and a negotiable length of time. This option works best for residents of cities such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, etc. as not many Parisians are looking to stay in Montgomery, Alabama. If you’re one of the lucky people who have found a swap, keep in mind that your Parisian counterpart’s apartment will likely be miniscule in comparison to yours.

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